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  • Rockydk Level 1 Level 1

    Exactly same problem with me , voice is too low

    Headphone makes it better but its surely not like iphn 4

    Please fix this issue , i cant talk without headphone .

  • carla1020 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not even going to try to find my original postings in all of this madness.  LOL


    I just wanted to give a quick update.  I just got my replacement phone from AT&T.  I had to wait almost 3 weeks to get it.  The music sounds much better when I play it through my car speakers - no more interference.  I haven't had anyone ask me to repeat myself when I'm talking on the phone.  I haven't talked as much this week on the replacement phone as I did the first week of the original phone.  The good news though is that I have not had any dropped calls <knocking on wood>


    I really think the following:

    • You must remove the back plastic protector that ships with the phone.  Of course you have to take the top on off or you will not be able to hear anyone.
    • Anything other that a plain silicon enclosure could be a problem.  My original casing was metallic in nature and caused nothing but problems (missed calls but no indication a call came through, no voice mail indicators until hours later, dropped calls, etc.).  As soon as my Zaggsheeld comes in I will get rid of the cover.
    • I'm really questioning whether my original phone was defective.  While I waited for 3 weeks for the replacement, I took care to hold the phone to keep my fingers away from the trouble area - the area where the headset plugs in.


    I'm going to give it 2 weeks since my buyers remorse is extended because of the long wait to get the replacement.  So far so good!  I will come back later to let you all know if I keep the phone.

  • WIMA Level 1 Level 1



    I`m on Deutsche Telekom in Germany. Those static, robotic sounds when using my iPhone are driving me crazy!

    I already called Apple Support and they told me that maybe using my icloud backup from my former iPhone 4 causes the problems. In fact, reinstalling didnt`t do it for me. At this point noone seems to be able or willing to help. Neither my Provider nor Apple. So... What shoul a loyal Apple customer do. Wait and see?

    My neighbour, being on the same network, also has the same issues. So this could me more than an unhappy coincidence...!!

    Hopefully this is just a software issue!

  • danandrew101 Level 1 Level 1

    Settings - general - reset - reset network settings.


    Just an update though guys - unfortunatley this appears to only be a temporary fix and today my ohone started showing same problems again. Its odd that it seems to solve the situation for a few days ....


    Apple please fix! i also believe that apple know about this problem but will not acknowledge it due to fear of bad press etc, having changed handset 4 times i find it hard to believe that they so say "havent heard of this issue before" and weird i keep getting the "ive never seen this before response".


    the guys at apple always play things close to there chests - the guy in the shop couldnt even tell me whether they had been busy on iphone release day due to PR policy lol

  • ahartig Level 1 Level 1

    SAme problem, my wife and I both have 32gig IP5, one black, one white.  Verizon network, experienceing robotic, tinny, and dropouts in conversation during calls.  Very frustrating.  Will do more experimenting today.  Will restting the network settings mess up my email account settings?

  • danandrew101 Level 1 Level 1

    Wont mess up email pal but it will forget all your wifi passwords etc so you will have to put them in again

  • ahartig Level 1 Level 1

    OK, thanks, I will try that and post here with an update.  hopefully Apple gets this squared away......

  • whiteatom Level 1 Level 1

    I think we all have to (including apple) accept there is a real problem here. I doubt this thread is just a collection of people who forgot to take the plastic off the front of their phones.. anyone can see the speaker is covered.


    I belive this is a problem with the noise canceling system. If I'm in a silent room, there are no issues. If there is any background noise, the call sound goes muddy and tiny quickly. I have never had a dropped call and it makes no difference how I'm connected (3G, 4G, LTE).


    All I have discovered is that in a loud room, I'm better off with the Skype app to make calls then the Phone.


    Calling Apple right now...



  • troy_iphone Level 1 Level 1

    Actually my issue is quite the opposite


    The coversation is very clear in a noisy area ( like a car or a street). It sounds robotic in a quite room.


