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  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,035 points)

    darelldd wrote:


    re. all other iOS's leaking: Everybody I know who is on a relatively tight "MB" plan, and who switched from iOS5 to IOS6 has either gone over their plan limits after never having done so before... or is at risk of doing so after just a week or two of using the new iOS.

    Assuming that you "know" me that statement is untrue. There are certainly people whose data use has gone up dramatically after updating, but it is far from everyone. My data usage has stayed about the same after updating, and I "know" many other users who have not noticed an increase.


    So rather than make generalizations that are not true it would be helpful to focus on what those who DO have this problem have in common. Specific apps, for example? Just as a start, Facebook had a major update with lots of new features just before iOS 6 was released.

  • darelldd Level 1 (0 points)

    Lawrence Finch

    [quote]Assuming that you "know" me that statement is untrue.....

    So rather than make generalizations that are not true.... [/quote]


    I am sorry for the perceived offense, and the incorrect inference.


    I don't know you. I have not purposefully made generalizations. And I should probably have been more clear.


    The people I have known for a while, and that I socially interract with in a face-to-face fashion locally (lets call them "friends for short), and who have no axe to grind and who have been on the same relatively small data plan for years and through at least one prevoius iOS (whew)  have all *all* had significantly increased data usage WHILE ON WIFI. Without exception. The only friends who have not been affected are those on unlimited (or at least huge) plans. They don't even want to be bothered to check.


    None of these folks have had the least concern about data usage before. Not on Wifi or off.  The ones on limited plans now use the phone in fear of having to pay overages, even when their usage is on Wifi effectively 100% of the time. And the only thing that changed was the OS. I have no intent to engage in a disagreement about this. I'm just pointing out what I know. Or at least what I think I know.  And no, I have not polled everybody about their apps. When cellular data is being used while on wifi - by the tens of MB's -  I'm not sure how any app could be the issue.




  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,035 points)

    I'm sorry about the way I came across, and I didn't take offense. My point was that this is not a universal problem, but I don't mean to suggest it is not a real problem. Universal problems generate tens of thousands of posts. The fact that it is not universal means that there is some differentiator between phones that exhibit the problem and phones that don't.


    In addition to apps, one that has been mentioned in this thread is that it occurs on WiFi networks with WPA2 encryption only. Is this your situation?

  • chazcron Level 1 (20 points)

    Lawrence Finch wrote:


    iOS 5 "leaked" data while on WiFi. So did iOS 4, iOS 3, iOS 2, and iOS 1. It isn't a leak; there are some things that can only go over a cellular network

    OK, so I will back of the "NO data" part. But I shouldn't have to restate that 1.5 MBs per day of this adds up to as much as 25% of my monthly allotment. I don't have Exchange Push, and rarely receive voicemails. I have noticed that iBooks racks up 125K each time I move from it to any other app and back. THAT is ridiculous.


    Maybe it was "draining" 25% of my monthly data before IOS 6. What I didn't know then doesn't make me any less angry that it does now.


    Cellular data usage tracking by app should be built into the IOS or at least allowed in third party apps as it was in DataMan Pro. Wish I had purchased that app before Apple pulled it.


    At least I'd have peace of mind and the ability to delete apps that are draining excessive apps when I am not in or out of wifi.


    Here's to hoping IOS 6.1 does a better job of it soon.

  • darelldd Level 1 (0 points)

    Lawrence Finch wrote:


    I'm sorry about the way I came across, and I didn't take offense...Universal problems generate tens of thousands of posts....


    In addition to apps, one that has been mentioned in this thread is that it occurs on WiFi networks with WPA2 encryption only. Is this your situation?


    Thanks Lawrence. Good to go.


    If it helps, I could make more posts. 


    OK, but back to serious - No, I don't have WPA2 at home (by far my most-used Wifi). WPA2 may well be used on some of the other Wifi Areas I use briefly during the day.

  • kurtyhome1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Onavo Count is an app that tracks usage by app. Just got it and can now see what every app is using.

  • Nestofc Level 1 (0 points)

    Love the Onavo concept, but I ran into an issues that the Onavo profile installed blocks MMS messaging. I know Onavo Extend caused every MMS message to fail. I have read that Onavo Count has the same issue, but I don't have first hand experience with Onavo Count. Onavo support claimed it has been fixed via its forum, but I tried the suggested fixes a few times and still had problems. YMMV.

  • Richard_1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I can say so far all of today my leaking is substantially less.

    Since applying 6.0.1 I noticed leaving it on wifi all last night I only leaked 17.1kb according to DataWiz.


    Arriving at work and I have been on Wifi and walking around where wifi drops and picks up, I have used the phone normally and the leak has been 2-11 kb every few hours. With such a small amount of data leak I can live with this if it stays this way.


    So now it is winding towards the end of the day I see my data usage is under 1 MB whereas before the update it would be anything between 6-9MB's so far I am happy if the update stays at these small numbers.

  • JBlueNote Level 1 (0 points)

    I can vouch that for me when I use the wifi at my campus that uses this type of encryption, nothing happens, but I have never tried it with both my cell data and wifi on at the same time. I have noticed that when I'm on wifi, sometimes I lose connection even when I'm sitting in one place. I bet if that were to happen if I had wifi and cell data on, it would try to use the cell data whenever the wifi would fail. I'll test it out after this weekend since I won't be on campus until Monday.

  • Matt17389 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the exact same problem. I got an iPhone 4s in December and for 9 months I would use the internet on wifi and not on wifi almost everyday and it never even came close to going over. Than in the last month I have barely used the internet Just Facebook and Twitter on rare occasions and with about 4 days until the end of the bill i checked my balance to find 0gb left and $210 overfee charges were applied. I spoke to my provider (Vodafone). and they told me to turn all push notifications of, and Cellular Data Off. I also noticed during this time my wifi connection greyed out and wouldnt let me switch on. However it was still being charged and my data allowances was rising even while my phone was turned of.

  • Matt17389 Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPhone last month went up $200 and i barely used the iPhone last month. This happened about the time i updated to I0S6. it took me almost a month to realise my Wifi Connection Greyed out. Must of been done so during the update. And all charges were taking up from apps running in the background and push notifications. i've almost wasted all my gb in 1 week of the new plan, and just got a new phone that has wifi working. Now that its connected, im hoping it still isn't been taken into the data

  • Matt17389 Level 1 (0 points)

    It's also pretty stupid, cos i'm with the same provider for my computer internet and it cost me $15 a month for only 2gb and im always using it. so for it to go up $200 thats equalled to almost a year worth of internet

  • Christine417 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have to add my own experience to the list above. I just bought the iPhone 5 today and have been using the same data plan for about 2-3 years. I have never gone over the limit, nor have I gotten close to the limit. Never received a text stating that I was getting close. Within 20 minutes of having my phone on and logged into my home wifi connection, I received a message stating that I had reached 95% of my data usage for the month.


    While this problem may not be universal for one reason or another it is still a major issue. Has anyone had any noteworthy discussions with Apple about this and possible fix?

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    I tried using my bluetooth, and Siri would not make a phone call with cellular off. It used about 40/34 Kb (out/in) for me just to make a phone call using my bluetooth.  Why does it need internet connection just for that?  Myold phone did not do that.  It means if I go on a long trip and I keep my phone and bluetooth on, I will use my cellular allowance.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,035 points)

    Siri does ALL natural language recognition on Apple's servers. If you don't want this capability turn Siri off, and it will use the built in voice control.

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