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  • Worb Level 1 (0 points)

    That does not work for me Centralloan.  I've had the time worp issue on two phones...both had the auto time set to off.  Only way I've gotten it to stop is by turning off LTE.

  • Centralloan Level 1 (0 points)

    It didn't work for me until I manually set the time. When I used airplane mode to reset the time it wouldn't last.

  • Builder1 Level 1 (10 points)

    To sum it up! There is nothing any of us can physically do to our phone settings that will permanently fix this time and date problem. There are a few options we can use to correct it, if the time changes, but that is only a temporary correction, the time will inevitably change again if your LTE is on. This has been going on for over a month. The same 5 or 6 suggested "solutions" keep getting posted over and over again throughout the past 33 pages of this thread. They do not work. The only sure-fire way to prevent the time shift is to turn off LTE. This is an obvious LTE problem that is out of our control and cannot be fix via our hardware. It seems to be a Verizon LTE problem either related to their tower signal or a conflict with the phone software. I don't believe this can be fixed until there is an iOS/carrier update. Verizon & Apple, we need a fix now!

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    It means that when you call Apple with a problem, you are given a ticket (case) #   When there is a BIG issue (Incident) they create a case for that incident.  Every case related to the incident they get from their on out gets "related" to or "tied" to that case.

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    I literally was just checking recent posts and was about to post one myself saying that I haven had an issue for a couple days, then my phone showed the notice; your time and date are incorrect please reset in settings.


    It was showing to be sept 19th in the morning.


    Each time it happens I get more irate... Big clump of BS.

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    The same suggestions on how to fix it continue to circle around because Verizon and Apple continue to suggest them to people that call in with the issue.


    Any time I call in with the date/time issue the helpdesk person is oblivious to the issue at all and they immediately start trying to help me with the same sugestions and I tell them that I have already been down that road many times and none of those things help. Then I list all the things I've done to try to fix it and they inevitably ask me why I've called.


    My favorite is when they wont pass you through to a technician who may know what he is talking about until you call back on a different phone. It seems to escape their delicate sensibilities that you only have 1 phone and that you kinda rely on and pay a lot of money for it to work correctly

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    I just want to chime in that I'm having the same issue as a Sprint iPhone 5 user.  I haven't read all of the 33 pages, but what I did read seemed to indicate this issue was exclusive to Verizon.  That's not the case, at least for me.


    I bought the phone on 10/3 and started noticing the issue a coupel of weeks ago. 

  • Brent Davis Level 2 (390 points)

    Brian, Sprint leases lines and towers from Verizon so it stands to reason that they, too, are experiencing this issue.

  • BrianGTBC Level 1 (10 points)

    That makes sense.

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    Add my name to the list of unhappy iphone 5 owners.


    My time/date problem starting happening last weekend- a day or two after activating my second i5 ( 1st one came damaged and I used it until a new one arrived). I have now set auto-time setting to "off" and it has not happened for many days.


    When I called VZ last weekend the girl said she had never heard of this problem, however when she put me on hold so she could call Apple tech support she searched the web and found various things pertaining to it. Apple tech support was no help to her and she claimed that she would escalate it to a higher level and get back with me (she never called me back).


    I live in the suburban Detroit area.


    By the way, when I'm up for a new phone in 2 years, and if the iphone 6 is just coming out, I think I'll wait a few months before getting it. It's too bad that customers have to be the ones to find the bugs.

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    My iPhone 5 is going back today! Had the problem with time sync from day one, spent 2 weeks dancing with Apple about it lisening to "it is a Verizon problem" and Verizon saying "it is an Apple problem" and I have had it! If AT&T could actually complete a call I would bail on Verizon too but AT&T is the worst carrier out there!

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    Why is it so hard for either Apple or Verizon to quit the finger-pointing and just say "we are aware of the problem and should have a fix for it soon" ?

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    Update: Verizon in Los Angeles. It's been a week since the problem showed up. Maybe they fixed it in my area and working their way to other cities?

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    The only problem with that is that there is only a 30-day window for returns with Apple, I do not need a $400 paperweight if they cannot figure it out and today is day 30! It is unfortunate but it appears apple is going the way of all the other techno companies since the passing of Jobs, new releases every 3-6 months without any longevity to the line and only incremental improvements. Remember when an apple product was current for 2+ years and held its value even when the next one came out? Check the value of the iPad 2s which are just now a year old.... If I am going to get hit on resale or trade-in value I am going to have to start buying toys from a company that does not have such a high premium built into their pricing!!!! What a shame because the vision and behavior under Jobs was admirable from the consumer standpoint and satiated the stockholder's needs; with this new approach you will see apple sales plateau and likely start to decline if they cannot instill some value back into the brand. All that said, to their credit the return process was very easy and the folks I spoke with were incredibly understanting and compassionate. I sincerely hope Apple gets it figure out.

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