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  • R_odec Level 1 (0 points)

    @ frankieviolet


    That was also my first thought but now that I acitvated the voice hearing everything sound very loud and clearly.

    Like I said on my previous post, it is only for 2 days now so I'm waiting min 3 more to be sure.


    I really hope that Apple finds a solution with the release of IOS6.1


    For me it is also alone at home that I had problems and not at other locations, so very weird, maybe it has to do with the provider (Belgium BASE, KPN group) and the sattelite that I'm connecting with when I'm home.

    Nobody knows and if I ask BASE they tell me that it is a problem for Apple and not for them.


    If the problem comes back in a few days I'm thinking to move from BASE to another provider...

  • sk1sk1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I’m having the same problem many describe here – when on a phone call on iPhone 5, the sound from the distant party cuts in and out, drops entire words and phrases, the beginning and end of utterances, and background and ambient sound from the distant party.  I can hear everything on iPhone 4, but much of the sound is dropped by iPhone 5.


    I’ve found a way to reliably reproduce the problem, perhaps useful for showing Apple the problem we’re having.  Use Apple’s headset.  Call from a very quiet location.  Place a call to a call center’s greeting recording, ideally one that’s long and recorded at a varying volume, not too loud.  I used Hertz On Demand here in the U.S.  Set the volume to the lowest setting (important).  Turn on mute.  On my iPhone 5, the sound cuts in and out on 100% of the calls on every iPhone 5 I’ve tried, whereas everything is clear (though quiet) on my iPhone 4.  The Genius bar had the same experience with their iPhone 5.


    I think the guy at this link has the best graphic demonstration of the problem:  You can clearly see what the phone is doing – it is discarding quiet signals.  Unforunately, that includes entire words and phrases, especially if you've got the volume set low.  I want to hear everything, don’t you?

  • mrcuban Level 1 (0 points)

    So I posted on this thread on Monday of this week.  On Wednesday, I made an appointment and went to the see the Genius.  He hit the phone with the high compressed air can to the mics and speakers and then took my Iphone5 to the back of the store and replaced the ear speaker....Well, I took the phone home and on the way home took a call from a work colleague who is on Iphone3GS - results...same problem...nothing fixed.


    Now, I have 3 days before my 14 day period ends with ATT and if not I am stuck with this 5" tiny tablet...

  • Pete boston Level 1 (20 points)

    If you are not happy with how your iPhone 5 is working, I highly suggest you return the phone within the 14 day period.

  • desageda Level 1 (0 points)

    Last week I went to pick up my iPhone 5. Mobistar called that the phone was fixed.

    When I went to the Mobistar store they gave me a new one, that was a nice surprise.


    I have reinstalled the new iPhone like my old one true iTunes and after a week and several calls, the problem is gone.

    The call quality is great, I can realy understand the person that is calling me.


    I hope this stays like this and want to advice, to you all that experience the problem of bad call quality to change your iPhones.

  • sanlee63 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'll chime in here - my issue is feedback.  The call usually starts strong but will start to have feedback of my voice and the caller doesn't hear every word.  This happens every way, using the phone normally, using the apple earpods, using my jawbone bluetooth, or the speaker.  I have a tpc cover on it, took it off, still get feedback.

  • R_odec Level 1 (0 points)



    Problem is back :-( after 3 days


    I think that I'm going to switch from provider, I have the problem only at home, never at other places, using the iphone5 now for more than 1 month and really only problems at home.

    So my next step is changing from BASE to ???? (I think Telenet) and see if this problem is also with another provider.

    If still with other provider it is the same problem I will again call Apple and ask to switch to a new one...

    On the internet I found a week or 3 ago a site with same problem in the Netherlands, all problems with KPN GROUP which BASE is in Belgium and if they switched to another provider problem was gone.

    They even did test with 5 phones: sim card of KPN all bad quality, same phones with Sim card other provider = All excellent quality.

    So I think it is worht trying another provider, I think it has to do with HD voice and that I'm connecting at my place with an older satellite that cannot deal with HD voice.

    Keep you posted all...

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    I reported bad voice quality with the operator "Three / 3 Austria" and read on the internet that people reporting the same with "Three UK".


    It's now my second iPhone and it changed nothing on the voice quality issue. I did everything.


    Though i have to say i don't regard to the bumping voice issue which is explain very well by the swedish guy and seems to be just software problem (triggers need to be adjusted). I have a sound like "sand is boucing" on the speaker.


    As my iPhones (i have two now, the last one was sent back, i re-ordered and also bought one for my mum) are netlock free i dried other operators and in Austria with every other operator the voice quality is superb. On the lowest volume it's such a little bit too loud for me though the voices are clear, absolutely clear and no distortion or whatever.


    So if people not regarding to the bumping voice/volume issue i'll highly suggest trying an other operator. What also will do the trick:


    If you're not in an LTE covered area and can turn off 3G - so only GSM Voice Codecs will be used - your voice quality schould improve massively!



