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  • TJRTech Level 1 Level 1

    Exactly.   This is not just a headset issue.


    The problem is the pickup and play of low-volume input from the remote source (other party).  This happens most often when others on the other side are on a conf call and around a speaker phone and one of the participants is far from the mic, or can even occur in recorded messages from an IVR system played at low volume.  And, the problem is that the sound cuts in and out (some pickup, then dead silence, and it repeats for a fraction of a second or so).  If you turn up the volume it gets better, but if at a "reasonable" volume you get lots of chop or total silence for soft-talkers, low volume messages.


    It's a real problem, and I suspect just about ANYONE who uses the phone in these use cases will have this problem with an iPhone 5.  Those that say they have no problems, I submit, don't use their phone for sources that have low volume, are far from mic, and are listened to at a lower (first 3 or 4 bars of volume) which if sitting in an office and using a headset SHOULD be loud enough.

  • caleahe Level 1 Level 1

    Just spoke to a Verizon rep who told me that Apple IS aware there is a problem and apple is going to send out some sort of update or repair for the issue "sometime within the year". I just bought the 5 yesterday, had this issue, traded it this morning for a new one, and same issue, for me its static noise every time the person on the other line talks. the phone yesterday was bad when my mom was talking it would fuzz out the last part of her sentence kinda like on the Peanuts when the adults talk..super annoying, I am going to try it for a couple days and I might just switch to the 4s.

  • stoutie Level 1 Level 1

    I hope within the year doesn't mean within 2013. That's a year from now. And as for some previous posts, the temporary plastic protective cover on a new iPhone 5 is not the reason most people are having this problem. Yes, removing it is a good idea, and it definitely makes the phone work better because it was never designed to stay on the phone, but I can understand why some whould think it is since there are after-market plastic covers. As some have stated this is also not just a problem with the headphones. I rarely use them and the handset itself is just as troublesome as the headphones. It is also not limited to verizon. I don't know if it's the phone or the software or the carriers, I just hope they sort it out. I'm a big fan of Apple and this is a surprise.

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    Mac OS X

    If you turn on hearing aid mode you will get relief with non-headset use. This doesn't help with headset use however. (I suspect turning off hearing aid mode disables some compression and some noise cancellation).

  • dysphonix Level 1 Level 1

    Totally agree. Turning on hearing aid mode improved call quality to about 80% acceptable from 40%. The compression/digitization/robitic/drop-out qualities have significantly decreased although not entirely disappearing.


    Also noticed another thing with this setting...


    Before turning on hearing aid mode, people could not understand me when I would hold my phone between my shoulder and ear (not using my hand). I would cut out to the point of the other end not hearing anything that I was saying. This has disappeared now with hearing aid mode turned on.

  • Gunker Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem with my iPhone 5 64GB Black, when on a call I can't hear the person that I'm speaking to clearly, the sound is crackling with a lot of interference, I've tried the suggested soft boot etc. but no change, now waiting for a Genius Bar appointment on Monday 7 Jan. 13 in Apple Store, Bentall Centre, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, hoping that they can resolve the issue, not impressed!

  • dysphonix Level 1 Level 1

    In the meantime, try turning Hearing Aid on and see if that makes it better. It did for well as others.

  • desageda Level 1 Level 1

    The hearing aid helps most of the time, unforunally not all the time. :-(


    What I also experienced is that when the call is bad and I tab on the back of the Iphone, where the rear microfoon is, the call (voice) comes out more clearly. Have you guys experienced this allready?

