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    Yes. It is noted many times in this thread that Sprint leases Verizon towers. The only way to escape the issue is to switch to AT&T. I know several Verizon customers with Samsungs and Droids who also have the problem. Apple gets all the blame because there are so many more iPhones out there. All Verizon LTE clients are potentially at risk for this issue. (Including other carriers that use Verizon's network) I am not an expert, I just have been unfortunate enough to have this problem since the day I got my iphone5, leaving me 5 months to research and troubleshoot this issue. Still no concrete answers or solutions...

  • pedrofromlancaster Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue, also Verizon!  Getting frustrated because I'm afraid I'm going to miss something!

    today I picked up my daughters late from school, verizon says its apple, apple says its Verizon, who can take care of this matter, this is serious problem and they can't fix it yet, they recommend to reset network but can't do it ever day, it really suck's!! they ask for a good amount of money & pretend to have the top service.

    I ask to 5 of my friends also with verizon and have the same problem,

  • twoof1 Level 1 Level 1

    CNET is saying that IOS 6.1 was just released and supposidly  addresses some LTE issues.

    Has anyone tried it yet and if so, has it brought any relief from this ongoing issue?

    I have been experiencing the time warp issue since I bought the phone however after a couple of months it simply went away and I assumed it had been fixed by VZW. Then myseriously a few weeks ago it started happening again...

    PS: I'm located in so. California

  • fjsusa Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problems with my ip5 showing  the wrong time and date.  It just started last week.  I have verizon and live in So Cal.  How long can this go on?

  • Builder1 Level 1 Level 1

    It can go on forever... I have had the probelm off and on since October. Did you download the new software update that came out today? I'm hoping there is a fix hidden somewhere in that update.

  • fjsusa Level 1 Level 1

    Just saw that an update is available.  Hope it helps!

  • Lalbcp Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry to bring bad news... I installed 6.1 yesterday and this morning I had the same issue. So, the journey continues! 

  • Hyperyellow Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everyone.

    I originated this thread.

    I have traded in my iphone 5 and got the galaxy note 2 at best buy.

    They gave me a $400 gift card for my 32gb verizon iphone 5 and I used it to buy the note 2.

    So I came out of pocket the same amount I would have for an upgrade.


    I can not comprehend having to disable LTE on my LTE iphone because the companies continue to point fingers at each other.

    At least my ipad still works...


    Good Luck to you all.  I'm sleeping better knowing my alarm is actually going to go off when I tell it to.



  • alexis360 Level 1 Level 1

    So I installed the update the day it came out...and since I have not noticed a time change at HOPEFULLY it stays that way (fingers crossed) and I hope the update fixed your time/date issues too!

  • JASK0 Level 1 Level 1

    There's also a carrier update when you plug in your phone to your CPU to iTunes? I don't know if that helps or not but my clock has been good since I posted about a week ago.

  • weaver_art Level 1 Level 1

    I have never posted on something like this before but I agree this is frustrating. My son is still using my iPhone 4S and has never had a problem. It has happened to me 3 times in a month. When I turn off the phone it corrects but it happens again. It has been in the morning all three times. I don't see how it can be sprint when it doesn't happen to the rest of my family who all have 4s. I hope someone fixes it. I miss Steve jobs.

  • Lyndsb21 Level 1 Level 1

    I have been having issues too it was doing it for a while and then stopped up until a week ago it does it multiple times a day and I use my phone as an alarm it is become a serious problem in my work schedule. I know it would be logical to get an alarm but I have been using my phone as one for years and I should continue to use that basic feature on such a high tech device. The time problem is a pretty big issue in everyones lives concidering we all dont have enough so every minute is valuable if we are off by 25-30 min everyday day our whole schedule is messed up. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

  • Tugsan Level 1 Level 1

    Hello together


    I am living in Germany and i have the same problem with the time.

    Please fix this!!!!

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    Called Verizon support; a rep did some research and said that there is no mention of this issue being fixed in the latest 6.1.2 update...

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    Over the past week or so, I've been in contact with Apple "executive support". I sent Tim Cook a strongly worded email, and he passed it along to his flunkees to follow up on. A bunch of wasted time is all it was! Here's what happened with me.


    Mike Hatch, a very polite guy working in Executive Customer Support "on behalf of Mr. Cook" contacted me a day or two after I sent my email. He went over the details of my complaint (time/date issue and WiFi issues) and told me he wanted to escalate it to tech support. I thought since I was speaking with "executive" support that I might get an "executive" tech support rep of some sort.. but no luck. I spoke to a kid who sounded much younger than myself (and I'm only 30), and while he was quite knowledgeable, wasn't able to offer much help.


    According to him, 6.1 was supposed to address the time/date issue. I agree with other posters -- the description of that update doesn't even mention it. However, I haven't experienced the issue lately so I didn't press the issue. I'm not the best example though, since it rarely happened to me to begin with.


    As for the WiFi issues, he just went over the basic troubleshooting with me. Told me what kind of security to use, made sure MAC address filtering wasn't on, etc etc. Of course I'm able to use google and do this stuff without step-by-step instruction, so all of my settings were already correct. So, after all of that, he gave me the same answer as the tech support rep I spoke to in the beginning: take my information and forward it to the engineers. REALLY?! The phone has been out five months and I can't even connect to my home WiFi router. Luckily, there is a workaround of downgrading the firmware that allows me to connect, but after five months I shouldn't have to still be using a workaround. This is getting absolutely ridiculous! Oddly enough, my parents' router looks like the same one as mine and I connected at their house the other day without a problem. I'm going to have to look into that.


    Anyhow, executive support was no different than regular support. They all say the same things, the executive support reps just announce that they are "calling on behalf of Mr. Cook." They provided no answers or resolution, and then acted like they were so happy they could help me. Seriously guys... you were no help at all! I still can't connect to my router and there are plenty of people who still can't get the correct time. GET IT TOGETHER.

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