  • Cocoline93 Level 1 (0 points)

    I got the same problem with my iPhone 5. I'm living in France. And it's so frustating when you can't hear the person on the other line and all you can do is try to guess what he is saying... I already returned my first iPhone 5 and they gave me a new one but that didn't change anything at all, I still got the same problem. They told me if I still got the same problem I shoud change the nano SIM. I did but it didn't change anything either... I don't know what to do. We can only hope that apple fixes the problem, I suppose. Well, I'm still hoping ...

  • johannesbouwmeester Level 1 (0 points)

    I just received huge news from Apple Ireland: 'your iPhone5 call quality issue is real, the next iOS version will solve it.' They could not say when the new iOS version will be released. Later today they will ask 'Apple engineers' if the call quality issue can be resolved -immediately- by installing iOS 6.1b2. This is a version that can be downloaded from Apple by becoming a developer. I will update on this via Twitter (@icallquality).

  • roboticvoice7300 Level 1 (0 points)

    Let's hope this fixes the issue. I have been asked by Apple to replace my iphone 5 for the 4th time and try Sim card number 3 (all within 3 weeks) and I am reluctant this will change anything and I feel like waiting for the software update at this point before I decide to just call it all quits. Disappointing after a long, happy run with the 3GS.


    I have noticed something with my troubleshooting.  2 things - If I hold my phone with the inside of my hand against the back of the phone (like a person would normally do) I will get the muffled call and interference, etc.  If I hold the phone with only my fingertips (not comfortable) around the frame of the phone and keep the inside of my hand far away from making any contact with the back of the iphone 5, the call is much better, especially for the other party.  I have a hard case on my phone and this seems to be a problem even when the case is removed.


    I have also noticed that when I play an MP3 (purchased directly from Itunes) on my phone with the speaker, you can move your hand towards and away from the back of the phone and make the volume increase and decrease without even touching the phone. I'm wondering if the software update will fix this and if this is at all related.  I see more posts are showing up with iphone 5 speaker problems too. Also I notice any songs (I purchased from Itunes) when played on the speaker sound terrible, especially if there is a signifigant electric bass guitar presence in the song.  I have also tested the speaker while on hold with the Apple store and they put their 'on hold music' for you to listen to. I tried this from a landline and the hold music sounds perfect. From my iphone (lying on my desk with speaker on), the music is full of static and sounds like a radio station that is not tuned. This could be related to the troubleshooting problem above I noted with the back of the phone touching anything (hand, top of desk etc).  I tried this within seconds of each other so the same song was streaming during the test.


    Fingers crossed this all gets fixed soon!

  • kcn81 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi there,


    Apple just removed my last post because:



    "Recently you posted in Apple Support Communities a question regarding the Beta 3 beta available to Software Developers. Please be aware that Apple Support Communities forums are for released product support and Developers get support via the Apple Developer Connection.


    Your post, "Re: iPhone 5 bad call voice quality," was removed as it deals with pre-release software.


    We are eager to see more of the great apps you and other Developers continue to produce."






    01. I was not asking a question.

    02. I am not a developer.

    03. Most important (this time I will use more conform words): The problem we are encountering here does not seem to be solved by the solution @johannesbouwmeester was posting before :-)




  • kcipuk Level 1 (0 points)



    Well since this will be my last iPhone (I've previously owned the original, 3GS, 4 and 4S, despite all their issues, restrictions and the abomination that is iTunes) I can confirm that for me, the fading effect (not had the "robotic" issue) is resolved in b2 and b3.


    However, that does not excuse Apple's apparent ignorance and arrogance on this issue and unfortunately b3 is not available to the general public resulting in the "geniuses" still recommending multiple phone replacements to colleagues, friends and family. An insanely awful situation.


    I know so many people with this issues it’s not even funny and can’t believe they regard the loss of face as worse than admitting an issue and releasing a fix!

  • TJRTech Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't have the robotic issue either, but I seem to have the same problem as others and it manifests itself when I am on a phone conference in which other members are on the other end with several talking around a speaker phone.  Invariably there will be a couple around the mic on the other end that are further away, or talk low.  Now, usually (with various Blackberries I used for the last 5 years in this use case) you just can't hear those people well, or you would have to increase the volume of the phone to hear them.  But you could hear that they were talking.  It was not broken up, not choppy.


    Now, with the iPhone 5, lower volume talkers get chopped up.  You hear them for a second or so, then don't for a second or so, and it repeats, and when you don't hear them you hear silence.


    If I ask others to get closer to the mic and speak up, it helps, but for the most part since switching to the iPhone 5 I have become a nuisance on the phone when conferencing with others, and I have missed a lot of the conversations I am in.


    So, I do think it is faulty white-noise detection as others have suggested, and I think it is insane that this didn't get caught in QA.

  • kcipuk Level 1 (0 points)

    The fading is exactly the issue I had that seems to be resolved in b2/b3. However I still have a few people reporting I sound "muffled" and also seem to have an echo on some calls and others sometimes fail to connect, but these I suspect are other faults. As for QA... Aggh! I think it's pretty obvious there was practically none done.

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