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    I just wanted to pitch in my .02 on this matter. I work for a small company here in AZ and we have  7 iPhone 5's. All of them on AT&T. All devices are having call quality problems (Sound cutting in and out, static, people on the other end sounding super quiet) Biggest problem is the sound cutting in and out. We have experienced this indoors/ outside / driving etc all around the greater Phoenix metro area. Happens no matter what the signal level (Full bars LTE or 4G or even 1 bar 4G)


    LTE turned on or OFF still have issues.


    Reset devices / I restored mine to factory even still no luck.


    Went to AT&T today and they had never heard of it, I picked up some new SIM cards so I will start there.


    I also personally notice once I pick up the call and say "hello" there is almost a delay in the connection I have with the person on the other end, I have to say "hello" for a second time. I have owned all previous versions of the iPhone so I know that its not instant pickup after you start the call but still this is very annoying and noticeable.


    I am hoping it will be fixed with a software update since people have already stated that they have swapped devices / sim cards which have NOT solved the issue.


    I am not an expert by any means but I guess I can see it having to do with audio compression that is using different hardware in the iPhone 5 vs the previous iPhone generations.


    Either way I hope more people chime in on what problems they are having related to this issues so Apple can make it a priority to fix.

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    This may be completely off the wall but just maybe this is your situation:

    I was having poor reception quality, weak sound, and was experiencing a tinny quality on my new iPhone 5.

    I had left the plastic screen protector in place that came with the phone as delivered because I hadn't had time yet to put  an "official" screen saver on it. Whe I removed the plastic, everything worked fine. The faintness was gone as was the tinnyness.

    My iPhone 4 did not have the same issue.

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    Not off the wall at all ModelGuru! 


    I realized that the area near my headphone jack and microphone was sensitve because I kept the plastic on the back of my phone.  When I made a test call from my cell phone, I noticed the interterference that came from the little flap on the plastic the way I held my phone actually caused my call to drop.  If it moved enough the person on the other end couldn't hear a word I was saying and then the call would just drop ("call failed").


    When I removed the plastic from the back, as long as my fingers didn't rub on or around the area where the headphone jack is located, I could almost eliminate the dropped call issues.  The person on the other end would occassionally not hear me clearly but it wasn't as often when I didn't interfere with that sensitive area.

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    Same problem with iPhone 5 16GB in Belgium, with provider BASE

    Good reception (about 4 bars), other end hears me perfectly but i BARELY can make up some

    words in the conversation. It is beyond cr#*p how bad the quality of the voice-calls are.

    Dropping sound, robot sounds, sounds like you have almost no reception etc etc.


    Also when calling out, i often do not hear the phone 'ringing' on the other end, it stays quiet until the called

    party answers the phone...


    Strange thing is, I have this at home, but when I go to another area, but still on carrier BASE, it

    does not occur every time.


    I have not had any issues before on iphone 4 and same sim/provider.


    I'm totally sure it is not bad signal reception, sometimes signal indicator is even 'full' and the other

    end hears me perfectly.

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    Same here in Germany... iPhone 5 32GB black. T-Mobile SIM already changed, same issue.


    I found a Video on Youtube which is similar to my problem.



    Any official statement from Apple would be helpfull.

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    Same problem here in Australia - iPhone 5 16GB Black on Optus.


    I have been on call with Optus Technical Support. We tried all basic trouble shooting, restarts, resets iPhone and network on Optus side. Problem comes back after a few days.


    While on Wifi within LTE coverage:

    First call comes in after about 9 sec the call gets garbled then I disconnect the call

    Second call comes in within next sever seconds and its all fine


    I have also noticed that the iPhone 5 switches from LTE to 3G when a voice call comes in - I understand that this is due to the circuitry / software.


    I have also noticed that if I disconnect from WiFi and while on LTE - I switch LTE off in Setings->General->Celular and watch the top left signal indicator - it drops the signal bars to zero and the LTE symbol dissapears after a second or so the bars are back and 3G symbol is shown. This I beleive is the result of the LTE to 3G switch.


    So is it possible that when I receive the first call, the LTE circuitry switches to 3G then the voice codec does not handle the switch properly?

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    Came here with same problems everyone seems to be having - poor quality calls, garbled, tinny, etc.  It's actually very reassuring!  I was thinking my iPhone 5 was a lemon, and was preparing for the hassle of trying to swap it out and getting waitlisted, etc.  But if so many people, in different countries and on various networks, are having the same issues, then it's not the hardware. *whew*  Hopefully they'll come up with a fix. 


    I also agree with carla1020 and ModelGuru above - the first few days were worse, when I kept the protector film on the back of the phone.  Now that they mentioned it, since I've taken it off and replaced with a case, the calls do sound better. Disappointing not to be 100% in love with my iPhone 5, after the wait, though ...

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    In my case switching off LTE solves the problem.


    Obviously its a workaround. Will be changing my SIM today but i doubt that will do anything.


    I have a thin plastic case on my iPhone 5 that just covers the back and partly the sides. I experienced the incoming call quality problems without the case also.

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    Same issues 32gig black in Canada on Telus. I sound fine to the other end, but the incoming sound is muffled and quiet. The headphone make it better.. but it's still not as good as my 3GS.


    Come on Apple.. this is obviously a real issue.

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    I'm having all of these same issues!  so frustrating.

  • ge.le Level 1 (0 points)



    iPhone 5 32b

    Same here...

  • Charles Park Seward Level 1 (55 points)

    "I had left the plastic screen protector in place that came with the phone as delivered because I hadn't had time yet to put  an "official" screen saver on it. When I removed the plastic, everything worked fine. The faintness was gone as was the tinnyness."


    Yes, the plastic protector must be removed before you use your iPhone 5. Since it covers the speaker, you will get a muffled, low volume sound if you don't take it off. It was not means to be left in place. It just protects the phone from damage durning manufacturing and shipping.

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    I was having all of the same voice quality issues and when I went to my Verizon store their tech support reset the voice software by pressing *18 on the phone and the problem was resolved.

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    Replacing the SIM did not help - as expected. Got Optus to agree to file a Problem Reeport.

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    Same problem here in France with Orange provider.


    Iphone 5 32gb

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