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    I worked with an Apple Senior Advisor and a Verizon Senior Advisor on a conference call.


    Apple had me reset my phone, while that was happening I had to let them (A/V) when I reached a certain amount of time on the reset. I did.


    Verizon then cut off my data and then when I reached another time increment on the reset I had to let them know and Verizon hooked up my data again.


    What has happened is that even though my phone said 13.1 for Verizon the complete update didn't take. I was missing a component of it. With cutting off/turning on my data it resolved that issue.


    Now, the tethering is something else. I haven't tethered the phone at all.




  • chazcron Level 1 (20 points)

    So I guess you'll all keep chasing your Verizon data ghosts, wondering how many other Verizon "updates" didn't take. Or how the iPhone 4 and 4S on Verizon didn't get updates at all. Don't stop checking your phantom data, Ginger. This is far from over.

  • darelldd Level 1 (0 points)

    Another update from my iPhone5:

    After having my phone plugged in, in the range of my WiFi, and with cellular data off all night, I turned on cellular data in preparation for heading out this morning. Instantly the phone consumed 31 MB of cellular data. That's about half of my day's allotment for my plan. I can't see what used the data. I see no benefit from it, certainly. The thing was working just fine without cellular on. But as soon as I switch it back on... BAM. big hit. So for those who are suggesting that the solution is to just turn cellular data off when not needed... well, that simply DOES NOT WORK. At least not consistently! In fact, if I leave cellular on, I "only" consume about 150 kb per hour of "leaked" data while on WiFi. But having it off and then getting a 31 MB hit when turning it back on... well, that's just absurd. And I'd be humored if anybody can come up with a compelling reason why this should happen.


    Anyway... I called 1-800-my-iPhone again and had a completely unsatisfying discussion with a level-1 tech.


    "There have been some issues with this "feature" but it is solved by just turning off the things that use cellular" (I have everything that uses cellular off)

    "let's reset your phone" (been there, done that)

    "Stop using Facebook"  (hello! I don't ever)

    "There have been a few reports, but it is solved by just following our instructions"

    "Some people are surprised with the new way that we allow cellular for some fuctions"

    "Adding cellular for these fuctions was the most-requested feature for the iPhone"


    After noting that we have this huge thread about the problem that includes a great list of all the ways to reduce the bleeding, I asked bluntly when Apple will fix it. Apple knows there is a problem, I'm just trying to ascertain when it will be fixed before I pull all my hair out. I only wish to use my phone without constant fear of surprise data consumption. Is that too much to ask?


    "yes sir. All you have to do is follow our instructions. I know nothing of a pending update to the OS."


    I was finally offered to speak to her manager. I eagrly accepted. And after a couple of minutes on hold, I was speaking to a gentleman who told me that yes, they are aware of the data bleeding problem. And yes there will be an OS update to address it. But he simply could not tell me when the OS would be updated. I thanked him for being straight with me.


    So while we're no closer to a solution, I have finally heard from ATT and from Apple that there's a problem (I'm shocked!). Before ending our conversation, I did ask if the tier 1 CS folks at Apple inject a bit of honesty in their responses to this problem. Instead of trying to put us off with the tired, "you're the only one with the problem" bit, how about if they record our complainst and forward them along? How about if they aknowledge that there's an issue, and that it is being worked on? How many times can I be told that almost nobody else has this problem, and that all I need to do is make a few adjustments to my settings?

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    I hate still adding to this, but i agree with "darelld" we're not holding it wrong. To Others that have a Legitimate problem like me and others the data bleeding was not, or ever an issue untill IOS 6. There should be a distinction between data services. Whom ever thought it was a better consumer experience to have the device choose a better connection should be fired.


    Their level of intelligence is what causes these issues. Smart or not, no one of any "reasonable" intellegence would have thought this sounded good. I use to have arguments with users in my 4+ years of owning iPhones that "Once that icon changes that's the data service you're on". Now to make that a doubt that's bad. I stopped using my phone on LTE and stopped streaming and screw the one's saying "turn off cellular data" hello. 72$ a month for data and i should turn it off.


    fix this ...

  • primelink Level 1 (10 points)

    lol replying to my own post..sorry


    So Just as an Experiment to prove IOS algorithm that chooses the “better connection” is the culprit here.


    One of the things I use to do was Tether (personal hotspot) my iPad to my iPhone, I use to have to choose between  wifi or Bluetooth to tether. On the new IOS 6 devices when I tether and are sitting in a zone with no other devices or wifi networks I can disable wifi and allow it to tether over Bluetooth and it will sit there fine.


    If I happen to be in an Area with a wireless network which I have already associated with in the past it will see that connection and drop off Bluetooth and go to that one. It happens VERY automatic. As soon as it connects sees a faster connection 1 second  later it’s switched. And that is the issue we’ve all been hampering about. It’s not a leak (per se) but a choice of the “better connection”.


    Many user’s that just do email and facebook can get by with 802.11b (11Mbps) but if they have LTE or 3G it will switch because the metric apple use’s does not take into account if the user wants or needs to go to the faster connection it just does it .


    FYI : Blue tooth is at most  1-3 Mbps, wifi is up to 54Mbps (even on N), My LTE hits 30Mbps+


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    @Primelink -


    Don't fear agreeing with me. Everybody should do it! 