  • SheriIpod Level 1 Level 1

    So frustrated just have to write again to share the latest experience. As I wrote earlier this week, I've been with Apple technical support on this issue for months now. Yesterday I spoke with the rep again. She said she doesn't know when the fix will come--it could be hours from now or it could be three months from now. I said I had been patient enough and I simply can't do my job (interviewing people in a quiet room) without either not hearing the other person fully or killing my hearing raising the volume so high. She asked me to go to the Apple Store and switch out the phone again, said she knows plenty of people with iPhone 5s that don't complain of this problem. I asked her if she has read this forum and she told me the Apple Support people are not ALLOWED to read the forums! Something about how everyone's conditions are different etc. So I backed up the stupid phone, went to the store, waited a frigging hour, gave the "Genius" guy the Hertz number to test the issue. He heard it right away. They only had two of my type of phones there and we swapped to one...same problem...then the other, same problem. The problem was, for whatever reason or rule, they couldn't then swap me back to my original phone, so I had to wipe that one, restore the new one, go through setting up the whole f*ing phone again, inputting five different email passwords, downloading media, etc etc. by the time I finished with all of this I had spent SEVEN hours of my day messing around. I wanted to cry. I feel so trapped with this phone I paid so much for and has cost me so much in terms of time and work productivity. Why didn't you return it right away, you might ask? Because I bought it from Radio Shack the first day of the new release and thought I just got a lemon...they had no other ones in stock the next day and by the time they got more in, my two weeks were gone. I feel trapped and have absolutely begged for them to swap me back to the iPhone 4, but they say it is not possible. Don't know what to do anymore...

  • sk1sk1 Level 1 Level 1



    I can understand your frustration - I waited until the last day to return my iPhone 5 and switched back to my iPhone 4.  Even on the last day I still considered keeping iPhone 5.  It's a lovely smartphone, except for the phone part.  Hope is our best quality.  My suggestion is to get yourself a cheap temporary dumb phone for placing phone calls, or use Skype (assuming you've got an unlimited data plan), while we wait for Apple to fix it.  If Apple doesn't fix it, there's always Gazelle.

  • Hw7 Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem for me but on outgoing calls all sounds very tinny and strange. My incoming calls are perfectly fine! Have booked appointment with apple tomorrow hoping they replace the phone and see if this solves it..

  • Adam1234567890 Level 1 Level 1

    All the symptoms and aggrivation you express are completely inline with how I am feeling.

    1. I never wanted this stupid phone - my IT department advised it
    2. I had to pay for it myself!
    3. No one told me that it will be useless for receiving and making calls.
    4. My SIM card had to be changed for the micro one so I cannot go back to a 'normal' phone that actually works without a lot of hassle with my provider (Proximus)
    5. Not sure what to do but I do know that the shop have sold me a product that is not fit for purpose i.e. to make and receive calls and therefore I have full rights for a 100% cash refund under European retail trade law.
    6. I do not want to go through all the hassle of switching phones like the other readers - I simply do not have that kind of time to waste.
    7. I think I will just demand a full refund and buy a Samsung or even a Nokia - remember those? Phones with a week between charging...
  • stoutie Level 1 Level 1

    I found this yesterday:



    Guy who's been following this closely claims there is a possible bug fix for this on January 9th. If not, I'll have to take my 4th iphone 5 back in the get yet another replacement. Kinda sad.

  • Gabex247 Level 1 Level 1

    I have been having all these issues as well. Apple has already swapped out phone, AT&T has swapped out SIM card and the issues are still there.


    I am getting the following issues:


    Garbled noise, static, key press like noises, echoing, delayed voice relay, and dropped calls.


    I just spoke with AT&T and they have re-opened the case and will be looking into the network side of things. I will provide an update on this when I hear from them. According to the tech at AT&T, he said that anyone experiencing  these should escalate these in order for Apple to check this out.


    To add, I previously came from an iPhone 4S which had the moderate issues with cell phone in general but nothing like this. I provided the tech agent examples of numbers, dates, and times to see if they can pull any information from those instances. If anyone has similar issues like this and have opened a case with AT&T, we should start posting these case #'s for reference and make them fix this issue since we are paying for it.


    If anyone has any questions, you can post on here or email me at

  • Gabex247 Level 1 Level 1

    Just wondering, did you have any luck on this issue? I just made a post about similar issues and for some reason, Apple and AT&T seem to think this issue is somewhat isolated to just me when it clearly is not.

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