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  • Robert J McInnes Level 1 Level 1


    Thanks for passing on you tip, it appears to be working for me too...


    I Reset Network Settings and with both WiFi and Cellular Data On, WiFi is now clearly the prime connection.

    DataWiz shows a few bytes of Cellular Data every 10 minutes, an occasional few kB. Quite acceptable, in a monthly budget of 1.0 GB...


    Prior to that, I just got into the habit of turn Cellular Data Off while on home or office WiFi.

    Doing that gave me zero Cellular Data usage, as you would expect.

    It's no more tiresome than turning off WiFi, Bluetooth and/or Location Services when

    you don't need them [to conserve battery].



  • csb65 Level 1 Level 1

    I've tried all the tips listed and none of them are helping.  I am beginning to regret buying the iphone 5.  Greatly disappointed and I may be reverting to my trusty 3Gs.  It NEVER let me down like this pile of junk is doing

  • CVLAW Level 1 Level 1

    How can you tell that it is clearly primary?  Is there a toggle switch that can be placed on a homescreen to quickly toggle cellular data on and off?

  • Psykobrat Level 1 Level 1

    I reset the counter on my new i5 when I got it from AT&T with approx 10 days left on my cycle. Now like 4-5 days later the phone says it used 3.2gb of cellular when I haven't ACTIVELY used it off of wifi (other than some email here and there) and my AT&T current monthly usage is at about 2.7gb for the month. That doesn't even make sense. I don't think, in the 5 years I've had AT&T, than I've gone over about 1GB cause I have wifi at home and work, the only two places I really use the phone.

  • Robert J McInnes Level 1 Level 1


    To turn Cellular Data Off...

    Select Settings, General, Cellular, Cellular Data, Off


    I agree, would be neat if Apple moved Cellular Data to the Settings home page [like iOS 6 and Bluetooth]


    Install the DataWiz app, and you can monitor what is going on, in detail, on both Cellular Data and WiFi.



  • Robert J McInnes Level 1 Level 1


    Simply turn Off Cellular Data when you don't need it [like at Home or the Office].


    And, as suggested before by a few people on this Forum,

    Select Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Connections...

    IPhone will restart...


    You can use the DataWiz app to see the before and after performance, it was dramatic, in my case.

    [It maybe a hidden setting carried over from your previous iPhone with the Restore]



  • gmadera Level 1 Level 1

    I don't know how accurate DataWiz is...  I installed it on Monday after noticing a jump in my data, and it seemed to keep fairly accurate track.  I decided to turn my cell data off for most of the day yesterday, while at the mall, I turned on the cell data, and boom, DataWiz tells me I used up 160MB of data the moment I turned on cell data.  It had me worried.  The iPhone usage data tells me I didn't use any, and the AT&T text tells me I didn't use any.  So not sure where DataWiz got its data from...

  • gmadera Level 1 Level 1

    While I was at the mall, I talked to the Apple store and inquired of this issue about data overage.  The lady said this is the first she's heard of it, but she's been told that LTE uses more data than 3G.  I told her that was a bunch of balony, because although LTE is faster, it's not providing more data content.  She still insist that Apple has not heard about it.

  • Robert J McInnes Level 1 Level 1


    Here is a sample from DataWiz...

    You can see a few kB of Cellular Data, versus MB of WiFi...


  • ekim sinnigcm Level 1 Level 1

    I too am having a SERIOUS over use of data when I am ALWAYS on WIFI. I have never even come close to my 2 GB allotment, in the past 2 years. 9 days into currentl billing cycle, and Im at 3 GB. There is a HUGE issue here Apple, and it needs to get taken care of ASAP. I'm with at&t by the way.

  • Psykobrat Level 1 Level 1

    So if I shut off Cellular Data, don't I lose all mobile data while I'm not home or in a wifi area? I guess it's a temporary solution to stop AT&T from slowing me down at 3gb but if apple came out with a patch for Verizon, anyone know they are planning on coming out with a patch for AT&T phones because they seem to have the same issues. It's not good when you can't use your phone when you're out and about. I installed DataWiz but it kept giving me an error about having the phone locked for about 10 minutes.

    Didn't know how to post a picture from my phone other than with tinypic. And as you can see in the picture where the "slide to unlock" should be, it shows the whole error message.

  • Gamtu Level 1 Level 1

    I had this problem also.  After the carrier settings update that Verizon had us do, and closely monitoring my data consumption, I no longer have intermittent cellular data use while I'm connected to wifi. 


    I suspect cellular data use while connected to a strong wifi signal is a carrier issue.  If the results were reversed and AT&T customers had received a fix and Verizon's didn't,  I'd be all over Verizon to ignore the overage until they fixed their problem.  Also id consider pursuing some sort of resolution including returning the phone and releasing me of the contract obligation acquired at the time when I got the phone.  Then pursue another carrier that has fixed the problem or never had it. 


    It's a lot of trouble to go through and I'd be prepared for serious battle but it might be your only choice.

  • Psykobrat Level 1 Level 1

    My question is, if I call AT&T. Who would I even talk to? Lets face it, customer service is pretty useless and will just say they've never heard of the issue.  I'm sure they'll be able to see that somehow I've used 3gb of data in the last 5 days, but they'll probably just think I'm using a lot of data and just making an excuse.

  • Psykobrat Level 1 Level 1

    And it makes me kind of angry when I saw someone else post that they contact apple and apple knew nothing of the issue, and yet they came right out with an update.  Why wouldn't they just release that update to all carriers just incase.

  • Gamtu Level 1 Level 1

    Right, I suspect it was not an Apple update but it was an update to the carrier settings (which before all this I didn't realize existed) directly from Verizon. 


    I'd probably start the process by going back to the store where you got the phone.  If that's not an option and you must deal with you carrier (which seems to be pretending all this away) you need to keep gnawing at their feet, don't let up.  The OLD saying "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" was said for a good reason.  Insist that you speak to higher and higher levels of support and customer service until your satisfied.  Threaten (as an absolute last resort) to not pay the bill until there is a resolution.  You'll likely have to be tough, you see a clear problem, you have a history that's clearly showing unusual amounts of data over the cellular network.  How could they not acknowledge your data levels are at least unusual if they in fact are?  Put on your boxing gloves and let them have it, in the nicest possible way of course.

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