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    Where is your source that IOS 7 is unstable? All of my devices that have IOS 7 work great and I have had it on the 4, the 5, the 5s, and iPad mini. The person who asked the question didn't even upgrade to IOS 6. That's pretty far behind. My wife refused to upgrade to IOS 6 and at some point she had to upgrade because her phone wasn't working properly. And when she did upgrade, it worked great. So I don't buy into the alarmist attitude towar IOS 7, unless you have something to point toward to back it up.

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    Sorry Bannana, but a spade is a spade. 


    On iOS6 my phone NEVER just randomly rebooted nor had the battery suddenly and rapidly deplete and cut off. These glitches are courtesy of iOS7.  I've learned how to work around them... but you have to handle the iphone with kid gloves these days.

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    Never had one problem updating to IOS 7. I suppose that in the vastness of the interwebs, inevitably, there are going to be articles of people complaining about IOS 7. I just don't get it. Nearly every one of my friends has an iPhone and I've never heard these crazy complaints before. I don't want to be a jerk and say it's a problem with the users, but I'm having a hard time believeing these crazy comments on these articles you posted, for example:


    "Heat up your phone through hair dryer, until waring apperas on iphon screen, then coool it down by placing it inside the shopper bag and put into fridge, Worked for some people"

    To me that just sounds like voodoo. I'll try to keep an open mind, and not judge, and just be thankful that I and my wife, and all of my friends/family/co-workers (at least what anyone has told me) are having no problems at all.


    Good luck everyone.

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    First I would take your phone to a location with free WiFi and see if the WiFi works there.  You have a house full of devices working with WiFi and one phone that doesn't so confirm the phone can get WiFi somewhere.  If not, make an appointment at a Genius bar to get some help.


    If it does work with WiFi elsewhere try entering the WiFi info directly.  Find the information used to setup your WiFi and on the iPhone go to WiFi/Other Networks to type it in.  If this doesn't work try reconnecting one of your other devices with the same WiFi information to make sure passwords and SID you are using are correct.


    There are multiple cell phone companies, multiple versions of iPhones and multiple versions of iOS.  Different combinations of these are going to have their own peculiar problems.  Everyone gets mad at Apple and AT&T/Sprint/Verizon etc. and wants them to fix it.  Unless you can find a problem affecting enough people that NBC/CBS/ABC feature it on the news they aren't going to listen. And unless it affects a large number of people there's a good chance it is a very weird problem and related to some combination of the software you have and the order you installed it and versions of firmware etc. One of the iOS 6 updates caused my phone to use cellular in huge chunks at random times. Newer iOS6 updates didn't help.  I was always down to 20% battery by 3PM every day.  iOS7 fixed that.  So for me iOS6 bad, iOS7 good. If you verify WiFI is working otherwise and that your password and WiFi information are correct and still won't work with you don't have too much to lose upgrading.  Make sure and make a backup to your computer first just in case.

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    I just don't get it. Nearly every one of my friends has an iPhone and I've never heard these crazy complaints before. I don't want to be a jerk and say it's a problem with the users, but...


    Your circle of friends may not represent a broad enough sample.  Back in September I wrote my third personal blog post in a series regarding iPhone battery drain, excess heat and excess data use, this time on iOS 7, all tracing back to the phone's interaction with Microsoft Exchange calendars.


    This January alone, Google Analytics reports that 1,126 visitors read the post.  These are people who sought out a months-old article from someone they've never heard of, presumably because they're having the same problems.  Here are just of few of the 539 networks from which readers sought out this information:


    accenture • administrative office of the united states courts sid-19043 • apple inc. • bp america inc. • cb richard ellis inc. • central-european international bank ltd. • children s hospital of eastern ontario • city of palo alto • colgate-palmolive company • deutsche bank • ebay inc • eli lilly and company • general motors corporation • gouvernement du quebec (government of quebec) • hewlett-packard company • honeywell international inc. • johns hopkins university • mckesson corp. • medtronic incorporated • microsoft corporation • misys international banking systems limited • pricewaterhousecoopers llp • rutgers university • san bernardino county superintendent of schools • san diego city schools • state of connecticut judicial branch • state of north dakota itd • steelcase inc. • swedish armed forces • swiss federal government • the port authority of ny & nj • the university of texas m.d. anderson cancer center • university of california san diego • university of denver • university of florida • university of iowa • university of massachusetts • university of southern indiana • university of western ontario • us dept of justice • usa today • w.w. grainger inc.


    The point is that iOS problems aren't always figments of someone's imagination.

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    "Your circle of friends may not represent a broad enough sample."


    I suppose not. Well, good luck to everyone. Apple is typically good at listening to it customers, so I anticipate the next update should fix these major issues.

