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    What scares me is that Apple itself might not know where the issue is.  Look at much inconsistent responses from everyone's call.  From customers' perspective, I have no assurance that iPhone will be back to the "normal" usage or at least I'd have control over how the data is used and not paying the data I don't want to use. 


    Given how trivial this is, I am starting to believe this is by design to either saving battery power or increasing the speed.  This could mean iPhone data usage would never be like before.  Everytime I turn on the 4G on a non-Wifi area, I saw a spike in data usage.  If I turn on the 4G in the Wifi area, the spike will be less but still exist. 


    Really like the phone otherwise.

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    Not sure if this is related or not but have an iPhone 4 running iOS 6 and ever since installing iOS6 it has been using significantly more data and put that phone over its data limit for the month.  Again, not sure if related, but just another data point in case it's iOS6 related rather than hardware specific. 

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    Just wanted to link to my above comment again since it seems like lots of people have the same problem, but nobody has tried what worked for both me and my wife...



    I think it is very possible that various notifications always route through cellular (to save battery and since it might be the easiest way to identify what IP address to find the phone at). It is possible that some sort of notification or syncing problem with an account could cause this to go haywire, thus using cellular when you are on Wifi.


    Please try what my wife and I did in the above link and see if it works for you. We both went from insane levels of data usage (even when both in Wifi areas at almost all times) to very normal levels immediately after reinstalling or re-intiating our various accounts that sync (Google, work email, etc).

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    Eventhough i was not seeing the insane draw in my data usage even before trying u.I.b solution, but it seems to be working. I am on wifi, and reset the statitics an hour ago. No usage towards cellular network data so far.

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    u.l.b.:  Thank you for posting your experiences; although I've tried exactly your routine as described, it hasn't helped the data drain when I'm back connected to cellular data, even when just on wifi.  But I'm glad it's working for you and your wife.


    I'm sure some of you have noticed: turning off cellular data means you can't listen to voicemail.  This is NOT convenient!

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    I just did one more test. I tried to ping the IP address of my IPhone from my computer connected to my local wifi. I have cellular data on, as well as LTE.


    As soon as i put the phone in sleep mode. The Ping cmd stops giving the reply back after 10-12 sec. Once the wifi is in sleep mode. I emailed to my exchange account using my gmail (from computer). As soon as i click on send, i saw the ping reply coming back and i also received the email at the same time. I made some changes to my exchange calendar from the computer, and for every change i was seeing the ping replies coming back. This tells me when the iphone5 is connected to wifi then it is using wifi for send/receive. The only difference would be the LTE. I do not have good LTE coverage in the area i am currently at, and most of the time i am connected to 3G.


    I will try this at home to see if i get the similar results.

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    I am still experiencing this troublesome issue.  I have talked to many people at both Apple and Verizon and realize that generally, they know very little, if anything, about this situation.   As a first time "smart"phone user, I am becoming very disillusioned with my purchase.  If this device is so intelligent, why can't it figure out a way to resolve this annoying problem?

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    Ok so i tested the iphone at home after with both 3G and LTE enabled. I have LTE coverage in my home. My phone used about 252 KB in almost 13 hours.


    On my 10 km journey from work to home. I used about 10 KB.


    Sounds reasonable to me.

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    I reset the iphone 5 24 hours ago to all default settings as a test to see what would happen.  It's my wife's phone and we are on Verizon.  I have a droid and an ipad on the share plan.  Left the ipad's cellular off.


    Result: My droid barely changed (I'm almost always in a wifi network). The iphone 5 used about 30 mb, with 1 mb in the last 8 hours (overnight, with no "use").  Does that seem reasonable?  We're trying to decide whether to go back to her droid with our unlimited data plan.  We have a few days left to decide.

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    I've been watching mine, with every conceivable background cellular data setting turned to "off" for the last three days. I have actively avoided doing ANYTHING that uses cellular data when not in a wifi area. (not too hard, that consists of my 40 minute commute each way) My iPhone 5 on AT&T drains between 2 and 5 MBs each day while on wifi overnight with the phone plugged in and charging, on my commute and at work with strong wifi.


    That may  not sound like much, but if you add it up over the 30 days of billing cycle, it is HALF of my 200MB plan drained without any active use over cellular data.


    That is not normal.

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    I am on Orange in the UK and have managed to use my entire 1GB allowance in 15 days on iPhone 5.


    I upgraded from iPhone 3GS on O2 with 500MB allowance which I never got near in a 30 period.


    I've done nothing different at all.



  • chazcron Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    We are unfortunately, the .01%

  • CVLAW Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am going to continue our test by turning off push e-mail and make it all manual.  See if that is the main drain for the 30mb during the day.

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    iPhone 4 iOS 6 here, Movistar, Spain. Same as everyone around this thread, my data plan went finnished in 5 days or so, of course, 95% of the time connected to my WIFI router, I rarely turn on 3G. First time this ever happened to me in more than 4 years of iPhone usage. I reported to my carrier (movistar) and they confirmed that this is actually happening.

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    Well add one more to the list of angry customers. I got my 5 on Sept.22. About a week later I happened to look at my usage for data and was shocked to see 1.1GB of use. Three years of data on my old 3GS model and never even hit 1GB. Good thing I have a 6GB plan. But that does not make up for it. I recall having an e-mail issue around the same time and I reset my network settings. Fixed the e-mail issue but thinking back now it may have also improved the data leakage problem. Usage was lower but still happening. Tried turning EVERYTHING off and back on like mentioned in an earlier post but still the same. Called Apple Support...!!! The rep. I got said "I have not heard of this issue" !!!!!?????

    WHAT?? How could he have not heard of it. Its all over the news and net, AND the Apple forums! Bull crap. So he puts me on hold and returns with his higher ups' instruction: " you must manually turn off your data feature on your phone" settings>general>cellular>cellular data off. He goes on to say that "this is the way iO6 was designed and is suppose to function like this"

    O.K. Now I am really upset. iO6 was DESIGNED LIKE THIS?? What does that tell us.

    He goes on to say that IF enough people ***** about this it MAY prompt them to look into a fix.

    Thanks Apple. So this is how your stock climbed to over $700 a share?


    Being in Canada, I also contacted Fido to make sure they have my complaints on file. Fido told me that they have questioned Apple about this. The "official" responce was the same from Apple, that they [Apple] are unaware of any issue. My Fido rep told me he would escalate the complaint. Right!


    Writing this after reading all of the above I would like to see how many more Canadians are having the same issues. I've seen a couple of us but how many more are having this issue north of the border? Yes there is some posts on Fidos forum, but more people need to actually phone in to complain so hopefully Fido will also start to hound Apple.


    So, here's wishing I could put iO5 onto my new phone as I am sure it is an operating system problem.

    Maybe my wife will give me back my 3Gs....oh wait, stupid me. I put that garbage iO6 on that also.

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