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Hyperyellow Level 1 Level 1

So, I activated my vzw iPhone5 Saturday. Very much enjoying it.  Woke up yesterday and was very confused because my phone thought it was 8/26/12 and 30 minutes later than the actual time.  I reset network settings and it self resolved...until this morning.  I woke up and looked at my phone and had a melt down because my alarm never went off.  I hurriedly got ready and looked at the microwave as I ran out, and it was 30 minutes earlier than my iPhone said. 

My iPhone apparently is doing something weird and reverting to 8/26/12 + 30 minutes while I (and it) sleep.  It throws off iMessage and I'm sure the rest of the date/time dependent apps, so I've turned off the automatic time setting for now, and its fine now (so far lol).  But I would like to know what the real issue is if possible!?! Is it my phone? VZW? Does it matter?


Thanks in advance :0)

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • srudowitz Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having almost the same issue. I'm also on Verizon. My date and time is off by an entire day earlier. No idea what to try. Already attempted to turn off location services for time zone and that didn't help.

  • geekwisdom Level 1 Level 1

    Having the same issue, also on vzw.

  • J.Felix Level 1 Level 1

    Having identical problems with both our new iPhone 5s, also on Verizon.

    Has to be a Verizon issue.

  • jugglermom Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue, also Verizon!  Getting frustrated because I'm afraid I'm going to miss something!

  • geekwisdom Level 1 Level 1

    Was your phone plugged in when it lost time? Mine was.

  • Hyperyellow Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everyone!

    Yes, both times the phone reverted to 8/26/12 + 30 minutes it had been plugged in all night as we slept.

    I have manually set the time and I am hoping that "fixes" it and my phone doesn't get confused again as we sleep tonight.  i called VZW and was told they havent heard this yet.  who knows?  I'm in South FL..anyone else?

    I'm just not knowledgable enough to know what would cause this issue: LTE, tower issue with the iphone5, bad luck? lol. 

    I will check in tomorrow and let you know if manually setting the time made this cease to exist. 


  • Boogerlayne Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issue as well. Imessage is sporadic and I keep losing my time. I have noticed the only time that I am losing the date and time is when I am in 3G, which unfortunately is where I live. I am in Southern California in the suburbs of LA and I was amazed that I do not have 4G at my house. Hopefully a fix will come out soon....... If not I might as well stick with my 4S.

  • sirjoseph Level 1 Level 1

    My iPhone 5 which is on Verizon and also keeps losing time. Haven't noticed if it is affecting iMessage.

  • srudowitz Level 1 Level 1

    I first noticed because iMessage was telling me it failed because of my date and time settings. It seems to only be happening to me when at my home. All day yesterday it was fine. If I leave on auto set date and time and toggle airplane mode it corrects itself for a little bit and then goes back to wrong time.


    It seems to be something with iOS 6 and Verizon but Verizon told me nothing they were aware of. Can everyone post up their phone, OS and carrier. To see if we are all on the same devices?


    iPhone 5, iOS 6, Verizon for me. Central Florida btw

  • J.Felix Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone 5, iOS 6, Verizon, Los Angeles - same problem.

  • Hyperyellow Level 1 Level 1

    Hi again everyone,


    I spoke to Apple for about 30 minutes and they are working on it and will get back to me with a fix (hopefully).

    I will keep you guys updated.  It was the first time the person I spoke to heard of this specific problem, FYI.


    Also, Manually setting Date and Time did NOT fix the issue.  My alarm went off this morning, and when i looked at another clock, i realized the phone was 30 minutes ahead again.  Once i unlocked my phone it reverted to the correct time.  It seems the phone gets confused when its charging overnight, for some reason beyond my comprehension.  Is everyone having the issue while it is charging???


    iphone 5, 32g white, ios6, south fl vzw. 

    I updated my ipad and my husband's 4s to ios6 and those devices are fine, so I'm not sure it is an ios6 problem. 

    I really would like to keep this phone but obviously can't be constantly worried the time is WRONG when we live in a deadline driven world....

    YAY! (sarcasm, lol)

  • Rockyrikoko Level 1 Level 1

    Black iPhone 5, 16gb, Verizon, Honolulu


    White iPhone 5, 16gb, Verizon, Honolulu


    Mine isn't just off by 30 min. Today the black one was off by 15 days plus 6 hours and 12 minutes when I pulled it off the charger. The white one is my wife's and she complained yesterday evening that she had to fix the time 4 times throughout the day. This isn't going to work out if this cant be fixed soon

  • Hyperyellow Level 1 Level 1

    Me again.


    I am at work but was asked by Apple to plug in the phone and monitor to see how long it takes for the time change to occur.

    Is anyone able to do this?  My charger is at home I'd like to get him a response today and won't be home until after 8pm ET.


    i did mention to him that some of you are having the issue sporadically, not just when the phone is charging....

  • Essence8164 Level 1 Level 1

    My phone is doing the same thing...


    iphone 5, ios6, 16gb  gainesville fl  verizon

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