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  • Marciafromisr Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi there! i live in israel, and i have the same problem. I just got a new iphone 5c and two days ago it started. I tryed all the workarounds, including reseting the iphone (not from backup). Please i would love to hear what apple has to say about it... it seems am i am the first one in israel to face this issue... i've been talking to people here, and they look at me as i am crazy...  it is so frustrating...

  • Mikef330 Level 1 (0 points)

    TO FIX -----> take phone to apple store. Tell them all the steps you have went through to correct the issue.

    Ask them to replace the defective phone.

    Same thing happened to me. Must have been a time circuit issue. 

  • digitaldr99 Level 1 (0 points)

    My nearest Apple store is 2 hours drive awayc. The engineer I am talking to in Apple was off today so hope to hear from him tomorrow. I got the impression from him that they will be replacing my iPhone - I have Applecare so qualify for the express service so it should be pretty painless. I sent him a link to this thread so hopefully he can see that I'm not the only one with this issue.

  • toineusa Level 1 (5 points)

    Had the time issue / frozen time/ wrong time in automatic or manual, went to apple store, iphone 5c was diagnoticed with internal broken antenna.

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    Please help.  I am going crazy with this.  No one can tell me what is wrong.  I am going back to the store tomorrow.  Date and Time change.  Started on Monday Nov 18th at 8:30 PM Pacific Time.  My phone changed to Jan 7, 1980.  Since then, every day it changes.  On Tuesday the 19th, it changed to Jan 8, 1980, on Wednesday the 20th it changed to Jan 9th, on Thur the 21st it changed to Jan 10th.  The time goes to 5 ours ahead everytime.  Exactly 5 hours ahead.  I also get a Server Authentication Issue Warning.

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    I am also having this issue, I noticed it today while I was outside and on the TFW network (uses Verizon CDMA, I believe).  I'm using an iPhone 5 with 7.0.4, and it will keep the time as long as it's awake, but as soon as the screen goes into sleep mode it will just stop keeping time.  Pressing the auto set switch off/on will work to reset the time, but then it will start losing time again when screen is off.

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    Sounds like you have exactly the same problem as me. Have you contacted  Apple yet?


    My last discussion with them was a couple of days ago. They  wanted to check out my iPhone when it was connected to my home wifi  network so I had to wait until I had a day off work Anyway they got me  to download the iPhone configuration utility and run so the could get a log file form the phone when the  issue occured. Unfortuantely it seems to keep perfect time when it was  connected to my laptop with the configuration utility running. I even left it connected overnight.  However as soon as I disconnected the time immediately went back by 7  hours! I explained all this to the guy I was dealing with in Apple and attached the log file to the email - was expecting to here back from him today but nothing yet and he's now finished work for the weekend.


    The green robot is looking more and more tempting!

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    Okay, so I came by a solution this morning.  I can't speak for all other CDMA-based carriers (which seems to be the issue), but as a customer of Straight Talk, I called them and they registered some kind of update with my device that allows communication between their leased towers and my device (as if it wasn't already on it? ).  There was no "downloaded update," per se, on my phone, but rather something they did on their end.


    I knew this had to be a carrier's tower signal not pushing the time to me, or a lack of constant communication with the tower, because my iPad mini Wi-Fi has the exact same OS, same settings, and the time is okay. Although I was able to use data, place calls, send MMS, etc. there was some issue on the carrier's end.


    Regardless, if you're experiencing this issue, call your carrier first to see if there's anything they can do for you, as this doesn't seem to be an Apple device issue.  Cheers, all!

  • Aristhon Level 1 (0 points)

    As a quick update, after they pushed this update through their servers, I was unable to receive mobile data. I was on the phone with straight talk for over two hours, and they finally played the "blame Apple "card. I'm going to try to connect the phone to the AT&T network before I send it in for a replacement (Apple was amazing at offering a replacement device).


    Right now it is running off of Verizon's CDMA towers, but I will attempt to transfer the service to an AT&T Sim card and use that in the device to see if it is indeed a VZW issue.  Will update.

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    Hi Aristhon - any update on this yet? I also tried a different SIM - no joy Anyway Apple got me to erase all content and settings and to activate the phone without signing into my itunes account, put it in airplane mode and then put it in standby - problem still there! So it's going back to them - I will update when I hear from more.


    I suspect it may be an antenna problem as it frequently drops wifi (other iPhones in the house don't) and the bluetooth which has always been flakey has now stopped working entirely.

