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    Maybe we should extend the list, any ideas are welcome


    Country                          Provider               Places                    Tried solutions                            


    Belgium                         BASE                  Only at home           on/off button + HOME for 5sec

    Belgium                         Telenet                 Work



    @ Phil Baker2 : I 'm only trying to get a better view on this problem. I think you are more talking about the bad voice when connecting to bluetooth or am I wrong?

    The problem that I have (and many users on this forum) is with calls that the person who is calling you can hear you clearly but that you cannot understand him (dropped calls, robotic voices, disconnected sessions).


    When I'm calling in my car with bleutooth = No problem at all

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    I'm afraid it's not the provider. My brothers have the same provider (Proximus, Belgium) and no problem while calling with iPhone. It could be something with the (new) SIM cards.. Or the SIM reader in the phone.


    It's an annoying problem as you can't test it because it only happens 1 out of 4.

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    I have a Mobile Vikings sim (BASE network) and experienced the problems off bad voice quality, I've tried everything, even bought another sim from another operator (Mobistar), the problem was still there.


    Now the iPhone is send to Apple and hopefully the problem wil be fixed, it will take 10 days before I have it back.


    From having a brand new expensive iPhone 5 I now have noPhone.

    Not happy with the customer service!


    Here are my experiences:


    Country   Provider             Places                      Tried solutions                   


    Belgium   Mobile Vikings   At home & At work    on/off button + HOME for 5sec

                                                                              reset/delete iphone (true settings)



    Belgium   Mobistar            At home & At work   on/off button + HOME for 5sec

                                                                             reset/delete iphone (true settings)

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    I went from T-mobile/android to Verizon just to have iphone 5 and it was my first iphone. Loved the IOS and phone but call quality was HORRIBLE. I could not understand the other person on far end and they could hear me fine. Robotic voice/static/digitized compression sounds and what seemed like signalling distorsion. I was shocked at voice quality of iphone 5 as I have used iphone 4 on T-mobile/GSM network and it was super voice quality as if your remember NOKIA used to be back in the day. I have used cellphones since the AMPS days and this iphone 5 sounded worst then those days. Totally disappointed and amazed how Apple can release a product without extensive testing and real-world use. So much for Apples's secrecy and churning out iphones without due testing as other do with their handsets. Just because Apple is so secretive and no one should know what is up their sleeves. I went to Droid RAZR M and voice quality is suberb and you can use data and voice simultaneoulsly unlike iphone. I hope Apple is reading these forums and fix their phones before they release any more of these. Totally not happy with their quality and no wonder the stock took a big loss yesterday, I guess those traders got iphone 5 too

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    I also have this problem.
    The video I show compares the iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4. Only the iPhone 5 has this problem, just like stated here before: incoming voice drops in and out. The iPhone 4 does not have this problem, in call quality it beats the iPhone 5 hands down.


    The 'robotic sounding voices' effect is a different problem. I also had that on my first iPhone 5 but the other 3 iPhone 5's I tested did not had this problem.


    My problem, 'incoming voice drops in and out'is -always- there, on all four iPhone 5's I tested, and it is not a SIM card problem, I also tested with other SIm cards. I also did four complete resets on four different iPhone 5's but that didn't help at all.

    I hope Apple can solve it with an iOS update. Fingers crossed. 


    @ddw123456 from Zweden:
    Glad to hear that I am not the only one and you (and many others) have exactly the same problem;  incoming voice drops in and out. Thank you for pointing to my website.


    Yes, I tested this on 4 iPhones 5's and on 2 networks (T-mobile and Telfort/KPN in Amsterdam, The Netherlands). All four iPhones I tested have the same problem: incoming voice drops in and out. I don't think it is not just bad luck, I think all iPhone 5's to have this problem. At least in Europe but i think it is a world wide issue because the problem is alto present if calling with Face Time over WiFi. The problem is not provider related.


    I think the real problem is caused by the iPhone 5 noise reduction system that cuts off low volume audio signals. This system should cut off background noise and leave only the spoken words. Instead, it also cuts off softer spoken words which makes a normal converstion practically impossible on a lot of calls. The image in this post shows the problem, lower volume sounds are muted on the iPhone 5. 




    You say you called Apple and could barely understand them because of 'that dropping in and out thing'. You are right, the problem is clearly there, but most people must think that it is just the bad connection of the provider/network. However, that is not the case. If you compare iPhone 5 with iPhone 4 on the same network with the same SIM card, the call quality on the iPhone 4 is great, 10 out of 10 calls, and the call quality on iPhone 5 is bad, also 10 out of 10 calls. The softer the other person speaks (or not straight into the mic), the worse the problem gets.




