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    My husband and I switched to Verizon from ATT when we got our iphone 5's on 9/21. We both noticed problems progressing, but didn't start comparing notes until last night. We both realized that while overall call quality is consistantly bad, there's a really bizarre occurance when we call service numbers (1-800's), where we can barely hear the person on the other end of the phone, even with the volume turned all the way up, but they can hear us just fine. Has anyone else experienced this on top of bad call quality?


    We went to verizon, and they sent us to apple, claiming a hardware problem. Apple told us they could replace our iphone 5 with a "like new" iphone, which seemed ridiculous considering these phones are only 17 days old. We called Verizon customer service and they said the same thing, they could only replace with a "like new" phone.


    We are at a loss for what to do next, since no one seems to have any idea what's causing the problem, and we are unwilling to trade in our new phones from something that is only like new.

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    That's exactly the problem I had. 800 numbers are generally VoIP which are compressed. It seems that double compression exacerbated the problem.


    Get the new phone - it resolved the issue for me.

    My new iPhone (VZ) now sounds much better than my iPhone 4 (AT&T).

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    Anyone who thinks this is a network problem is sadly mistaken. The problems are the result of defective hardware.  Apple's manufacturing suppliers have had terrible quality control with the release of the iPhone 5.  My coworker also purchased an iPhone 5 and after the second day of use his iPhone registered missing SIM card. He removed and reinserted  and the phone started working again.  Unfortunately the hardware defects are not isolated to just bad SIM cards.  If Apple doesn't improve its quality control this could really hurt the brand.  Apple's reputation for the highest quality premium products is starting to come into question. 


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    I have had two iPhone 5s on AT&T and they are superior to my iPhone 4. Much better call quality.


    The workers at Foxconn were complaining about higher quality control standards on the "fit and finish" on the phone. Less scratches and the like. Nothing to do with "defective hardware". There are no reports of "terrible quality control" aside from aesthetic flaws.


    "In a written statement issued Saturday, the Taiwan-based electronic manufacturer Foxconn said production at the Zhengzhou plant continued without interruption. It denied any strike or work stoppage.

    Foxconn said there were two isolated, small-scale disputes between production line workers and quality assurance personnel on Monday and Tuesday, but it added that they were quickly addressed. It did not specify what issues had caused the disputes but said immediate measures were taken to resolve the problems, including adding production line workers.

    Xinhua said some workers were unhappy when Apple strengthened quality inspections of the iPhone 5 following consumer complaints regarding aesthetic flaws in the phone. In the Xinhua report, the spokesman — who was not named — characterized the incident as a worker-management dispute instead of a strike and was unable to provide a specific number of workers involved.

    According to China Labor Watch, Apple and Foxconn had imposed stricter quality standards regarding indentations and scratches on the frames and back covers of the iPhones..."

    A;so, some workers were mad they had to work over a holiday.

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    Sounds like you work for Apple!

    I'm glad you were fortunate to get equipment that is functioning properly, however the fact is there have many several complaints and concerns regarding quality control and production of the iPhone 5 from several independent sources (google it!).  Not to mention the 9 pages of complaints on this message board and several others around the globe. 


    Hope your iPhone 5's continue to function properly--Thanks for the feedback!

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    Apple fans tend to be more protective of Apple than the employees are ;)


    Although I'm not happy that I have 2 defective iPhones - out of the box - even the few dozen of us on this thread (assume there are 10x the number who are reading and not posting) we just don't represent meaningful number of failures. A few hundred out of 5 million is a pretty good error rate.


    That said, my issue was fixed with a hardware replacemt, which only took 2 days in transit, and cost me nothing. From a customer service standpoint, I'm pleased.

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    I did Google it and only found the story sent out by China Labor Watch, a New York-based advocacy group. All the other reports I saw were taken from that one story, which Foxconn denies. I didn't find anything about poor electronic quality control. Of course no consumer product is perfect there will be errors.  Interesting that most of the reports I have seen deal with Verzion reception and not AT&T.


    Reuters says, "Foxconn Technology Group, which has its headquarters in Taiwan, denied the report and said the plant suffered only two brief and small disputes several days earlier.


    Any reports that there has been an employee strike are inaccurate," the company said in an emailed statement, adding that "there has been no workplace stoppage in that facility or any other Foxconn facility and production has continued on schedule".

    No, I never have worked for Apple but have made quite a lot of money with Apple stock.

    If your phone is not working to your satification, I'm sure you can return it and get a full refund.

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    I agree BGist.  There is always some margin of error in manufacturing.  Where is Six Sigma when you need it?

    Perhaps it is unfairly getting more attention because it's Apple--but the issue defiantly exist though.  (I'm sure you can relate from your own experience).