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    After more than a month of calls back and forth to Apple support they finally came around to the idea that it was a hardware fault. I was initially impressed that they had assigned a specific support agent to me and he had given me his direct contact details. Just a pity he never answered his phone, rarely responded to emails and managed to lose some of the information I had given him. In the end I gave up on him and started dealing with someone else who admitted that she couldn't contact the original support guy either! She said that she needed to talk to one of the engineering guys first so she scheduled yet another call back. I was expecting some gee whiz technical stuff but instead she just talked me through more or less what I had done already. Back up to iCloud, erase all contacts and settings then skip signing into my itunes account (this is the only thing I may not have done before) and turning on airplane mode. Needless to say the problem was still there!


    So she arranged for the phone to be shipped back to Apple and promised a new replacement phone in retail packaging if it was found to be faulty. I asked if I could avail of the express replacement service (as an Applecare policy holder) but was told it didn't apply. I figured maybe if I went for an express replacement I might end up with a refurbished phone again (I already had a replacement due to faulty lightning connector) so I didn't question her any further.


    During the 7 days I was waiting for my phone I had to use an iPhone 3 which was unbelievably slow so I bought a sim free Motorola Moto G - a brilliant phone for the money.


    And now for the happy ending - I got a brand new iPhone 5s which I promptly sold as I am happy to use the Moto G until the next crop of high end Android phones are released. I might even consider the iPhone 6 if it's got a bigger screen than the 5. Also just cancelled my Applecare.


    All in all this has soured me against Apple (pardon the pun!) - they're very good when it comes to platitudes and SoCal speak "thanks for reaching out to us today!" ( this is European Apple support!) but not so good when it comes to real customer service. It was like they couldn't  believe that an iPhone could possibly have a hardware fault (albeit an unusual one) and figured that it must be something external like my wifi network of provider even though my wife's iphone with the same cell company was fine. But I guess they did replace the phone in the end - not sure why it took them five weeks though.

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    I just posted the following and then found this thread:


    So here's the problem - about a month ago, my iPhone 5 (with iOS 7) started randomly changing the date and time. The only thing that works is to turn it off and turn the phone back on again - each time I do this, FaceTime and iMessage shut off.

    1) I went to the Apple Store and they told me it was a Verizon issue.

    2) I went to Verizon, and they sent me a new (refurbished) phone....still happened.

    3) I reset the settings....still happened.

    4) I went back to the Apple Store and they said that it was because there was a "bug" in my iCloud. Restored to factory settings and set it up as a new phone (without taking anything off of my cloud) - still happened.

    5) Turned off the automatic date and time setting - still happened.

    6) Went back to the Apple Store and was told it is an issue with IOS 7 and there's nothing that can be done until there's a new update.


    Is the only fix getting rid of my iPhone? I'm so frustrated!

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    You should direct Apple support to this thread and in particular my last post above and insist that they give you a brand new iPhone and not a refurb. If it really was a problem with ios7 it'd be all over the net - they're a lot of Apple haters out there! I reckon my iPhone had an antennae problem as the bluetooth ,which had always been flakey stopped working completely and wifi was never great either - poor signal strength and lots of drop outs.  The support agent I was dealing with said she would tell me what the cause was if it wasn't commercially sensitive - I haven't heard from her.

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    My girlfriend and I are having the same problem.  We both have an Iphone 5 for Verizon and this started to happen after our  vacation from LA and Vegas.  It seems to only happen in our apartment which is weird but other people with iphones have the same problem when entering our apartment.  Their time goes an hour ahead and the date changes to the month of april.  Our Imessage also turns off automatically.  I've called verizon and apple and both companies have yet to give me an answer.  Verizon said they would send a tech support person over but I honestly think thats BS.  Its very frustrating to have a phone less than 2 years old go to ****.


    Oh another problem we're having is that our phones sign us out of apps for no reason.  For example, I'll go into my instagram app and notice that I'm logged out and would have to log back in.  Does ANYONE have an answer for this?

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    I have the same problem with the time on the iPhone. I tried everything possible to fix this problem, I took the phone to private laboratories - no one gave me a solution. Am I stuck with a broken phone that you can not fix his problem? I am frustrated I do not know who to turn turned to Apple and they did not give me a solution. I live in Israel and I bought the phone in the United States, will send them the phone back to it the only solution? May new update would solve the problem?? (My Iphone is ios 7.0.4) Apple please help me with this annoying problem!!


    The problem is on my IPHONE 5C