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    I am having an issue where the iphone data is off and connected to wifi it still used cellular. I used 74 mb of cellular in 15 mins and my cellular data is turned off since 3 days and ai am still wracking up the bill. My phone was replaced but the issue does not leave me alone

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    Well I was having issues with my wifi on my iphone 5.. But it's working now.. I found my password on the bottom of my modem.. And that's all I needed to do...So my wifi is working great... No problems..and I still haven't downloaded the

    OS 6.. My iphone 5 is doing fine without downloading it... But thanks for all of your help anyway...Im just happy I was

    Able to figure it out.....

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    I have had a problem with my iPhone 5 using large amounts of cell-data while at home on my WiFi network.  I finally figured out that my iPhone turns off WiFi when it goes to "sleep" and uses cell-data during that time.

    There is no remedy to this design flaw (well, perhaps Apple could stop hiring incompetent people) other than to physically turn off cell-data in settings or to power off the iPhone.

    I'm testing to see if plugging the iPhone into a charger remedies this design error.

  • deggie Level 9 (52,724 points)

    That is not a design error that is how WiFi works. If you connect your iPhone to power it will stay connected to WiFi. You would rapidly deplete the battery if it didn't work this way. Try turning autolock off and leave the phone on all the time not connected to power if you want to demonstrate this.

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    Unlike cellular data, WiFi uses power as long as it is enabled, whether it is transferring data or not. This is the way the WiFi protocol specification was designed. So if it stayed on when the phone was asleep the battery would be dead by morning. That would be the REAL design flaw.

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    I've have had this issue with two different iPhone 5's. My only solution is to leave data off all of the time. If I need it, I turn it on, take care of what I need (sending a picture to an Android user, checking my email, etc.), then I TURN DATA OFF. This has been the only solution. It *****, but it has kept me from racking up $$$ in data charges.

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    deggie, Lawrence Finch,


    Seriously!?...  The 65 page forum does not clue you in!?  OMG... well I guess I better take a few deep breaths and stop my flow of exclamation points.


    A little history to bring us up to date... you know... because Apple designs things like iMessage ten years after almost everyone has unlimited text messaging and - I'm not making this up... Apple advertises how wonderful it is to use up limited, expensive cell data instead of unlimited, free text messages.  How clueless would you have to be to do that?


    Twenty years ago the cell phone company scam was to rip people off with voice minute usage.  Fifteen years ago the new scam was to rip their customers off when they exceeded their text message limits.  Today, of course... for $25 per month you can get unlimited voice and unlimited texts.  The new scam is to rip customers off when the exceed their data limits.


    So, thus you see this 65 page forum because millions of people are freaking out because they are seeing their limited, expensive cell data limit gobbled up by a moronically designed smart phone.


    When you are at home using your iPhone on your wifi network (to save your highly expensive cell data) every time you set it down for a few minutes it starts using that very expensive cell data.


    I can assure everyone at Apple that over 80% of its customers do not want their iPhones to work that way - it may be closer to 99%.  They want wifi to support ALL data network activity and to NEVER use the cell-data unless wifi is not available.


    Facebook has been putting a lot of effort into differentiating cell-data usage versus wifi-usage of their smart-phone application (so I have read).  Apple needs to put a lot more effort into that type of thing.

  • truerock Level 1 (0 points)



    I agree with you.  I think this is something a lot of people would like to do.  Unfortunately the turn-cell-data-off switch is buried too deep for this to be convenient.  Maybe the cell phone companies paid off Apple to make it inconvenient.


    I guess I should add that it does seem like Apple knows there is a serious problem and that is why they expanded the cell-data area of settings so much in iOS7.  But, they have a ways to go.  The whole "System Services"  area in "Cellular" is an obvious "to be worked on later" set of issues.  I mean seriously... "Game Center" has to be in "System Services"?  They couldn't figure out how to give that application its own on-off switch?


    And I have a heavy data app called "IP Web Camera Viewer" that does not show up in ""Settings" "Cellular" at all.  Whats up with that?

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    I'm not sure what Apple has to do with cell providers, but since we are going back in time when I had my Palm Treo if it went into sleep mode it dropped the WiFi connection and used cellular data IF anything was pushed to me or it fetched anything. My IBM Thinkpad also dropped the WiFi connection when it went into sleep mode. Why? Lawrence already explained to you that WiFi is a constant on connection. You would maybe get 4 hours battery life it remained running on battery. This is not new. This has nothing to do with Apple.


    Apple did make a change where if you have the device connected to power it can stay connected to WiFi.


    Even off power at night I use very little power as I only get pushed emails. It's not like my iPhone downloads a movie and it would be restricted to 100 MB anyway.


    As far as iMessage, that is actually a copy of Blackberry Messenger (BBM), not particularly a replacement for texting. It does allow longer texts and is "free" if you are using WiFi at no cost and takes very little data if you are using cell data.


    Again, try changing the settings on your iPhone to leave it constantly on and let us know how long your battery lasts.


    Hopefully you are able to read and understand some of the posts in this thread.

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