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  • davidboughton Level 1 Level 1

    Darrelldd and others


    You must be thorough in going thru the settings as listed in this thread by myself and others. I'll give you an example. I had gone thru all the settings on my iphone5 and was no longer having any serious leakage, even with Cellular on. Then I connected my phone to my computer to load music and had to go thru a phone reset to get the music to the phone. When I finished I went thru the settings again, but I missed a couple. When I got on wifi and downloaded a bunch of apps, I noticed that about 25 percent of the data came over cellular rather than wifi, about 120 mb. As soon as I went to settings, iTunes and App Stores and switched off Use Cellular Data and resumed downloading apps, no further cellular data was used. Again, reset network settings if you haven't yet, and turn off email push and fetch. Make sure you close your running apps by double tapping the home button and holding the icons until they wiggle and can be x'd out. That can save battery life as well. The various real-time system services when enabled will use power, and some can access cellular unless that option is individually switched off.  I also noticed that some of the cellular leak issues predate 6.0 per other threads.  I suspect there may be apps out there that are pushing a lot of data without the user knowing.


    Bottom line is I'm good again, and keeping my iphone5.  Love the LTE and other cool upgrades.

  • darelldd Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    @ davidboughton -


    Well, for the past few days I've spent more time going through my settings than using the device for anything productive. I have gone through everything so many times that I've got them all memorized now! Trust me when I say that I've been thorough. At least as much as I am able. What *would* be great is if you could email me the pdf of your document so I could see it all in one place again. backwards, my email is atsign darelldd


    That would be most appreciated.

  • jenniwon Level 1 Level 1

    One thing I have noticed is that DataWiz seems to count data differently than AT&T. The operator I talked to told me I could track data by dialing *DATA# on the phone app and pressing send. The texts I'm getting back have me at a much lower usage number than DataWiz. I have the AT&T MCell, maybe this is why? Do AT&T and DataWiz track data differently?


    Upgrading my router firmware seemed to slow the data leak when I'm at home. I also followed a lot of the settings suggestions I have seen here and elsewhere.


    I'm hoping for a patch soon, but I'm not feeling panicky anymore. Especially since most reports suggest that AT&T is forgiving the overages.

  • teech79 Level 1 Level 1

    I have this issue too. I was told by both Verizon and Apple that it is a glitch. I noticed mine when I got an auto text from Verizon about usage totals.


    I spent about 2 hours on the phone with Verizon, then they hooked me up to Apple. The only way to not use Verizon when I am on my home network is to turn off Celluar Data. So, I did that. Then I couldn't receive voice mails/text from my dd as she wasn't here at home she was out and about.


    Apple suggested that I watch my data. On my records it is showing activity when I'm home asleep. So, I turn the phone off instead of leaving it on at night.


    Not much of a solution as I really don't like this.



  • Robert J McInnes Level 1 Level 1

    For anyone else who has not been able to down load the image of the Setup Guide posted earlier, here is how to go about getting a high resolution version:


    Click on the image, then right click in the expanded image, and select Save Image As...


    You will find the earlier post here...

    For guidance, go to:

    Robert J McInnes on Oct 9, 2012 1:41 AM


    If anyone can suggest an other means to post this pdf [on this forum, or a public site] please let me know.



  • Robert J McInnes Level 1 Level 1


    Thanks, I have sent them a prompt, including a copy of the Guide



  • davidboughton Level 1 Level 1

    Darrelldd, others



    To recap, from the top of Settings:


    Notifications. In Notification Center


         Select only the apps you want real time updates for.  Select an app and switch it on or off as desired.




         To reset network: (scroll down)


             Reset.  Reset Network Settings.  You will need your wifi passwords to log back into them.


         About.  Scroll down. Diagnostics and Usage - set to Do Not Send


         Siri.  Turn it off.


         Cellular.  Scroll down. Use Cellular For:  turn these all off.




         Location Services. Switch off all you don't need constantly.  I leave Maps on and a few others.


               Scroll down to System Services. Turn these all off.




          Storage and Backup.  Turn off iCloud backup.


    Mail, Contacts, Calendars


          Fetch New Data.  Turn off Push.  Fetch manually, will happen when you open mail. 


                   Advanced.   iCloud.  Set to Manual.




           Use Cellular Data off.  I also periodically clear cookies, in case some tracking is buried there.


    iTunes and App Stores


            Use Cellular Data off.



    Other tips: check your apps listed below in Settings.  For example, BBC News has a Share Statistics setting you can switch off.  I suspect there are apps out there that collect data without giving the user an option to turn it off, SO....


    Lastly, close running apps you are not actively using.  Double tap the Home button, hold down the icons shown on the bottom until they wiggle and x them out.

