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    I just wanted to mention that, while we're all waiting for a fix, I've been adapting to be able to still use the phone like I'm used to. I use my phone as my alarm, and after reading where one person was told not to turn off the LTE so that any update is pushed to the phone, I've started to keep the LTE on all day until night time when I'm ready to go to bed and need to rely on the alarm on the phone for the next morning. 


    That being said, I did a hard reset on my phone yesterday and didn't have an issue with the time switching even though I had LTE on all day today. I'm not saying it is a permanent fix, but for those experiencing multiple switches per day, it might at least reduce that number.


    Here's to hoping this all gets fixed soon. :)

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    I haven't posted in this thread in a while.  I've been having the issue since day 1 with the three iPhone 5's I purchased for my family.  We're all still experiencing the time/date problems here in western North Carolina (Cherokee, NC). 


    I've tried all the resets possible - reset settings, reset network settings, reset phone (erasing the device).  I've set the phone back up from an iCloud backup, from iTunes on my mac, started it as a new device with no backup. Nothing has helped - even temporarily.  Time shifts occur every day.


    I've toggled all the settings possible - set auto time date off/on, time zone support off/on, locations settings off/on, etc.  None of those worked.


    When the time shift occurs, toggling the phone to Airplane mode and waiting about 10 seconds for the phone to display Searching where the Verizon logo usually appears and then toggling it back off works.  That's easier on the phone, I believe than all the resetting.


    The ONLY temporary fix I've discovered is to go to Settings>General>Cellular>LTE and toggle LTE off.  If I turn LTE off at my house, then my time stays correct.  I can use LTE at my work (37 miles away) and the phone never changes the time.  However, disabling LTE disables the reason to even have the 5.  It's very disappointing to have been dealing with this issue since launch day and still no fix. 


    Even more frustrating is the bizarre sluggishness with which blogs, tech newsies and podcasters have picked this up.  Some still even haven't reported on it.  I reported the issue to Today in iOS podcast and Rob did do a story on it, but he seemed to be poking fun at me and all of us who are having this issue.  He made it seem like we were making much ado about nothing.  Perhaps I didn't interpret him correctly, but that's how it came off sounding to me.  Check out his latest podcast from last week and see what you think .  I didn't want to email him back on that because I was kind of disappointed that he didn't seem to take the issue seriously.  For those of us that this issue is happening to, I can assure anyone that we take it very seriously.  

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    Just adding in one more person who's been experiencing the problem.  I have the 32G white iPhone 5 on Verizon, purchased on the release date.  My phone has only been changing the time, and so far hasn't had issues with the date changing, but I've been through all of the corrective actions listed by people in the first 8 pages of posts on this topic.  So far nothing has worked for long.


    I called Apple on the 15th, the technician said that he hadn't heard of the problem, and had me reset (?) the phone (holding home and wake/sleep buttuns for >10-15 seconds, then waiting another 10-15 seconds, then restarting).  The problem reappeared a few hours later.  I went to the Apple Store the next day, they restored the software.  I noticed the problem again the next day. 


    A few more details: it has happened while plugged into an outlet, while plugged into my MacBook, while not plugged in, when connected to Wifi (several different Wifi locations), as well as when connected to 3G and/or 4G/LTE. 


    And I've noticed that many people experience the phone reverting to the same time discrepancy, but I've had random time discrepencies myself: sometimes as little as 22 minutes off, and as much as 2 hours 34 minutes off, but I haven't seen a pattern.  It interferes with Message, bringing up a warning, but I'm still able to send the message through SMS.


    Anyway, I'm going back to the Apple Store tomorrow, and we'll see if there's any new news.

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    I'm another Verizon user experiencing the same issue(s).  I went to the Louisville (Oxmoor) Apple Store today.

    The person that helped me was very friendly and nice, but said this was the first time he had heard about this problem.  We did a restore on my iPhone.  Within 3 hours, my clock and date was off again by hours and days.  I did a network reset a couple of hours ago.  So far, so good.  It seems useless to drive to the Apple Store and get help when the help doesn't help!

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    Sorry to hear Oahu not fixed. I guess Maui is fixed. 


    Maui Hawaii

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    Tried this....a few hours later the time and date changed.

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    I contacted the guys at and asked them to contact Apple about this, since the media have contacts inside of Apple.    

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    I've had this same problem a few times since launch.  I'm on Verizon.

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    Just adding, I've have this issue as well.  I purchased to iPhone 5's from the Verizon Site as a pre-order.  They've worked great until yesterday (October 18th) and that is when I started having time issues.


    What is happening is the internal clock stops, and the only way to get it going again is to preform a soft reset, or by making a call.


    We use our phones alarm function to wake us in the morning.  Yesterday my alarm did not go off at 5:30AM because the phone said it was 9:14PM. This morning my wife's alarm did not go off at 6:30AM as it said it was 10PM.  I did check her phone this morning at 6:01AM and it was set, so some time between then and 6:30 it switched times on her.

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    Just reading the Verizon thread on this issue and noted that there are Android phone owners reporting the same issues with their LTE phones, so while some Apple techs are accepting responsibility for possible iOS6 issues it may well be the Verizon network.  Though I see in the thread above Sprint users reporting the same problems...I guess our collective best hope is that this story rises to the national media and out of the blogs and gets the attention of some Sr. execs at Verizon and Apple....Any one have Tim Cook's email?  Or perhaps we can all take turns forwarding the link to this thread to outlets like the WSJ Tech blog or NPR and hope that someone picks up on the story...

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    Just another addition.  I am having the same issues ((and have since I received my iPhone 5) and am on the Verizon network located in Louisville, KY


    I just got off the phone with Verizon and they said they are aware of the issue however they have forward this information Apple and are hoping Apple releases a push to correct the issue.  As many others have said, it seems that Apple is blaming Verizon and Verizon is blaming Apple.


    In the interim, I have gone to the Privacy settings, switched the "Setting Time Zone" to OFF and gone to General Settings, switched teh "Date & Time - Set Automatically" to OFF per Verizon.  I normally just have to restart the phone and it fixes it for sometimes days and sometimes just hours.


    So as of 9:30 EST per Verizon there is no fix.  Very frustrating as such an expensive device should not continue to have issues like this.

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    Hello all, I may me wrong but its worth a try. I did this and so far no more  date and time issues. On the Iphone 5  go to settings,cellular,roaming, and turn off  International CDMA. Mine was on (on may be default)and you dont need it on unless you travel out of the US. Yours may have been off and you still have this problem. if so please let me know. As I said, it may be a fix or maybe not. worth a try...

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    Did you mean privacy? I'm not seeing any date/time settings anywhere in Settings -> Privacy.


    You and I are neighbors, my home is in Pewee Valley and work is in Shelbyville ... a couple of us here have made the same setting and still had the date/time glitch. As others have commented in the thread turning off LTE seems to be the best option for avoiding the date/time glitch.


    I have contacted our account rep with verizon asking him to look into the ticket to see if an update is available on a ticket I put in a few days ago. Hoping to hear something soon.

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    Yes, actually did 2 things.  I'll give you a better description (though I only did this about 45 min ago, so we'll see if it far so good for this short time frame)

    1.  Settings --> Privacy --> Location Services --> System Services --> Setting Time Zone --> OFF

    2.  Settings --> General --> Date & Time --> Set Automatically --> OFF  (then it will ask you to set up time manually)


    Hope this helps anyone but again, my 2 cents is we shouldn't have to be doing this for a $300+ phone.  Lets see if Verizon & Apple can get their stuff together and fix this problem as its been going on for a while.

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    terrifc, yet another niche I hadn't discovered yet. Thanks for that!

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