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    I've had the leakage problem since the git-go... and have had "don't send" set from the same git-go. I hope it works for you. Isn't going to help in all situations, certainly.

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    Hi LKSchott. Just a thought, but if Apple is insisting it's the carrier can you get them to pay for a switch to a different carrier for a month or two to verify their claim?

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    When my husband and I got the iPhone 5 in October my husband's was eating through data in just the first couple weeks and mine was not. And he ALWAYS used less data than I did prior to moving to Verizon and getting the iPhone 5 (we had Androids on USCellular). We did a backup to the icloud and then did a restore and did restore from icloud backup. This fixed the problem and he started using less data then me again. This worked until February... so we did this again, reset and restore from icloud backup and once again it has fixed the problem. I now ck our data usage everyday just to make sure if he starts to go thru the data again, I'll do a reset and restore. Last month he used over 4gb and now that I've done the reset and restore, we switch to new month next Friday and we have only used .8gb between BOTH of us. Oh and the 4gb last month was on wifi at all times at home and he turns his phone off for work 5 days a week....


    I suggest everyone try this at least once if you haven't already. But obviously there is some problem someone and it really ***** that no one will stand up and take the blame.

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    I dont think this is a carrier problem....I'm in Dubai and the sudden data spike had happened to me here. but after the new update, the 4S is good so far

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    Update: Over the last two weeks I've been turning off cellular data before I get home (within WiFi range) and turning it on again when I'm away from home. Without fail, every time I turn on the cellular data about 20-30 MB is sent (somewhere). I have iCloud Backup turned off, but iCloud synching with apps enabled (contacts, calendars, safari, photo stream, etc.). I have disabled "Use Cellular Data" on as many apps as practical. Today I disabled the iCloud synching with apps, we'll see where it goes from here.


    Note: at one point prior to this experiment, I had cellular data enabled while at home. Since I had strong WiFi connection (my phone was literally NEXT TO the antenna) I spent the day listening to Pandora and, you guessed it, my cellular data showed 300 MB over the same time period. So there is definitely a problem with the iPhone 5 ignoring WiFi when it is available.

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    Yeah, that 20-30 MB burp is the part that the "just turn off your data and quit complaining" folks seem to not notice, not know about, or don't believe. In my testing I found that I often leaked less data by leaving my data on, vs turning it off, and suffering the burp when I turned it back on. Crazy! Some of my burps were 100 MB plus.While on WiFi, of course.

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    Hi Barometer


    I spoke with the apple folk today. We have restored the phone and are going to leave it for a day before we do anything else ie we have installed no apps yet. I will see how this goes and let you know. The guy did say that it was unusual. I did point out that there are many on this forum that have a similar issue but this was just glossed over.




    I am monitoring closely.



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    Ok, here's yet another update from dealing with AT&T's executive office. Seems the woman is getting quite annoyed that I'm not willing to just "drop" the issue with her simple explanation that "it's the phone". My answer to her the whole time has been whomever's fault it is, they are both to blame. If this is a known Apple issue (which she won't outright admit) then why are they so willing to sell these phones and have who knows how many customers just paying these data overages? In my last response to her I said I'm not happy with either Apple or AT&T right now. Here's what she just responded to me with. Not quite fair considering we just got these phones and spent over $1,000 on both of them!




    I had tried to relay to you that the issue of heavy data usage is completely due to your phones and not the AT&T network. As a way to resolve this issue and as you state it is your intention to end your relationship with AT&T, I am willing to make you the following offer. Both of the lines on your account have contracts that expire in 2014. If you truly want to leave AT&T, I am more than willing to expire your contracts now. To do this though, I will need you to return the two iPhones.


    Please let me know if this is what you wish to do. Thank you!


    Grace Milton | Executive Response Team | AT&T Business Solutions | Office: 502-969-0770 | Wireless: 502-403-5829


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    Wow,  that's a crazy response.  I'd love to think that there is some high level conversation going on between Apple at AT&T - but I don't think so.




