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    @mickyp53, bigcorpiphoneuser

    Since supposedly Apple does not read this forum I am positive I am not the only person who would love to see that ;-). At least it would bring some movement into this...


    Why do you want to wait much longer? You can verify in this thread for how long this problem remains uncommented.

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    I returned the iphone5 because of the sound issue and got a Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB for free with a 3 year contract with Telus Mobility. I am very happy with the Samsung.


    The iphone5 I had to pay $300 with a three year contract.


    Now I got a phone I like that does more, that works great for FREE, what else can I want.


    Christmas came early for me.


    Apple needs to really take their product quality seriously, this is going to hurt really bad for them.


    I don't understand why people are keeping a phone that does not do what it is supposed to do and paying big bucks for it.

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    @Flemming Rasmussen: You are totally right, it's really important to submit bug reports at as the engineers will read the bug tracking system only. They need information and the users need to put pressure on Apple to regard this issue with higher priority.

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    When I try to enter the site, it tells me:


    You must be a Registered Apple Developer to file bugs via Bug Reporter.

    Register at


    Don´t think a lot of ppl can offend Apple by that way ;-).

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    @kcn81 Oops, I didn't know about that restriction. So Flemming Rasmussen's request for bug reports calls on developers only.

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    A few years back, I made the switch to Iphone 3GS and was hooked from day one.


    A few days ago, Tuesday, before Thanksgiving, I decided that it was time for the upgrade, although I would have to upgrade all the darn plugs in the house as my kids all have ipod touch, and ipads.  So I did it anyways.


    Well, the phone call quality is completely garbage.  At first, I thought I am talking to my buddies bluetooth speakerphone...well, all the same issues as I have read through on this forum - and all 22 pages worth of complaints. 


    I am skeptical about getting another 5...I think I will go back to ATT and get the 4S.


    Seriously disappointed....first and foremost, it needs to work as a phone, before it can be a web browser, camera, game machine, etc...

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    O.K here is what I found, the problem is happening on my Samsung Galaxy S3, I couldn't believe it.


    So it is not a hardware problem, since it can't be 3 iPhone5 and one Samsung all bad.


    I called the Telus techline and they had me turn off the LTE network and  have under "Network Mode"


    HSPA only, turned on.


    They really think it is the LTE causing the problem, and I think they are right. Only time will tell.


    So I suggest that you guys turn off the LTE network and use the 3G network instead and let us know if that made a difference.

    I bet it does.

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    I turned LTE off about a week ago and although it does help tremendously, I still have issues during extended phone calls.  If I talk longer than 5 minutes I still experience a feedback sound and overall still has worse call quality than previous iphones.  The fact that LTE has to be turned off to get better call quality is unacceptable 

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    I would like to say what a relief it is to see so many people posting the exact same problem I have been experiencing.  I was using a 3GS for almost 3 years and it worked flawlessly.  I upgraded a couple of weeks ago on my 3 year with a local carrier in Toronto (same as my 3Gs) with the Iphone5 and I purchased the apple care warranty for an extra $99. During the first couple of days I surpassed the 30 minute talk time the carrier limits you to return the phone. In 30 minutes, how can you tell if this is your phone or someone else's problem?  Needless to say I didn't use the phone very much the first few days for calls, mostly the apps etc. After a few days and calls people began telling me I sounded muffled and asked if I was covering the mouth piece or moving away from the phone.  Everyone sounds like a robot, it's full of static, choppy and people fade in and out. This is occuring on my end and the other end of the call. I have tested several calls, local, long distance, to android to landlines to other Iphone 5's.  All the same. Turning LTE off and wi-fi makes no difference.


    I swapped 2 phones with Apple (by the way the phone was just under 2 weeks old, I bought $ applecare early on and they gave me 2 refurbished phones as replacements both times). I even changed a sim card. I'm on my third phone now, all the same problems. I have visited 2 local Toronto stores and I spoke with managers, nobody will confirm they have heard of this problem. (The guy who posted earlier on this forum that was with Telus, I'd ike to know which Toronto store you reported this issue to and told you they have not had any reports).  Anyway, I brought a print out of the posts here and they didn't even read it. They try to do a call 'test' in a noisy store where you can't hear yourself think let alone try to test a phone call.  Someone was supposed to get back to me a week ago (the techs at one of the stores), needless to say nobody has made any attempt to get back to me. The carrier blames Apple and Apple blames the carrier. They look at you as if you are reporting an alien siting, as if this can't be true. Pfffffffffft!


    What is a customer to do? This is unacceptable.  I have an ipod and this is not a phone. I do not want to make or receive any calls on the phone because it is too painful to try to have a conversation longer than a couple of minutes.  I will have no choice but to sell and move to android if Apple does not acknowledge this problem I will never buy another Apple product again.


    Very disappointed customer!

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    I discovered the beginnings of this thread when i experienced the problem. As a technology columnist, I persued it and wrote an early column ( My efforts to elarn more from Apple, not surprisingly, were futile. That's typically the way Apple works. No admission of any fault unless it blows up and is picked up by a major national columnist. I was offered an exchange for my Verizon phone, but it offered no sognificant improvement. However, as noted in an earlier post, I have learned that Apple engineers are well aware of this issue and are working to fix the problems. No word if it's a sw fix only. My best advice is to contact one of the national reviewers or blogsites. But I suggest you all select one or two that write for a national newspaper and refer them to this huge and growing thread of comments.

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    OK good idea Phil.  I've sent a note to Walt Mossberg at pointing him at this forum.  Let's hope Walt decides to do some investigation and cover it in one of his columns.  He certainly has the right contacts at Apple to do something productive.

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    Hi Phil, I experienced the same, my efforts to learn more from Apple were futile to, untill now. Apple Ireland called me last week, they wanted to send an Apple engineer on Monday November 26th but the engineer did not show up. They just called me about it and told me the Apple engineers need more time to research the problem first because 'this is not a known issue by Apple'. I was really suprised by that statement because weeks ago, at the Amsterdam Apple Store they told me that more users reported the same problem and they just swapped their phones for newer ones. They said: 'the serial number of your phone shows it is an older phone than the phones we have here. Apple constantly is making improvements so we just swap your phone for one with a higher serial number. Good chance it solves your problem'. But it didn't. I'm on my third iPhone 5 now.

    Anyway, before the end of this week Apple Ireland will let me know the result of their research and if they still want to come over to test my iPhone 5. I will update on this via Twitter (@icallquality) and will ask my followers for the build date of their iPhone 5 to check if the problem has something to do with the build date.

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    Hi ,


    Same issue here !

    Provider : Telus

    Iphone 5 : We just ordered 75 iphones , so far ,issue happen with all of them no matter how hard the signal is.

    We have phone in montréal , québec , trois-rivière , same issue .

    On 3g : the call quality is a bit improve but still call quality between Iphone5 are not acceptable.


    The issue only happen when calling Iphone5 to Iphone5 . The sound get very poor, tunnel/robot sound a like . If an iphone5 call any other phone , no issue . We are not picky on the call quality but iphone 5 to iphone 5 is what we use the most.


    Try to contact apple with our source but no luck . We are now asking Telus to just do the test for us and report the bug to apple on their own .


    We will check as well if beta version of IOS is solving the isssue or not...



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    Reply from Walt Mossberg ...

    I have been using one daily since before it went on sale and haven't experienced this. And yours is the first email I've seen on this. Doesn't mean you aren't telling the truth, just that it doesn't seem widespread given the millions and millions they've sold. As a reviewer, I can really only report what I am able to experience.

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