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    Walt must own stock in the company which is why he won't report it! Need to find an unbiased source to report this thread!

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    I assume that Walt should be able to use a browser and Google. At least he could just scroll through these 23 pages here...


    Well, what I can not see is just not there. I wonder what is going to happen when (if!) Apple has fixed this feature.

  • frankieviolet Level 1 Level 1

    good idea.

    iphone 5 16gb same issue

    it's full of static, choppy and people fade in and out, but sometimes is not bad (some calls)


  • whodathunkit Level 1 Level 1

    I am new to iphones, trading in my 6 yr old BB for an iphone5. From the beginning I have felt that the call quality was terrible. I could hardly make out what people were saying. It made no matter whether I used the handset, speakerphone(my preference) or earbuds. The incoming voices were (are) garbled and robotic sounding and sounds in the words are dropped so that the words are unintelligible. I have commented to a few who were asking if I was excited having a new iphone that the call quality was terrible. But, I chalked it up to a new phone. I was surprised and disappointed that a new iphone5 would sound worse than a 6 yr old BB. I have switched to having people call on my land line as the cell phone is hardly usable. Very disappointed. I don't want to start the trading in game as it seems that this has not helped most people. And I am here to add my voice hoping that Apple does indeed read these things and makes an improvement in this pronto. I will call VZN to register my dis-satisfaction tomorrow. If this is not fixed by the time the new BB is out in 2013, I will switch back to BB. Cost be damned. Too bad as this phone was the last piece in total conversion to Apple (iPad, MacBookAir and iPhone5). I can only hope that all the other features that do work well on the iPhone5 will work as well on a new BB, but really the number 1 function is calling and this phone *****. Disappointed.

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    My wife and I are on our 2nd sets of iPhone 5s with Verizon in Seattle and have are 0/4 with these phones.  We rarely use BT or earbuds.  Sound quality is almost uniformly bad and others report the same.  Everyone is Seattle reports a great experience with Verizon.  No question that we are talking about a hardware issue and/or OS issue.

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    Quick Post

    tesmel & dsarge84


    I'm using it on 3g mode and still BAD CALL VOICE QUALITY


    basically I can't make a phone call


    I noticed from what i have read on the net this stupid device was Suffering (and still) from a bunch of issues


    they fixed some of them in the last update 6.0.1


    the method.......holding the home screen butting and the off and on button for 5 sec didn't work


    I'm trying to do the last thing....... factory default restore via itunes........ but i'm having problem with my net


    connection and the size of the update file is big 983MB

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    Interesting story Johannes. Keep us informed.

    I have some minor troubles with my second iPhone 5 now. The first 2 weeks seemed fine, but 1 call got disconnected last saturday, and another one got all messed up, so I hung up and called to the land line instead.

    I'm going to contact Apple today to discuss the matter.

    I checked your link, inserting my serial number, and the productiondate was week 39 (sept 26th or something like that)

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    I'm from Portugal and i have a iphone 5 with the model MD300IP, for a month. I've already received, and have make several calls, and just had one call with poor quality with very frequent hiccups and made ​​it impossible to hear what the person was saying. It was a call from a TV broadcaster and Internet. As with other calls had no problems, I think it was a problem with the operator, but I'll stay tuned. I have not here yet LTE network and do not know if with this model (i saw the model in question is MD297, ie not seen anyone reporting this problem with MD300IP) the problem can be corrected (if hardware problem) . Problem may be receiving a certain frequency?

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    So, I took my iPhone 5 back to the Apple store, where I swapped my phone with a Genius (iPhone 4S) and with the ambient noise in the store, he was able to hear the issue.  Actually, he couldn't make out a word I was saying - he listening to my phone, me talking into his phone.


    My iPhone was swapped and all good until a call today, with a guy in a call centre.  Once again, I struggled to hear what he was saying as my iPhone cut him in and out.


    It looks like this issue is here to stay... :-(

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    Got a new one from apple store yesterday (production week 45, factory DQ Foxconn) and I successfully made a call over 30 minutes. I called the partner her landline connection and she was amazed about the good sound quality.


    What I noticed is a significant difference regarding the earphones: I started with the old ones which I prefer and had an increasing number of hiccups after a few minutes. When I switched to the new earpads the sound immediately got better, the hiccups disappeared. Take home messages: Don't use old earphones


    Obviously, one day is not enough to get to a final result, but my first iPhone 5 didn't make it to minute 30.

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    Update :


    Provider : Telus

    Number of Iphone5 in our compagny : 75

    Issue : only occurs between Iphone5 . Doesnt occur between iphone5 to iphone4 or other cell ou landline

    Troubleshooting done : Everything ! lte to 3g , audio mode modification , try with the ear phone , new beta ios , restore .

    All our iphone are brand new out of the box....


    Our explication for now : Iphone 5 use the wonderfull technology of HD-Calling . Hd calling is a new feature on iphone 5 . The basic of it is that the network and the iphone will use another codec to process the voice. The codec is just using more bandwith to make the call more clear and precise. When that technology really work , you can really see ear the difference.

    Bell and Telus may share the same tower , but after the tower they have their own network  !



    Our final test : 5 iphone on 75 are unlock from telus . 

    Test 1 : 2 unlock Iphone5 on telus try to call each other ( first test LTE , second 3G )

    Result : call quality suck

    Test 2 :

    Same 2 unlock iphone5 but we put a bell sim card in ....

    Result : wow , call quality more than perfect . Way improve compare to iphone 4


    Result final : Most likely the problem is on the provider side. To me it sound a network problem or telus is simply using another codec that doesnt work very well with iphone5.


    Either way , it sound to me that the issue could be resolve by 2 front  : either telus fix something on the network or apple fix the way the iphone5 work with that specific codec .


    For now : telus has escalate the issue to their tier3 .



    Hope this help...




    ( sorry for my bad english , i am french canadian )

  • Essinka Level 1 Level 1

    This is what I did and now I can actually understand what the other person is saying. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Hearing Aids and there turn Hearing Aid Mod on. Thats it. I just had to lower my volume but it seems to work fine for the time being.

  • Regiscote Level 1 Level 1

    @Essinka : We tried that too but no luck... without lte , with hearing aids  , : the quality does improve by maybe 5 to 10 % but when we place call iphone5 to iphone5 ( with same config ) there is still a lot of static.....



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    Same problem. I think is the noise cancelling software....

  • Layol Level 1 Level 1

    Hello, everybody

    I would like to make a statement...

    I know that this sounds silly and obvious let say but, here is the thing

    "did everyone remove the screen protection cover that comes with the mobile phone?"

    I posted earlier that I'm having the same issue. Yesterday I went to the premium retailer store of apple products which I bought the phone from to swap or refund my money and when I told them about the problem they said

    to me we didn't receive reports about this but they said one customer have had his mobile replaced because of the backlight of the phone doesn't go off when it is unused. They said to me remove the screen cover cause it's

    blocking the speaker port... and I couldn't believe it..... is this really what causing the problem?!

    I did some phone calls and the call voice was way better improved.

    I'm speechless even though this phone has issues for instance, slow response taps

    but as a basic thing (call voice) resolved for me

    I think it's kind of a relief

    I will test it for a week and see if I'm satisfy with it


    My phone info:-

    Serial number: F2******39C 

    Model: A1429

    Production year: 2012

    Production week: 43  (October)


    I guess I'm just lucky.



    <Personal Information Edited by Host>

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