    Until a major media company writes a strongly worded piece about this - and acknowledges the size of the problem - Apple seems to think it's just a 'bug.'


    What shocks me is that AT&T can pocket all the overages  - which you know they market up dramatically -  and then blaim the customers for the overages like some how we have all just become crazy data gluttons.


    I explained to someone the other day - the volume of data we're seeing would be the equivalent of your car taking  500 gallons of gass to drive around the block.  It simply isn't possible for these volumes to be the result of normal us.


    I suggest you file and FCC complaint - that may be the only thing that gets them to pay attention.  Here's my blog post about this issue - please feel free to comment here;


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    This is an example of AT&T customer service.  I left them after 4 yrs and went with Verizon.  Although this is a current problem Verizon did address it right away.  I have not had problems since they did.  A complaint thru FCC with the Verizon iPad problem (cancelling the monthly service) got response from Verizon Corporate (not customer service who were of no help at the time).  SOOOO, I suggest you do the same with your iPhone problem with AT&T.


    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the responses. I didn't state it but this IS in response to the back and forth I've had with the executive office BECAUSE of my filed FCC complaint. Up until I filed the complaint I really got nowhere. I totally agree with the points made. I'm trying to understand how my phone using 3GB every 3 days is "normal" usage, especially since I've been with AT&T forever and have never even come close to exceeding my monthly usage before upgrading to iOS 6. I'm soooo frustrated with simply being treated like I'm the one who is crazy. I'm not sure what the right answer is and I'm so frustrated with Apple too. My husband has a successful Apple app and so we don't really have an option to not have iPhones (for app testing/development, etc). Would we at least get better customer service if we switched to Verizon? It's so annoying since we never had data issues with our Apple phones for years. Argh. 

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    Keep filing complaints with the FCC against Apple and your carrier.


    The end result of my FCC complaints (yes, I have made more than one against ATT and Apple) so far  is that the "executive offices" get involved but nothing happens. One Apple tech revealed that there are millions of iphones being used  around the world and there is a small percentage having this problem, hence the apparent lack of responsiveness to the issue.


    Hmmm, say 1% of 1million users has the problem, that's only 10,000 people with iphone data issues...guess that is not enough for the new Apple to care.  Bet Steve Jobs would have cared.


    What if there are 100 million iphone users?  That would  be 1 million users with the problem.


    But hey wait, 1 million people with data overages, of say $10 a month (very low estimate), that's $10 million in ATT's/x-carrier's pockets...a month...


    Hmmm,  maybe this needs to be a FTC complaint about collusion in the marketplace...


    I have raised the issue of PRIVACY due to the fact that massive amounts of data are being SENT (all the overages are "SENT" data on our iphone) and no one can say what, where , who this data is going to, being used for, etc.  Meanwhile, we get charged for it.  What????  How is that possible???  As a consumer, I feel I have the right to know what data is being sent and TURN it OFF.  Otherwise, the carriers can make up any old thing and charge you for it...


    This whole thing is so sleazy.  Where is Steve Jobs????


    We need a lawyer. 

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    To answer the question of WHERE the data is being sent, may I be allowed to start a conspiracy theory?

    The phones are made in China...

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    As an update after more back and forth (and no real solutions and just more blame on me) with AT&T's executive office they have offered to release us from our contract 18 months early and keep our phones (important as we will need to sell them to pay for our new ones). Now the big question is which carrier to go to? I've heard Verizon has great customer service but their customers are still experiencing this data overage problem. I've heard horror stories about Sprint's customer service but I'd be willing to overlook it if their unlimited data plan really is that because I feel like I am now a slave to watching my data and not using this phone as intended. I welcome any thoughts or opinions on which carrier to go to.




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    I'm from India. And I have the same problem as well. The issue is not with the carrier. Its with the device. Restoring the phone helps. But its only a temporary solution.

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