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  • opticmotion Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm also having same issues with poor voice quality. I just bought 3 iphone 5's and have same complaint on all. I'm on Verizon, having just switched from Android and T-mobile, I'm not happy at all with the voice quality. Have 4 bars on both ends of calls.  At times it seems like the signal is overmodulated, thin, distorted, garbeled. etc. I've also noticed on several occassions that it sounds like my ears need to pop or as if I'm listening through a sea shell and has this hollow sound. The times when I notice it the worst are when there are other people in the background on the other callers phone. It makes it very difficult to hear what the caller is saying.

  • dysphonix Level 1 (0 points)

    You hit the nail on the head. I also came from Androi T-Mobile and call quality was A+ and Verizon iPhone5 is basically an F because you cannot use the phone to make any calls where you're not missing half the conversation.


    My dad has the same setup and he too has the same problem. Will check my girlfriend's iP5 tomorrow too. My guess is hers will have the same muffled (filtered) robotic (digitized, over-compression, distortion) qualities.


    If Apple doesn't respond to these very serious complaints then they have lost all credibility with me (and I own an iMac, 2 iPads, a MBP, AppleTV, and that doesn't include what I use Apple-wise at work) and I will slowly begin the painful transition of moving all of my devices and media back over to Android. This is ridiculous.

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    I had the same problem as most of you when i got an iphone 5 2 wks ago from AT&T. I called them and they replaced the phone and everything worked fine. I suggest doing the same.

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    Oracle, don't know if you're just trying to help, and if so great, but I've seen this post on 3 different sites pushing AT&T. There are a ton of people on AT&T who are having the exact same problem. There are people all over the world having this problem on every network out there. The person who started the macforums thread was on AT&T. If AT&T is the answer then why are people on AT&T still having the same problem??? And switching means getting out of a contract which is easier said than done. I was on AT&T before and they were the worst cell company in history. Just sayin'.

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    No offense. But why was AT&T the worst cell company? Apologize if not helping forum users. 

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    Please create a new discussion thread if anyone wants to discuss anything other than the specific call fading or robotic voice symptoms on iphone5, and please focus on your personal firsthand experience with that exact problem, nothing else. My 3rd iphone5 still has the problem. Easy way to reproduce it is by making a test call to hertz on-demand 877-654-4400 and use headphones and keep the volume low. The first 10 seconds of the recording will be choppy and robotic. You can also reproduce it by directly having the phone on your ears and seting the volume in a lower range.  If you call from a landline, it will be fine. I tested all the display phones in two Verizon stores using my iphone5 headphones and 4S headphones, and they had the same problem. The display models of iphone4S does not have the problem using my iphone5 headphones, so it is clear the problem is with the handset itself. I have not gone to an AT&T store to test their display phones, so I cannot comment on that. The Apple store does not have functional phones in their stores.


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    I had a friend complain about the same thing, with her new iphone 5.

    She sent me the link to this forum question.


    She came to my house today.


    I peeled off the factory applied thick plastic film off the front screen,

    Which was blocking the mic &amp; earhole cut out.


    All good now!


    Maybe, some (not all) people have the same simple problem?


    Merry Christmas :-)

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    Some people already posted the same thing you did before. But watch out, get some forum users get all "bent out of shape" stating the obvious. Also, let me clarify to people having problems with iPhone 5, I know not being much help, hope to get problems solved!

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    Beside this ridiculous post about the plastic film i now tried a Galaxy S3.


    I had to flash carrier branded ROM to make sure HD-Voice is enabled and what should i say ... Voice quality is awesome.


    So i think there are 2 main issues with voice quality here:


    First issue:

    - HD-Voice (AMR-WB) incorrect settings. Maybe to due no test devices from Apple for carrieres so they weren't able to provide correct ipcc profiles. Both Apple and the carriers are to blame. Because not every carrier with HD-Voice enabled suffers from muffled (and sound like sand on the speaker) voice quality on the caller side (my hearing the other person muffled .... set in any voice quality issue here, except bumping volume).

    If you suffer from this problem you may also suffer from massive battery drain during standby.


    - Bumping volume. This is clearly a thing for an audio engineer as there's a treshold wrong. I called a Sony xPera S two times - with iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. The latter offered superb voice quality.With the iPhone 5 i had troubles understanding the person whom i was talking with. It sounded like the software wanted to overcompensate something and offering absolute silence so only the voice of the other person is present. Though if the voice is speaking quiet or changes a lot during a call (like from talking in normal to whispering) the effect is so clear that it could be recorded by just holding a mic to the speaker of the iPhone (that one to your ear not that one on the bottom). All in all you get the impression like there' stuttering/lag. That's the software trying to filter out ambient noise on the other side. Don't ask why your iPhone is doing that. Normally the other phone is supposed to cancel out ambient noise.


    Another annoying thing to me is that noises containing fizzling like when speaking an "s" the iPhone often playback such things very loud or louder than the normal conversation. That's annoying and Galaxy S3 doesn't do that.


    So for now i consider keeping the S3 and wait for the next iPhone to be released. I really have to make phone calls and can't afford an € 789,- iPod Touch with the ability to make poor phone calls


    Oh and i already told you that apple refused to change my phone again (every single phone had scratches). Luckily returning the phone was possible (but no exchange). I changed the phone 3 times.

  • Charles Park Seward Level 1 (55 points)

    There is an AT&T app in iTunes that lets you tell AT&T about your call quality. Search for "Mark the Spot" in the App store. It also has tips for improving connections.


    It also locates AT&T WiFi hot spots.

  • jvw19666 Level 1 (0 points)

    Obviously my post wasn't ridiculous because it fixed my friend's audio problem on her iphone 5.


    Get a life geek!


    Not everything needs to be complex.

  • AJV-CLT Level 1 (0 points)

    Same darn problem. I can hear eveyone clearly but I sound muffled and soft to everyone else. Going to return the phone to Verizon tomorrow. Kinda a crappy way to get my xmas present.

  • SeaRabbit Level 1 (0 points)

    My Finance HATES her iPhone 5 on ATT for the call quality issues! My ATT iPhone 5 black-32Gb seems just a little better than hers (white 16Gb).

    She wants her old 4 back, but we sold it to Gazelle, and we're locked in now.


    Apple did replace her first iPhone 5, then ATT replaced the SIM, and no improvement! The 'genious' at Apple Store was a bit of an *** about it too, like we were trying to get a new phone to replace the 2 week old one for no reason!!!


    People can't hear her frequently. And she OFTEN can't hear me... enough that she now hates talking on the iPhone.


    I'm with the others here, I have all the Apple toys... ALL of them. But, if this iPhone5 can't perform as a phone first and foremost, then I'll be looking at Android next contract.

  • Router Level 3 (530 points)

    Fixed mine and my daughters as well.  We were told (by Best Buy) we could leave the protection film on until we got a "real" screen protector and perhaps some others have been misinformed as well.  Thanks for your post. 

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    By the way.  I have a Griffin Survivor case.  Wonderful case for backcountry skiing and climbing, but for the life of me it seems to render the Phone part of the IPhone5 totally unuseable.  Calls sound like Alexander Graham Bell trying to get through to Watson.


    I note all the 'protective film' comments above, and I found it hard to believe that a cover on the front of the IPhone5 would leave it non-funtional as a phone.


    However, if I take the plastic front cover off my Survivor case, it seems to work better - but then it is no longer doing its job of protecting my $800.00 phone.


    What gives?

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