  • chazcron Level 1 Level 1

    I did all that long ago, (not my precious Siri). I just saw 16 MBs come off while at home in wifi.

  • darelldd Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Thanks, David -


    I have your list. I have done it all about ten times now. In fact I've gone beyond what you list. And my leakage seems to be *increasing*.  In one hour this evening, I was on Wifi the entire time answering emails, and I incurred an 8.7 MB ding to my cellular data account. Only a couple hundred kb's of data went over WiFi. I have a solid, screaming fast Wifi connection that I'm paying lots of money for.


    What amazes me the most is that if I turn off cellular, everything that I expect to keep working, works just like it should... without using any cellular data. If I turn cellular back on and perform the same tasks, cellular data is then consumed - often at a higher rate than data going over the WiFi! I can see no logic or explaination for this behaviour.

  • teech79 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks David for the list. I've done all of that and still have problems. Like I mentioned above Apple and Verizon know this.


    I don't like that I have to change my settings or turn my phone off so I don't get charged for my phone being turned on and using my home wi-fi.


    I hope there is an update soon!


    Thanks again-


  • mauricessid Level 1 Level 1

    Hello everyone,


    My iPhone 5 already shipped with the 13.1 carrier update. Since day one I had been getting my wifi usage added on my data usage. Every time I downloaded something from iTunes match or watched a YouTube video, this issue would occur. Since the first iPhone in 2007, the wifi turns off when put in sleep mode, which is save power I assume. Now in iOS 6 here is what I have noticed:


    I started downloading my iTunes Library onto my new phone (2000+ songs) via iCloud at around 10pm and a sudden 1,5GB data charge was added around 3am. The next thing I did was watch a National Geographic Documentary on the YouTube app at around 12am. The documentary is about 45min-1hr long. Again data was charged (this time 500mb). The next day which happened to be the first of my reset billing cycle I had already gotten the text from verizon claiming that I had exceeded my 2GB monthly usage. However on the Verizon website it said that I had only used about 1,5GB.


    After doing A LOT of research, I found out that Verizon did admit to a bug in their notification system that was responsible for notifying the user about exceeding their data limit, when they really had not. I have had this bug occur to me back a few months ago when I was on my iPhone 4 running iOS 5. But that still does not explain why it is being charged as data in the first place. Now 1 month later, the billing cycle has just reset again and I was dedicated to figure out what exactly had been going on. Last night I was on YouTube watching another documentary on wifi. About 20 minutes in, I exited the fullscreen and went to check the data usage, and sure enough it was using LTE and had used about 116mb of cellular data.


    So my conclusion is:

    Even though the wifi should only turn off when the screen is locked and turned off, in iOS 6, it also deactivates after a certain time of inactivity. That gives explanation to both scenarios:


    1. Leaving the phone locked, downloading songs all night.

    2. Leaving the phone "inactive", although I am using this term very loosly as you are still utilizing the YouTube app.


    So my guess is that the problem lies with iOS 6 itself, not Verizon and not the YouTube app. My advice is to turn off Cellular data whenever you are connected to wifi (at your house, work or public place) and turn it on only when you are on the go.


    Please try this yourself. Watch a good ol' National Geographic Documentary and about 20-30min in exit the fullscreen mode and also check your data usage. Was it on LTE? Did it charge you data?

    *Note that it may take some time to show up in the Cellular Usage under Settings -> General -> Usage -> Cellular Usage.



    Congrats if you made it through all of this text.





  • ValueSalad Level 1 Level 1

    Cab you tell me which data app you use? I haven't been able find one that can tell what app used the cellular data -- it sounds like the one you have does that.  Thanks

  • chazcron Level 1 Level 1

    Don't believe one exists... I use Datawiz. Seems like a no-brainer how useful this would be for tracking this data drain down. I would guess Apple wouldn't approve such an app.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    There is no app that directly tells you which app is using data, as apps are not allowed access to the system level services that would be necessary. Onavo indirectly provides app level tracking, but it does it by routing all of your data through their servers.

  • beejaedee Level 1 Level 1

    I've done all of this on mine as well. A few days ago I noticed that my data on my new 5 was way higher than my normal usage, and I hadn't been doing anything different. After a lot of research, finding this thread, and reading many articles regarding unhappy customers, the issue is obvious to me now. So I've turned off my data and nothing is leaking yet.


    However, I turned the data back on last night to do a simple test using one app: Instagram. I was on Instagram using data for no more than 5 minutes, scrolling through photos, checking news feed, etc, not saving any of the photos. After I was done, I turned the data back off and checked my usage. It went up 18mb in 5 minutes. Is that a normal amount to go through for something so simple? It seems like a lot to me.


    Wondering if there's more to the problem than we've discovered yet.

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