    Anyway, from what I have seen, I think you are on the money. I'm still not sure why it would burp a load of data just as a give it the option to use my faster LTE, but the rest of it certainly makes sense. I suppose another experiment (which, btw, the Level 1 tech suggested) is that I turn off LTE to solve my problem (gosh, why not advertise the product as, "Sure it can get LTE, but you maybe shouldn't turn it on."?) So if I hobble my cellular data to speeds below my 20 Mbps Wifi, it shouldn't switch over. Hmmm.

  • JBlueNote Level 1 (0 points)

    There actually is an app called Carat that tracks how much data each of your apps uses. Sadly though, it takes about a week for your data to start showing up inside the app. I'm still waiting to see my data...

  • JBlueNote Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been subscribed to this thread by e-mail to see what the latest was on this issue, but it looks like it hasn't been solved yet. I've had my iPhone 5 since September 27th with iOS 6 installed and I haven't had this issue yet. So far as of right now, my data has been at 646 MB, and that's mostly because of me watching YouTube videos while out and about and not at someplace that has wifi. When I'm at a place that has wifi, I turn off the cellular data as people have showed how to in this thread. I have also made sure that a select few apps are running in the background and not using anything when I'm not using my iPhone. Right now I'm on AT&T's 10GB sharing plan with a family member and I doubt we both have reached 1 GB yet, at least I don't know. I guess my question to you all with the issue would be how did you have your iPhone set up when you first got it? I'll set up choices:


    1. With cellular data always on if you don't use wifi?
    2. Have cellular data on when you're out of reach of a wifi signal? (Me)
    3. Don't ever use cellular data unless it's really needed?


    Also, my thoughts and prayers go out to anyone in the East Coast that is being affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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    I have a similar issue darrelldd. When switching from Wifi to LTE I soak 40MB of data doing nothing.

    Last few days I tried an experiment.


    First day didnt use any cellular data while driving to work. No texts, no maps, nothing and about 100kb was used, no big deal. I activated the work wifi and all day the cellular data usage stayed constant at about 100kb only texted about 12 texts the whole day, inched up to about 114kb but still very low. So when I left for the day I walked to the parking lot and let the wifi just lose its signal, drive about 1 mile and all of a sudden my cellular data usage went up 40MB's. I did not download anything. Weird


    Second day did the same thing went to work with about 234kb used stayed that way all day, left for the day and after wifi drops about 40MB cellular data gets used again doing nothing. Did not make any changes to notifications or iCloud settings.


    So today, I decided how about no wifi and stay on LTE all day. I text and send picture iMessages, browse a little, open the App store a few times. Throughout the day cellular data moves slowly and at the end of the day I use about 6MB. So I do my usual drive and when I get home only 9.1MB's used. Also no changes to how things sync.


    Going by Primelink's thoughts why would my usage decrease leaving it off wifi?

  • darelldd Level 1 (0 points)

    I try to keep from posting here... but you guys are like family now. 


    Now it just gets crazy! I've had several episodes lately of big 30-40 MB burps when turning cellular back on, and when I leave cellular on while in my WiFi coverage, iOS6 typically slowly leaks cellular data (maybe 40-100 kb per hour). So that's my normal now. I've found it best to leave cellular on and suffer the small leak than worry about the huge burps.... but now for something completely different.


    Last night I was surfing the web on my phone. WiFi and LTE both on. Suddenly... no connection. The phone shows WiFi still active. I check settings, and cellular is still on. But I can no longer visit any web pages. "Internet connection now working" or some-such message. Astutely deciding that probably the entire internet hadn't just crashed, I figured something was wonky with my phone. First I turned off cellular. No difference. Then I turned off Wifi... and immediately turned it back on. Works! I can surf around as per usual. For no particular reason, I turned cellular data back on as well. And here's what's crazy... There was no large data burp of cellular when I turned data back on... AND all night long with cellular on NO (none, zippo, zilch) cellular data leaked. I'm showing zeros for like eight hours! I'm still showing zero! This has happened maybe once before that I can remember (I was just starting to suspect a problem way back then, so I wasn't really keeping track). For sure it has not been common lately!


    And the big question: Why the inconsistency?? How can it leak data every hour for weeks on end, and then the next day it uses NONE like it should? And did this have anything to do with my confused internet connection just previous? Who knows....

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    I think I may have discovered the leak on my Verizon iPhone 5. After turning off location services for the Starbucks app and subsequently deleting the app altogether, cellular data use has slowed to a crawl.

  • Richard_1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok folks anyone see improvements or not please report them with 6.0.1, just updated and will report back after a day or so.

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    iOS 6.0.1 changed my fetch and push settings from Manual which could have potentially worsened the leakage issue.

    Verizon 13.1 firmware fixed the problem initially and I am hoping to god that iOS 6.0.1 doesn't create it all over again.

    Will have to wait and see, but you should definitely check your setting if you prefer checking your emails manually.

  • chazcron Level 1 (20 points)

    Well,  20 minutes in and 15K has drained while in wifi. Not sure if they count towards my data total though. Streaming Sirius to see if any major leakage happens.


    Would've been nice to get a reminder on the lockscreen that an update was available. Only reason I knew was because I subscribe to this thread.

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    Back the truck up! So two reports about 6.0.1 out of the blue here.... uh... I have seen nothing official about an IOS update. Did this just magically fall from the heavens? Did it just show up on your phone? When? Still nothing here! (as he checks for a fifth time today)

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