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    I received my Iphone 5 on sept 21 on verizon. I've received the patch a few days ago but before that did not have a real big jumps in data. Before Iphone 5 my average usage over 6 months was 700 mb. This morning I received a text from verizon saysing I at 50% data usage, then 30 minutes later another text saying I'm at 75%. I looked at my phone usage and it says 1.7gb received. I can't believe it. Just a day before I looked and it was 300mb. I'm 11 days into the cycle. I pulled up my data usage on verizon's website and it shows 328mb at 1:06pm, 364mb at 2:34pm, and then 630mb at 8:03pm. At 8pm I was finishing up at my son middle school open house and was not using my phone. How can it us 630mb. I don't have netflix or stream movies. Called apple, they said close all apps and do a hard reset, and monitor your data. If it continues do a restore. Verizon says to increase my data plan and they will credit me so I don't get any overages.


    What is using my data????

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    Oh - and just putting this out there so others can compare. 


    I had to replace my original iphone5 at Apple due to a faulty noisecancelling mic on the ear piece.  I have had the new iphone 5 (att) since Saturday night 9/29....I have only had it 5 days...I reset the cellular usage counter at that time - and now today at 3pm (10/3/12) I am at 4.8 GB of cellular usage.


    I have yet since 2009 owning two seperate iphones and using them the same way as this phone, NEVER gone over 2 GB usage in my billing period.  At this rate I will hitting nearly 50 GB by the end of October!!!!! 


    Its just not possible.

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    Had the same thing. I think its the iAds.. I've turned it off from the location services 3 days ago and my usage went to normal about 10-20MB per day, compared to 250MB downloaded at nights.


    Go to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services (scroll to the bottom) and click on System Services >> and here I have Diagnostics & Usage, Genius for Apps, Locatin-Based iAds turned OFF


    Plus I have turned off location based services for Cards, Trailers, Yelp and other apps I have installed just to be sure they dont take my data..


    Let us know if this helps you out also.



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    Yes, it appears to have worked for me.  2.577GB of data used in two + days (Thursday-Saturday) and less than a half a GB since.  Also, I caled Verizon and they gave me an extra 2GB for this billing cycle and credited my account with $10 which was the cost of an extra 2GB!  I called them Saturday evening when I first noticed the problem. God luck to was very un-nerving but now I feel much better having switched to Verizon from at&t at this iPhone5 upgrade....was questioning that on Saturday!!!!!


    Though FYI, at&t offered to bring me back and give me back my unlimited data plan should I decide to return!!!!

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    Just a side note:  My iPhone shows almost 2GB for the month, but when I look at my Verizon page, it shows less than 500MB, through the previous day.  I've been watching for a week now, and it seems my iPhone is overestimating usage by a large margin. 

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    I have to say, I'm very impressed....just received a call from an apple representative asking about this issue and enlisting my help in trying to fix this problem.  At least apple is attempting to get a handle on the problem.

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    Actually, AT&T's response typifies telcos and it's one of the reasons why the iPhone is superior to the Android phones. With the Android phones, you're at the mercy of the telcos. Have a problem? You're on your own. There is no such thing as an Android Phone Genius Bar.


    Because Apple does support their equipment, that seriously adds value to their phone.


    I received a telephone call from "Dave." an Apple representative today, from a telephone number in California. I have not yet spoken with Dave, but it's obvious to Apple that there's a problem here that needs to be solved.


    Here are my hypothesis, based on some observations:


    • When you're hooked up to 4G-LTE service, your phone pulls data from the telco, regardless of whether or not you have a strong WiFi network and are logged on to that network.
    • When you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 6, there is a strong battery drain and I would suggest this is due to increased radio usage—either cellular data despite WiFi or some ineffeciency in iOS 6. iOS 6 may have primarily been tested on the iPhone 5 for battery life. I have a friend who upgraded his iPhone 4s who says he's taken two back to the Apple Store. Battery doesn't last more than three or four hours.
    • The Verizon update mitigates some of the data drain. That is (apparently) not offered for the telcos in Australia and the other telcos in the US (AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Leap Wireless and Sprint).


    You can turn off data on your phone to mitigate this. It's also a Royal Pain (sorry, British Subjects). The iPad (New or III) with 4G-LTE also does the data while in WiFi routine, too.


    Here are a few possible solutions:


    • Apple should offer a free version of DataMan, or something similar, for everyone who wants it. Seems like they go through a full system upgrade and not a point upgrade there are issues.
    • Apple should offer a small app that turns off radios you don't want to use and not bury these in Settings.
    • Users should turn off location services and notifications from applications they don't absolutely need these services from. I'm thinking Facebook here…
    • Apple needs to provide an iOS upgrade that fixes this.
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    Just talked to Dave....super nice and seemed to care!  He installed a profile onto my phone to gather data to figure out what's happening to so many of us!

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    It is clear to me that LTE is interfering with WiFi at home.

    a) If I turn off LTE [Settings, General, Cellular, Off] my home WiFi connection is rock solid.

    b) With LTE Cellular Data On, iPhone 5 will kick the WiFi conection Off.  And WiFi does not attempt to Auomatically rejoin my home network; I have to select it from the list of available WiFi Networks.


    So, while at home, office, or anywhere else where I want to use WiFi, I must turn Cellular Data Off.

    Messy, eh!

    But it works for me...


    Robert [Perth, Australia]


    PS: Apple shop Perth were aware of issue, showed me how to turn off a buch of Apps that do connect via LTE when you are out and about...

