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    I got 4 iPhone 5.

    One at the start which voice quality (BUMPING VOLUME is for me a software issue, i talk about HD-Voice icompatiblity with my operator) was awful. Returned it.


    A month later i bought a 16GB and a 32GB. 16GB is doing well on an another operator, battery life is excellent. 32GB on the network of "Three (Hutchison) Austria" still suffered from HD-Voice issue. Got it replaced two times. Any single phone had issues with HD-Voice and last one has also robotic voice when on EDGE. Also every phone had scratches.


    Apple refuses to change again (scratches, voice issue) though i'm in return period as the period always restarts when replacement arrives. I asked for an offer to keep the phone (bacause of the scratches) or to replace it. Apple simply said no.


    Well the only language Apple understands is -> money and sales. So i have no other option as to return this phone as well (16GB iPhone5 which i also own doesn't have any scratches).


    So i'm very disappointed that they refused to replace a scratched phone and don't acknowledge the voice problem.


    I really recommend to everyone suffering from similiar problems to return their phones. It's the cheapest phone in the market and for that money you could expect superior customer service and a working device (also purchased Apple Care).


    The sad thing is i was able to reproduce bad voice quality with countless other iPhone5 on my carrier. Most people just don't get it that there's a problem because the don't have comparison.

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    I also switched to a Verizon iPhone 5 from an AT&T iPhone 4.  I have the same issue of robotic voices, choppy sound quality and cutting out altogether at times.   I purchased at best buy, and have already returned it once.   2nd verizon phone has same issues.   I have tried all the fixes:


    • turning off bluetooth
    • turning on hearlng aid setting
    • resetting to factory instead of restoring from my iphone4 backup
    • resetting network settings
    • ugraded to new IOS 6.0.2 released just today


    and more.....My plan is to return the phone and try an iPhone 5 via AT&T.   However, based on 29 pages of similar complaints on this thread, I believe the problem is with the iPhone 5 itself, regardless of carrier.   I will try the iPhone 5 on AT&T for the same period of time 14 days, then return it for a 4S if the problem is not fixed by switching carriers.   I'll try to remember to come back here and post my findings.   Take a look below, its happening to alot of folks in alot of different situations.   I am hopeful that it might be fixed in the next version that is still in beta, but I'm not holding my breath.

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    I'm now almost calling for 2 weeks with my Iphone5 on a new provider and no more problems.

    For me changing to another provider has fixed this problem.

    I'm pretty sure it has to do something with the HD Voice and how providers are dealing with this.

    I'm a happy iphone5 user now :-) + I'm paying less than the previous provider :-))))

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    I just upgraded to iOS 6.0.2.  My voice is fine now (it was choppy and robotic-like before) and I called 3 people (2 cell and 1 landline to be sure).  I have an iPhone 5 64GB with Verizon in the US.  Maybe the update took the voice off HD or over the LTE network.  My guess would be that some phones are pre-set to use the new LTE networks.  Verizon has some information that voice and data cannot be done simultaneously yet due to the underdevelopment of the LTE network thus far.  Hopefully this update helps all the other issues.

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    How did you upgrade? My phone thinks 6.0.1 is the latest.  If you used a developer beta, can you say which beta solved it?  And if you are in the U.S., would you please perform the following test and report results: Use apple headphones in a very quiet room, call Hertz at +1 (877) 654-4400, turn the headset volume down to the lowest setting.  If you can hear the entire recording beginning to end (wait for the pause to hear it all, including the menu) without any drop-outs, that will be very encouraging.  I've found this test a way of reproducing the problem on multiple iphone 5 units and carrier networks - whereas the recording is clear and uninterrupted on iphone 4.  I'm looking forward to buying an iphone 5 as soon as the problem's resolved.

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    @ sk1sk1


    I also did the upgrade to IOS 6.0.2 just through my phone today.

    Maybe you can try via Itunes if your phone is not finding the update, are you connected to WIFI if you do the search to updates, if you are not connected to WIFI this could also be the problem...

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    sk, the 6.0.2 is now available. Your iphone 5 should allow you to upgrade. If it doesn't you should see a Genius at Apple. I'm on my 4th iPhone 5 and so far so good. It's frustrating but the folks at Apple have been great about changing out phones. Just hope this one works. Good luck everybody.

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    Ok thanks.  Could someone run the test I suggested for me and see what you get?  I've had the same experience - Apple very willing to swap out phones - but I had determined that 100% of the phones tested in the store had the same problem in the same way.  I didn't want to waste the world's resources - or Apple's - swapping phones needlessly, so I decided to wait and buy one when fixed.  It's good to hear it may be done already - in time for Xmas!

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    6.0.2 is only to fix the wifi bugs. It does not say to fix the "voice call" issue.

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    you seem to have it nailed as far as a good test. and it seems you have or will shortly update to the new beta. (i am assuming you still have your iphone5.) could you update to the new OS and do your test??


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    could you do sk1sk1's test and give us a report? thanks!

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    I can.  Just had a baby today (well my wife did), and the headphones are at home.  I'll try it by tomorrow.  Hopefully that update fixed it...

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  • whodathunkit Level 1 (0 points)

    yes, congratulations rickyfrom pittsburg! 


    i updated my OS to 6.0.2 and performed the 'sk1sk1 test'. major drop-outs in sound of in coming voice at lower volumes.  


    while i have been glad to discover this forum and find that i am not the only one experiencing this problem, i have to say i am majorly disappointed with the iphone5, my first iphone.


    does the iphone4s have the same problem? or do i just go to another vender (andriod, samsung or BB) to get a phone that works as a phone??

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    So I tried the suggested experiment this am.  I called the number and it was fine on the regular phone, it had to be at the third bar of volume for the headphones before it was clear enough to hear what they were saying.  I hope that helps.  Who knows if the 6.0.2 update did anything for voice.  It seems to be better now after a day of use.  Of note, my phone did not recognize the update until I hooked it up to iTunes (which I was actually about to backup to return the phone).  Close call!

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