    Looks like we are dealing with multiple problems here. my issue that the begining or the end of the sentence get cut off or sometimes it sounds like the other person is in a low signal area.


    My friend is using an iphone 5 on ATT and his calls are crystal clear


    Looks like a lot of us on verizon are having this issue and very few on AT&T. Most of the guys having an issue on a GSM phone are international.


    My best guess at this point is that we are just dealing with a batch of defective hardware phones.


    I tried to call Verizon for a replacement and they are telling me I need to wait until mid nov. I am past my 14 day return window now


    The work around for me right now is that I have reactivated by old verizon phone and using my iphone 5 as an ipod touch running on the wifi hotspot.

  • Pete boston Level 1 Level 1

    Call Apple at 800-MY-APPLE. They overnighted me a phone for free (did not charge the $29 swap fee) because of all of the problems I have had.

  • sammyjg Level 1 Level 1

    Agreed, I think most of us have enough common sense to take the shipping plastic off our phones when we purchased them.


    My feeling is that the problem is a hardware or engineering design issue that is sensitive to the assembly process.  One of the reasons I believe this, is bc I'm now using my iphone 4s with IOS 6 and have none of the issues I had with my iPhone 5. (Robotic/static calls that I could not understand).  Also if it was a software issue I don't think anyone would be able to tolerate the voice issues I was experiencing--unless they only use the phone for text messaging and surfing the web. If it was a software issue I think Apple would have 5 million returns following the release.

  • troy_iphone Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks but actually I did call the apple number and they transfered me to Verizon with a justification that they charge a $29 fee and verizon will not


    Maybe I will call again and try with a different rep.


    I also agree that this is definately not a software issue but a batch of defective hardware since the thread is just 20 pages long and looks like most of the people are not having these issues


    Either that or most of the people dont care about voice calls any more as long as they can access facebook :-))


    I need voice desperately and spend hours on conference calls. Sadly iphone 5 does not work as a"phone"

  • Pete boston Level 1 Level 1

    If it makes you feel better, it barely works as a LTE data device in Metro Boston and NYC on Verizon as well. See my other Apple forum thread referenced earlier on in this post.

  • Carocci Level 1 Level 1

    I have a new iphone 5 and been having this issue.  At first I thought it was my VOIP phones at home, until it was happening to everyone I've called.  This phone is used for business and I need it fix.  Apple PLEASE work on a fix fast and I'll be contacting support.

  • Chris86303 Level 1 Level 1

    I had an interesting day today.. day 3 of the iP5 problems.

    I tried to get the higher up tech that I had talked to but turns out she started vacation today so I just started all over.  The tech that I did get was very nice and sent an email to the supervisor of the higher up tech to have someone get ahold of me.


    IN THE MEAN TIME.. the existing problem was compounded by some calls that I had to make.  When I called the clients using my new ear buds the person at the other end picked up the phone and said hello.. I said hello.. they said hello.. I said hello.  Nothing worked, I hit the speaker button, still didn't work.  I disconnected the ear buds, nothing worked.  The other person finally hung up on me because, even though I could hear them on the buds and speaker, they couldn't hear me.  I called back a second time, same thing and they hung up.  I called back a third time, same thing and they hung up.


    Everything on my phone worked and I could hear them loud and clear but my outgoing voice was totally LOCKED out.  I could switch from speaker to buds to regular phone operation but they couldn't hear me.  I was totally perplexed.


    Minutes after this happened the Verizon tech (in department that email was sent to above) called me on my land line and I explained what had just happened.  She said pack it up and ship it back, no fees involved, no restock charge, etc.  They said they would try to find me another phone and ship it out but I said I will keep my perfectly fine and wonderfully operating iP4 that has not had a hitch or a glitch in the two years I've owned it.  I said I will wait for the bugs to get worked out before getting another iP5.  She was fine with that and got me all switched back over and the good ole iP4 is up and running as usual !!


    My problem is solved for now and I will be sure to check these forums before ordering another iP5.


    Good luck everyone, hope all the problems get worked out.

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