    @Phil Baker2:
    I agree with your opinion that there is a problem with the iPhone 5 itself. However, the Bluetooth problem you describe is another problem than our 'incoming voice drops in and out' problem.   


    The problem is always present, whether you are on regular speaker, on hands free or on headset (Apple EarPods).  Also, if you lower the volume on the iPhone, the 'dropping in and out' effect becomes even stronger. This forces you to listen at the highest volume level, which can be very uncomfortable. Again, the iPhone 4 does not have this problem at all.


    @jugnobajwa and @Freqman:
    I agree with you. Not being able to make normal conversations is unacceptable. I also hope Apple is reading these forums and will fix this iPhone 5 problem.


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    My iPhone 4 was fine for voice quality.  I never had any issues.  I can understand others on the line with the iPhone 5, but it seems as though no one can totally hear me on landlines and other cell phones.  I think I'm going back to Droid if they don't fix this in the next few months... It'll be just an expensive iPod at this point unless they fix the voice.  Good to hear that it's just not my phone... although this is horrible for those of us that upgraded and for Apple.

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    Yesterday i got finnaly my iphone 5 from apple sore in amsterdam, and directly i noticed the poor call quality, i use a quality network (KPN the  only network in Holland with HD voice.)


    The most worse call quality exist when you make cell to cell calls. Because every cell to cell call was poor in quality in a differend way,(landlines have better call quality), i search in google and found that many iphone 5 users have this problem, not only in Holland but all over the world as far i can see.


    I found out that when i switched off 3G ( not mobile data) the call quality was suddenly much much better ! I informed apple Amsterdam and my cell network providerin Holland  and i hope they can and will fix the problem. Otherwise i return my iphone 5 soon.

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    That worked.  Thanks.  I still heard an echo.  I used to get that with bad connections on other phones as well.  I hope a software update fixes this soon, or I won't be buying any more Apple phones.  Even with all the apps and gadgets, it's still an iPod with a phone.  If the phone doesn't work, we overpaid for an iPod. 

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    I'm delighted to report (a) Apple replaced my iPhone 5 and (b) I immediately noticed the incoming voice call quality is better...and found this improvement was consistent during a few hours of calls I've placed so far since receiving the replacement.  (My carrier is Verizon in the United States. Note, I have not yet upgraded from iOS 6 to 6.0.1.)


    I will continue to read this thread with great interest, but may not have further constructive thoughts to share.


    Thank you very much, Apple, for standing by your products.

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    Apple is not reading these forums officially. And they certainly don't use them for bug reporting from users.



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    I am also having dropped calls in my house constantly and sometimes outside the house too.

    This is not a Verizon or ATT problem i think, since i live in Denmark and use a provider called Telia.

    The problem started after updating to 6.0.1 on my iPhone 5 (not sure if it was a problem on 6.0).


    Also people try calling me but can't get through to me... they get a busy tone instead.


    I am returning the iPhone 5, since a can't accept this problem.

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    I've got pretty much the same problem as ddw123456. Very bad quality on some calls. Not all, just some. So far only on calls I've made, not on the ones I recieve. It basically just sounds like static, and if you're lucky you will understand a word or two.


    I'm also on Telia in Sweden. I've been afraid of going to the store where I bought it since they will probably just send it in for repair and then I will have to do without a phone for a few weeks. :/ I guess I'll have to do it at some point though...

  • Flemming Rasmussen Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    I returned mine today at Telia and they say apple will probably replace it (don't think they can repair it nor find the culprit)


    Luckily i still have my stable iPhone 4.

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    Because the bad sound quality when i make calls, with my new iphone 5,like many people have all over the world,  i asked after 2 days i use my new iphone 5, for support at apple centre Amsterdam, and i phoned the support line, and told them that the calling sound problems do not excist when i turn off 3G.


    Apple support Amsterdam thought directly ( Erik) that this could be a software problem in the/my new iphone 5. Because they think that there are some apps using at same time 3G ( in a wrong way) when making a calls and give bad interferences.


    To see if it is a software or hardware problem, they ask me to do the total setup again of the/my new iphone 5. And adviced me first to make a back up at my computer, of the iphone 5 (using itunes).  They help me and guide me how to do. After i did again a new setup of the iphone 5 and after i checked first (before i put my personal data from itunes at the iphone 5) if the calls now, after the new set up, have the same problem with sound quality.




    I am very happy that apple support Amsterdam found so fast the problem.


    Hope everybody can solve the bad sound when calling with this solution.


    Thanks Apple Amsterdam support (Erik) for the great job you did.

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