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Is it me or are the discussions filled with more drama queens now?


     What I mean is "How dare you...", "Disaster!", "I'm going to android if you don't fix this!", "I'll never use Apple again!" etc...


     I come here when I have an issue, to see if other people have the same/similar issue and mostly to look for solutions or guess-timates when there will be a solution. (I may throw a gripe in or two, but not so . . . dramatic.)


     I don't know if it's just me but, Wow, people are really laying it on thick. Android, bberry, they all have issues too, and many many of their new products are FAR from perfect too. Ultimatums aren't really helpful here and I doubt anyone, Apple included cares much if you want to try the competition, the grass isn't always greener, I found out... I'm back.


     OK, admitting this post is a bit of hypocrisy since it's not really a what's wrong and how do I fix it post, let me lead into what I would like to know....


- Are there any common problems with the new phone (besides software aesthetics and lacking software features.)

     ie. battery, camera, screen etc?

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    It's the 'know it all entitled user' that you're seeing, clearly not knowing what they don't know, i.e. things are much more complex and harder than they can imagine.


    IMO, it's too early to tell if there are any real problems... wait a few weeks for the device to get some real mileage under it. That being said, for many people, it seems as if the Maps app is pretty bad compared to Google.  Pretty much everything else is just noise so far.