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is the Samsung HMX-W300 imovie compatible?

iMovie '08, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    With what version of iMovie?

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    iMovie 08

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    iMovie 8 Camcorders supported:



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    I got it to work in iMovie 11. 


    1) Put memory card in computer

    2) Drag file from card icon to desk top

    3) Movie will open in quicktime.  Do not send to iMovie using dropdown menu, instead click on the box with the arrow on bottom right of the quicktime movie.  Scroll down to "send to iMovie" and select.  Movie will process for awhile. When finished, open iMovie and message will appear stating you have a movie in your iMovie dropbox, then select to import.  After it processes you can see both the audio and video in iMovie.

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    This worked for us with some modification as the version of Quicktime 10 we have doesn't have send to iMovie.

    1. Connect Samsung video camera to laptop
    2. Open the the “video” folder on the camera and copy videos to your desktop.
    3. Double click on the movie to open in quicktime.  Click on the box with the arrow on bottom right of the quicktime movie.  Scroll down and select "send to iTunes".  Select desired format (usually apple tv choice) and send to iTunes.
    4. Open iMovie and go to FILE - IMPORT - MOVIES and browse to iTunes movies and select the correct video file from iTunes movie folder. 
    5. Once the video processes you can edit the video in iMovie ‘11
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    Would you reccommend this camcorder or does its photo/video importing require too much work? Once imported to iTunes is it easily transferrable to iPhoto?