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    People need to read more then one source and not rely on a few sources. This issue isn't an iPhone specific problem. It's happening on Android devices also on the nations largest 4G LTE network. Samsung S3, Nexus and even some reports of Moto LTE devices, where experiencing this problem. So obviously it's not just Apple.

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    Bloomington, IL here...same problem.  See me from there? I'm waving.


    KurtAKX wrote:


    I've been having this problem with date/time for weeks on my iPhone5.  I ****** away another hour on the phone yesterday, getting tossed between Verizon, to Apple Care, back to Verizon Tier 2.


    Every tech support person I've talked to is professing ignorance, claiming they've "NEVER HEARD" of such an issue.  Each time they say that, I ask them "Have you seen the 34 page long thread on YOUR OWN FORUMS?" or "do you have access to google to do a search for this?"



    At any rate, they had me do a soft restart, hard reset (backup and erase phone) and go from Verizon 13.0 to Verizon 13.1.  Within 5 hours, my phone was showing the wrong time again.





    At any rate, Verizon wrote a new ticket, number NRB000005704695, while basically telling me I was the only one having this problem and that it must be confined to one tower locally here in Decatur IL.

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    Ok everyone I found a solution that worked. I have turned off International CDMA on one of the phones. For the past 2 weeks never saw the issue or had my phone change the timezone.


    I had another phone with that turned on and it had that issue every other day. This is probably the main cause of the problem. So if you want go ahead and try the following:


    Settings -> General -> Roaming -> International CDMA = OFF

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    By the way that setting was done along with enabling LTE and it worked fine. So it seems the problem when turning on international CDMA which tries to sync the clock with the tower location, which i believe is the cause of that problem.

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    I'm going to try this now, and if it works you will have made my day akramh! I'll post my results here. Either way, at least you've done more than Apple or VZW to help provide a solution.


    Thank you!

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    No, turning off the International CDMA did not work in the Greensboro, North Carolina, area.

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    Unfortunately, the same here in Bloomington, Indiana. Turning the INTL CDMA roaming off appeared to fix the problem because I made the change Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning the time & date were still correct even with the daylight savings time change that happened so I was optimistic because this was the longest that I've been able to keep the LTE on and still keep time/date accurate. However, about 9:30am or so my date flipped back to August 30th, and my time after 11pm.


    This is beginning to look very bleak for all of us and our new VZW iPhone 5's.

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    Tried the fix of disabling roaming; my time still wanders around.

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    Still no issue with my phone after almost two weeks now.  I can't stress enough to contact VZW every single time this instance happens so they can pin point what tower your using and correct the issue with it.  I called and called here in the Charlotte, NC area and have yet to encounter anymore issues in two weeks now with my time and date changing.  Everyone I work with who has an iPhone 5 have said they haven't had the issue anymore either.  Keep calling and bugging the crap out of them until they correct the issue in your area.  If only five people are calling in your area once in awhile they aren't going to act as fast as the other areas that are calling more frequently.

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    About 3 weeks now with no issues in western NC. I've also traveled several times down to Charlotte and back and have still had no problems. I'm thinking it's strictly an LTE tower issue, and they must have fixed the tower in my area here.

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    Has anyone else noticed the iPhone5 screen going blank and the phone not responding when the time changes? It's happened twice to me...that I have been watching the screen, it turns black for 5 - 10 seconds, and when functionality returns, the indicated time display is incorrect.

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    Update from Norcal in the Sacramento area.  Since installing the recent iOS update to the iP5 and with it the new Verizon update, I have not had any time shift issues with the phone.  It's been about 5 days now, but all is stable. I do have the International Roaming CDMA turned off per akramh's suggestion for the time being.


    Before that, I was able to exist without any problems by turning the date time function to manual, setting time and date manually, and the area code manually.  I did also turn off the auto update for area code as well.  I went almost two weeks with those settings and did not have any time shift issues.  Since I have not been traveling outside of the PST time zone it has not been too big a hassle.


    Now after the recent update back on auto, and after 5 days--moving from 3G to LTE and back, no issues for now.

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    Update: Honolulu, HI


    Since updating to iOS 6.0.1 and VZ carrier 13.3, I have not experienced a single time warp. I was reluctant to post at first to avoid being jinxed. But I've watch my phone switch from LTE to 3G several times in a matter of minutes and still no time warp. So I'm pretty confident that either VZ and or Apple has fixed the problem in my area. Also I have everything set to on, locations services, international roaming, etc.

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    Still have date and time sync issues on my Verizon white iPhone 5 after the update. Very annoying & frustrating.

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    after the most recent update and numerous hard and soft reboots, still having time/date issues.  Live just outside of Knoxville in an LTE area but 3G in the house

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