    It's funny because I consider myself to be a fan of Apple products, but I'd like to belive I'm unbias unlike the "Apple fan boys & girls" you mentioned. I personally own a MacBook Pro retina, IPad retina , IPhone 4S and two iPods, but I still realize Apple is far from perfect.


    My personal thoughts are that Apple could not meet the original demand for the Iphone 5 and may have rushed some of their suppliers/manufactures.  They continue to scramble to meet demand/orders.  In my opinion, this is a recipe for more manufacturing defects. 

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    Charles--have you even read the postings on this blog? If you did you would realize the compliants have been relatively evenly split between AT&T and Verizon customers and also include other carriers in Europe.


    This is NOT a forum to boost Apple's stock price or for "Fan Boys", it's a support community for customers having similar issues with their products.


    Go somewhere with it!

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    In Holland I have the same bad sound quality, sounds like a robot or someone calling from a car with bad acoustics. The other person hears me clearly. Calling the voicemail sounds good. The IPhone 4s sound for me was fine. I have the feeling that it depends on the quality of the speaker and the thin case.?

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    Going back a couple of pages, those who identified their carrier were 12 Verzion and 3 AT&T that had problems. Not "evenly split" at all. More false information.


    I thought it interesting that one poster stated than call quality improved when he removed the plastic protection covering the speaker!


    Like I said before, for the best service, take your iPhone to an Apple store for help. You can also look back and read my message listing phone numbers and email addresses for Apple help.


    U.S. iPhone technical support:

    (800) MY-IPHONE (800-694-7466)


    Make an appointment at an Apple Retail Store Genius Bar


    Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad customers within 90 days of ownership are eligible for complimentary phone support — one support incident per iPod and unlimited incidents per Mac, iPhone and iPad.


    See all worldwide support telephone numbers

    No one here can fix phone quality reception issues. Contact Apple.

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    Charles Park Seward = brilliant!


    Thank you! You provide the answer to all our problems!


    BTW, sorry you stock is down today!

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    I've entered this same information in another thread, but maybe it can be of some help to others....


    After I got my iPhone 5 (white, 64 GB, iOS 6) several weeks ago, I was surprised when others said my voice sounded muffly and they were experiencing feedback and echo. When I put them on my speaker, their voices sounded tinny and harsh. Turning down the volume helped, but didn't eliminate the problem.


    After some research, I changed several things on my iPhone 5. All is working perfectly now. No feedback. No echo. Incoming speaker voices are normal and clear.



    FIRST: in Settings > Music > Volume Limit > on > adjust to about 3/4 of max.



    SECOND: I took off my TPU case and put on a shell. Reason: Research brought out the concept of feedback caused by cupping the hand over the speaker/mic area so sound would transfer from one to the other.  Most cases surround the lower speaker/mic area with up to about 1/8 inch-deep of case material. This, I thought, might do the same as the cupped-hand phenomena, especially since the speaker and mic are considerably larger - and closer together - than on earlier iPhones.



    THIRD: I make sure the volume is set so the speaker voice sounds normal for incoming calls. Before, it was tinny, scratchy and harsh - hard to listen to. Seems to be working.

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    I switched back to ATT iPhone4 working great, no dropped calls no tinnitus.

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    Hi...I couldn't find my original post under this mountain lol...


    Just a quck update on me.  I wanted to clarify that I had 2 major issues.  One related to my phone not even ringing or indicating a missed call or voice mail until it felt like it and the other, more important issue, of my calls being dropped during conversation ("call failed").  The first issue seems to have been resolved by removing the cute metallic looking/feeling cover from my phone.  It consistently rings so I can respond accordingly and if it rolls to voice mail, I get a notification (both for the voice mail and the missed call).  I'm using a rubber cover and it's working perfectly fine (so far so good) with protecting my device (especially since I'm returing it soon-smile).


    My other major issue related to dropped calls was partially resolved.  Once I learned to hold my phone a different way and have not had a dropped call since (keep your hands away from the area where the headset plugs in)!  The quality of the call is still affected a little but not as bad.  At least me and the other person on the line can hear each other with fewer "can you hear me now?" comments.


    I contacted AT&T and forced their hand to issue me a replacement phone.  I wasn't trying to hear that "you need to go to Apple" business.  They told me it would 2-3 weeks before it would be shipped. 


    I can only hope that any quality assurance issues wherever these phones are manufactured have been addressed by the time I get my replacement.


    I'm an AT&T customer and we have 30 days buyers remorse.  I made AT&T make note on my account that since my 30 days will be up by the time I receive my replacement phone that I expect the extra cusion to assess the replacement.



    If the replacement is not up to my standard, I will return the phone, roll back my upgrade and being using my more reliable iPhone 4 (not 4s) and wait for the iPhone 5b


    I will be sure to post back again once I receive the new phone.

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