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  • Psykobrat Level 1 (0 points)

    That's the first thing I've tried and it didn't have any effect. Neither did shutting off lte. Although I have been keepin an eye on data usage submitted to AT&T via the website, myAT&T app and "calling" data to get the text. DataWiz today shows that I used approx 47MB, which isn't bad cause I've actually been using the phone a bit here and there. The usage option in settings also shows the same data, but AT&T's website shows that so far today I've used over 73MB.  Now I know apparently their site is an "estimate" as they claim, which I don't believe or else it should round a bit, and the times aren't exact but being the only data usage submitted today, other than a few KB's here and there with only wifi on all night, AT&T somehow thinks I used about 50% more data than the phone claims. And from what I did today on here, 75MB is more than I believe, I thought 50mb was stretching it. It was really just emails and this site.

  • kcwebguy Level 1 (0 points)

    I just reset network settings on my ATT iPhone 5. Then watched a YouTube video. Results?


    Cellular 16.42 MB

    Wireless 1.3 MB


    I was at home on my wireless network while watching.


    Clearly there is a problem here...


    Apple needs to FIX ASAP!

  • Psykobrat Level 1 (0 points)

    According to the person at apple yesterday I spoke with, he said what he THINKS might be an issue is that iOS 6 is tryin to pull more data from your network (or wifi) than whatever you're doing requires kind of as a buffer so if it slows down, you won't see that second or two of lag, and what it does is, if it thinks your Internet isn't goin fast enough, it'll start using cellular instead and eventually switch back to wifi. That kind of goes along with what one person mentioned about the cellular + wifi feature that was there in one of the iOS 6 betas. Seems like they took away the on off switch, but left it turned on instead of shutting it off like before that option was around.

  • u.l.b. Level 1 (0 points)

    My wife and my phones have had a sudden huge data usage problems, too. In both cases I fixed it by "re-booting" every single networked/syncing account and service.


    I had a feeling my wife's data usage was related to her Google account that seemed to occasionally throw up error messages when syncing. I removed her Google email and calendar account and then added them back. Her data usage went from insane levels to normal instantly. Note that this was on her iPhone 4 on iOS 5.


    When I recently had a similar problem on my iPhone 5, I disabled every email, calendar, contacts, bookmarks, etc, account and then re-enabled them all. Note I did not delete any accounts -- I just went into the accounts section and disabled all of the various services associated with each account. I also disabled all push notifications and other similar settings. Once I had every single thing disabled, I went back through and re-enabled them all. I went from absurd data usage to normal levels immediately. I was using 100-500 MB/day and am not around 10 MB/day and I never disable the cellular data connection nor turn off LTE.


    My suspicion is that some account that syncs gets "stuck" in some way. I am convinced that in our cases, doing the above steps has solved the problem. Neither of us has had a problem with data usage since.


    I also wrote about this here:


    I'm curious if others have any luck with this.

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    Well, Apple, count me as one customer who NEVER EVER wants to draw cell data while in wifi for any reason. GIVE ME THAT OPTION so I can return to enjoying my phone without having to pay AT&T more than $15 a month.


    Want this re-activated as an option RIGHT NOW.



  • Psykobrat Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm gonna try that as soon as I get home today. I used about 700mb my first 20 days of the month before I got my i5. I activated the i5 on the 1st and since then I've used 4.2gb on the i5 alone. And I do have a few email addresses on here, including two gmail that are set up as exchange servers, it's definitely worth a try. Although it doesn't solve the cellular data usage while wifi is turned on, but if it can keep data low, that would help a LOT!

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    Is there no way to see what apps are using data individually? Although I'm guessing that kind of information would probably require a jailbreak or something. But I'm surprised apple hasn't looked into that, because if its some app that has this leak, it would explain why not EVERYBODY has this issue.

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    Android has an excellent built-in service for seeing what apps use data. Unfortunately there is no such thing on a (non-jailbroken) iPhone.



    Now that my data usage is reasonable after resetting all my accounts, I do notice that there is about 100-200 kB/hour of cellular data used all night long while my iPhone is at home in a good WiFi area. I'm guessing this is because it is not plugged in and cellular uses less battery than WiFi (I only charge while driving to/from work each day). I'm guessing Apple allows a certain amount of data to stay on the cellular system in order to keep battery life as good as possible.

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    I turned the cellular data over the weekend so it can only use Wifi.  The voice mail tells me it cannot function if the cellular data is not on.  So there are iOS functions that require cellular usage no matter you're on Wifi or not.  The first day I turned the cellular data on, I used 16 MB from ATT, comparing to average 1-2 MB per day.  I think this phone is very likely going back to ATT.

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    I called ATT to let them know that  there is an issue with the iphone 5  data leakage and they told me there is no issue as far as they know. "This is BS"  I am on WIFI at home 100% of the time and it is still using my cellular data.  I am being charged extra for the overusaged.  I checked the data usage by hour on ATT site and it is showing that i am using data every hour while i am on WIFI at home. 

  • chazcron Level 1 (20 points)

    Just a reminder, it's not just leaking on wifi, mine leaks while on my commute, everything mentioned here disabled, to the best of my knowledge, all apps force-quit, and still sizable chunks of cell data are drained from my phone. Not one use of active cell data all day and 3MBs of data, poof! Gone from my 200mb/month plan. That averages to half my allotted data gne without my active use.

  • internova Level 1 (0 points)

    That's very true.  Not just wifi.  The data overage is on cellular and everywhere.  And it's on iOS 6.  Whatever Apple does to increase the battery usage or speed or anything has cause a problem on the data overage.  I don't think it's a problem that can be fixed quickly.  While my 30 days isn't up yet, my data plan forces me to seek another solution.  ATT store said there is a $35 re-stocking fee unless the store manager waives it.

  • primelink Level 1 (10 points)

    You know what I have to say this and believe that it's true, Jobs would never have let that option be included and then to top it off remove the option to disable it.


    "Wifi plus cellular"


    I use to tell clients and Argue with my brother that once that wifi symbol is up iPhone routes all data through that gateway. Having jail broken my phone and IPad a few times its correct. The default gateway is set to that connection for all data needs. There is a route of for


    Now if apple has removed that barrier, WOW that's F......k


    They are Teaming (or load balancing) the network interfaces between wifi and LTE. To an engineer that might sound good but oh god no, some have a 200MB plan, some one should have said NO. I have 6 GB and in 2 weeks hit 5.96GB with regular usage. I use to do at most 3GB in a month.

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    Now I'm up to 7.5 in 12 days.   This is crazy stupid.    I figured out a little I think.   The LTE buffers video like none other.  I used to be able to watch video no problem ( YouTube clips.  Not movies).  Never mind.  AT&t just sent me another text 75% of my 7th gig.  Going on 40 dollars extra a month now.     I don't know how hard it is to acknowledge a problem.    Fml

  • mattn Level 2 (420 points)

    Just want to report that my symptoms are just like those that others have reported here. Check out this DataWiz screen shot, breaking down my network usage hour by hour. In the 9-oclock hour we used 15MB WiFI but 17MB cellular! I was home with a WiFi connection that whole time, so why were we using cellular *at all*??? What's more, like others in this thread, I know what I was doing - I was watching a YouTube video on Mobile Safari. This is totally inexcusable. The phone is supplementing its use of WiFi with cell data whenever it feels like it, and there's no way to tell it to stop.



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