    Go to Settings, General, Location Services,and way down the bottom of the screen, System Services, and turn Off the folowing... Compass, Diagnostics, Genuis for Aps, Location Based iAds, and Setting Time Zone

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    It goes beyond LTE. Also affects  iPhone  4S on 4G. I am in contact with a senior advisor at Apple who said he is waiting for it to 'trend'. I sent him screen caps of Datawiz app showing simultaneous data draws on wifi and 4G and LTE. Also data draws during my commute with everything force quit and every conceivable syncing thing disabled. (Cellular data still activated, tho) and didn't do a single thing outside of a wifi zone.


    Never busted my 200 MB plan in two years with 4 and 4S. Wife either. She had a 100 MB draw while connected to wifi on Saturday. Why can't AT&T admit to an issue already? Verizon has, sorta. They only patched the iPhone 5.

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    Ok, so everyone knows there is a HUGE problem.  Apple, VZW, AT&T what are you going to do for us?.  I've spent hours already on the phone with 4 different Verizon techs and they are not willing to do anything for me, or even acknowledge there is a problem.  I am the one who mentioned the update on the WiFi issue. And I have a feeling that had I not mentioned it, none of the techs I talked to would have been forthcoming with the info.  What gives there? We changed our grandfathered unlimited plan to Verizon's new family shared plan to buy three of these new iphones because they are SO expensive.  We actually went into the store and had an account analysis done to see if we could afford to make the change.  Based on that analysis, they suggested a 6G plan for us (2G a month EACH).  Sounded great!  We were only using 2G TOGETHER with our old data phones on 2 lines, (even with heavy use of the free mobile hot spot on my Palm Pre Plus), but since we were adding a new line, they said 6G would be more than plenty for us.  Great.  Fast forward 4 days and that new line has already consumed 2G of data all by itself!  IN 4 DAYS????? Yes, wifi is on while in range! That's just checking email, FB and weather and not doing any of the cool stuff this phone is actually made to do.  WTHeck!?  You can imagine I am hopping mad about this.  Verizon did offer to change our plan back to the old one (minus the new line of course)... but then we would have to pay full retail prices for these phones if we wanted to keep them or pay their $30 a line restocking fee.  Seriously Verizon?  I smell a rat here.  I feel like Verizon knew this was coming and changed their pricing plans not to include unlimited data knowing they stood to make a ton of revenue from ignorant people like me!  Furthermore, the amount of time I have spent trying to resolve this issue is obscene, and it's still not resolved to my satisfaction. I have lived with a stupid Palm Pre Plus for 4 years Verizon.  You sold me that POS on it's free wireless hotspot (which, I admit I have used the heck out of). In fact, the free wireless hot spot on this new iphone was what sucked me in.  But Apple, I am seriously afraid to even turn it on for fear of the sucking noise I am sure to hear of my data package being consumed instantly.  Has anyone used their hot spot yet?  What happened?  

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    Want to hear something totally infuriating? I just got off the phone with Phillisa O, AT&T Social Media Manager, who wanted to inform me that AT&T's Official Statement is that there is No Issue with cellular data being used when connected to WiFi. I explaned that that is exactly what is happen to me and many others. This is happening with my iPhone 4S and my iPhone 5. Both are running iOS 6.


    She refused to acknowlege that, and only said that her mananger, Trevor Elliot, would call me.


    I suggest people call AT&T and Apple to complain this issue that DOES exist, otherwise we will not get a timely resolution.

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    Guys, I can tell you for sure that Apple is working the issue.  I've spoken to a representative and he's installed a program on my phone to collect data and we are scheduled to speak again tomorrow AM.  We'll see what happens from there.  For the cell phone companies, VZW did not admit to any problem last Saturday when I noticed the problem, but they did give me a $10 credit and upgraded me to the next highest plan for this month.  It's obvious there is a problem, I agree.  VZW patch seems to  have worked because I used 2.57GB of data in the first two days of having my iPhone5 and less than half a GB since.  Of course nobody is going to admit a problem until they (Apple) diagnoses it and discovers a reason and I have a feeling all companies will put out a statement and take care of thier customers.  I would hope anyway.

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    image.pngYou can tell Trevor Elliot to take a gander at my DataWiz info....although I can assure you I was on wifi the entire time (I cannot prove that I switched to LTE)...why would I...?  I want this solved.  You are at the mercy of uninformed At&t reps at whatever call center you're routed to...someone in Boise, ID will know of the issue, another rep in Nashville won't have a clue what you are saying.  Either way, the issue is real.  I have been at home since 7am this morning on a rock solid (I am not having slow wifi issues like others) 40 MB download RR Lightning connection.  I have been on it all morning....just this past hour, I ran a Datawiz usage track...and this is what I was shown since 11am Eastern......


    As you can see, while on two solid WiFi connections (one being a wifi extender), from 11am hour this morning I have logged 8.731 MB incoming on my cellular connection ALL WHILE BEING LOGGED INTO my Wifi...its clear as day.  You cannot blame DataWiz app, you cannot blame my router, you cannot blame me.  I am using this device as I have my last two iphones that never experienced this.  Look....LOOK AT IT.  Don't ignore us AT&T....Apple isn't. 


    At least the AT&T rep I chatted with (see earlier post on page 13) seems to know of the issue and says Apple is working on it.  As I said earlier - I cannot prove that I didn't turn off my wifi and use LTE/4G to get my numbers up to show in DataWiz....again, why would I?  I want this solved....and clearly by the DataWiz app info....cellular incoming data (being consumed by the customer) is occuring while the phone shoudl be using wifi.


    Flame on minions....

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    Chetly, that may be helpful to Trevor. His twitter account is ATTTeamTrevor. Try to connect with him. Or anyone else -- please tweet ATTTeamTrevor. The more we tell AT&T of the issue, the better.


    And BTW, Team Trevor is in Nashville.

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