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  • kay103851 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes I deactivated WiFi yesterday and a call got interrupted after 3 minutes. Quality is going up an down over the time (in my case), so I didn't find any better position although I thought so in the begining (catching at every straw :-).


    Probably wrong as well is my observation, that calls on the landline most often get into trouble while a call to another mobile seems to be more stable.

  • brutus4 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the info! Here are my stats:


    Model number: MD645

    Made week 40

    Factory: DN (China, Chengdu - Foxconn)


    Same problem with my phone -- calls are muffled almost like I am talking underwater. I know it's a hardware issue so I am not bothering to keep swapping it out as I am sure the problem will persist. It would just be a waste of my time and let's face it, time is money!

  • kcipuk Level 1 (0 points)

    We've been having this issue with all our phones and I've been pulling my hair out as all Apple and my network operator can suggest is to replace the phones! Anyway, I updated my phone (as a developer) to IOS 6.1b2 today and instantly it appears problem solved. Might be too early be 100% certain as I still get the issue calling people using iPhone 5's (looks like the issue is both ways) but my calls to all other phones are massivly improved. I've resoted my old backup and changed loads of settings and not had any reoccurance. It appears this updates the baseband which is probably where the issue occured, can anyone else confirm?

  • R_odec Level 1 (0 points)



    Ok so I thought my problem was fixed with the factory reset via Itunes but now after a week again robotic voices :-(

    This makes me crazy!!!!

    Weird thing is that I only have this at home and not at other places.

    For sure it is a software problem because when I do a reset with home and on/off button for 5 sec, the problem is gone again but I'm sure it will be back in a day or 2.


    So @ kcipuk , you will only be sure if the problem is still away after about a week, I really hope so, can you let us know please?


    I will do a small reset every 2 days with the home + on/off switch (it takes only 1 minute) and that way I can use the Iphone like it should be but I really hope Apple can fix this with the new release of IOS 6.1 so I'm hoping thaat kcipuk can tell us in a week that problem is still solved.

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    The call quality is very poor and I also have a feedback sound that goes off from time to time.

    I took the phone to Apple and they replaced it but Im still experiencing the same issues. 

    Also reset my phone but still no solution.  Extremely dissapointed with this phone, heres an idea

    for the iphone 6, allow it to function as a phone becasue right now I just have an ipod. 

  • tesmel Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same problem, Robotic, Martian Sound mainly with incoming calls both from a landline or cell number. I have had Apple replace the phone three times and the same problem persists.


    My carrier is Telus Mobility here in Toronto Canada, and I am not sure if the problem is Apple iPhone5 or the carrier Telus. At first I thought it was the phone, a hardware issue but now I am not so sure.


    Anyway I got so frustrated with this phone, as I could not really use it. What is the purpose of having a phone when you can't use it, so I returned it to the store and got a Samsung Galaxy S3, so far I am happy with it.


    Apple or Telus needs to get this problem fixed, but even if they do I will not be going back to Apple iPhone5, just a bad experience that should never happen in the first place.


    The people at the Apple store were very defensive when I told them about the sound problem, the technician said that it was the first time he heard about the problem.


    I have switched camps an very happy I have a working phone.

  • tesmel Level 1 (0 points)

    dserge84, You paid for a phone but can only use it as an ipod to play music, watch videos etc., man that stinks.


    If I wanted an iPod I would buy an iPod not a iPhone.


    For such an expensive device as the iPhone it should work properly or don't release it to the public.


    Apple is going to the dogs, just a matter of time before they become like SONY a by gone product and name.

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    Hi, from K.S.A

    Bad call voice also here... <_<"

    This is really driving me nuts...

    and what makes it worse is "THIS IS THE NEW POWERFUL ADVANCED MOBILE PHONE... IPHONE 5"

    such issue is really disappointing........ this matter is essential in every mobile phone..... is apple flopping?!

    I really hope it is a software bug NOT a hardware problem.

    R_odec...... thanks for the updates

    I will try them

    could you explain a little bit more on the second method (Factory default reset via Itunes)..

    i'm kinda beginner ^^"


    Com on Apple.... you need to make it up asap by a fix.


  • sweetcider Level 1 (0 points)

    I initially thought my 2nd iPhone 5 was better, but it wasn't and I ended up returning it to Verizon.  I've given up on this device.


    I have no idea why there aren't many more people experiencing this problem.  I can tell you that no kind of restore or reset is going to fix it.  Although my Apple store immediately agreed to replace my original phone (Verizon was out of stock at the time) the replacement had exactly the same issues.


    It doesn't even look like this problem is on Apple's radar.  I doubt the company will publicly acknowledge it unless it can be resolved by a software or firmware update.  If it's hardware, Apple may quietly make an engineering change on future production ... IF Apple ever recognizes this as a legitimate problem.


    By the way, don't EVER get your phone replaced at an Apple store if your original one was from your cellular carrier if you want to return it within the 14-day window.   Verizon has been running me around for more than a month trying to get a refund because the phone I returned was a different serial number than the one they shipped me ... even though a Verizon customer service rep TOLD me to get a replacement from Apple.


    I certainly understand everyone's frustration.  I've had zero problems with my iPad and Retina Macbook Pro and I was really disappointed that I couldn't keep the iPhone 5.  Everything else about the device was superb.

  • Flemming Rasmussen Level 1 (45 points)

    Anybody who want's Apple to know about our problems, since they dont officially read or react to these forums, must file a bugreport at



    I have done so, while waiting for my second iphone 5 (which probably has the same issue i suspect).

    Been using my old iphone 4 for a week now, which works flawlessly.

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    Hi there,


    just wanted to add myself to the counter. I am using the iPhone 5 (16 GB) here in Germany with T-Mobile and let me assure you: there are a lot more unsatisfied people here being confronted with the same problem that is described in this thread.


    Apple says: exchange your device.

    T-Mobile says: we know nothing.

    Users (using different providers) say: exchange, resetting, restoring, cleaning/exchanging the SIM card,... does not (always) help.


    Good luck to all of us ;-)




  • bigcorpiphoneuser Level 1 (0 points)

    I got an iphone5 on Nov 15th.  I am a power corporate user.. Terrible terrible voice quality from day one.. I am in disbelief and do not have the time to deal with this.


    from reading the posts this is common IF APPLE DOES NOT FIX THIS / ACKNOWLEDGE PROBLEM THIS WILL GO ON NBC NIGHTLY NEWS as a big Apple FLOP.


    The fact I just spent 2 hours of my life with a verizon tech person w/ no improvement... I want my blackberry back.


    If this is not resolved soon.. look for for main-stream media coverage.

  • chobe2 Level 1 (0 points)

    You cannot use this link unless you are a Registered Apple Developer

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    having  same robotic voice problem using vodafone in uk and 16gb iphone 5. this is my first iphone though got macbook imac and pad. had a samsung galaxy before, for over 2 years, no problems. reading this discussion does not reassure me at all. The 3g connection is excellent but will have to phone supplier tomorrow, very disappointed should have found out about this before taking contract with £100 fee. Maybe have to get in touch withWatchdog, uk tv consumer prog.

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