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    For me the enabeling of the "Hearing Aid" Setting brought kinda good results.

    At least the noice cancellation seems to be gone now and i can understand my calling partner quite good.


    hope that works for you guys as well.


    go to: settings -> general -> accessibility -> hearing aid


    try it

  • xpla Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well that's a solution which really works (if it isn't a AMR-WB Codec issue which is common for the carrier "3 Hutchison") but the volume is much too loud for me when hearing mode is enabled.

  • relais12 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Its just my observation.

    Turning off my DECT Phone close to

    an iPhone 5 completely resolves

    the problem!

    Never had that problem with my iPhone 4


    Any technicians out there?

  • rickeyfrompittsburgh Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Has anyone tried resetting to factory defaults to get rid of all updates?

  • sk1sk1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I invite you and others who say some measure completely resolves "the problem" to be more specific about which problem, and how you verfied that the problem was resolved.  If you're referring to the drop-out problem, would you kindly perform the simple test I've detailed in an earlier post, and report if you can get your iPhone 5 to pass that test?  I don't know of anyone who has been able to do that.

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    I just switchd back to my iPhone 4S yesterday and since then, I have been making call after call and haven't had the issues I experienced with iPhone 5.


    On a bad note, going backwards from using the 5 to a 4S makes me really mad because now I have an almost new iPhone 5 sitting in a box ;(

  • stoutie Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't believe there are 2 different versions of the iPhone 5 (carrier systems aside). And if someone is a 'reliable source' they would actually know what the problem is and know how to fix it. The hearing aid thing does nothing. Nothing. The Hertz test is a good test, but I get even worse reception when I call Verizon's own help line and listen to their recording. I even get mediocre reception when I call the Apple help line. Ironic. Just hope for a software or firmware fix. At this point that's about all I can do, since although Verizon claims they're looking into my case, I have little confidence that they will be able to solve it. I'm not sure Verizon even knows what it is. Good luck all.

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    What is a DECT phone? Is that the same as what AT&T call a microcel phone? If so, those are what is causing many of the problems from what I was told.AT&T stated that have several surrounding my location. Are these the same?

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    Going back to the 4S worked for me, too. Unfortunately the "deleted voicemail" files didn't transfer over on the iTunes backup. Oh well. Did you all see the iPhone 5 whiners skit last night on SNL? Haha. Puts our little problems in perspective.  On the other hand none of the whiners were complaining that they couldn't use their phones as phones for work! But we are lucky we can afford this useless thing...and this is a lesson.

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    Dear SK1SK1


    I can confirm I did the test today, I phoned the Hertz number and it worked fine on my iphone 5 and on my fixed line. One minute/call my iphone 5 is fine in another instant it is totally uncomprehendable, even in the same conversation the problem can come and go, that is what makes it so annoying. when it works fine I feel great, when it works badly (most often in an important business call) I want to throw it against the wall.

    I am getting so upset about it - the only thing that is keeping me sane is the fact that other people are suffering alongside me.


    I called the Apple help desk today, both the support people told me that their iphones worked great and how much they 'loved' them. That really made me feel better - not!  They got me to re-install my phone from scratch and surprise, surprise - no difference!


    They could not arrange a replacement because Apple support's it system was down today. 2.5 hours of my Sunday was wasted in fruitless effort.

  • Adam1234567890 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes I did it today - complete waste of time.  I went back to factory default, reinstalled phone without any additional apps. exactly the same... don't waste your time or build up false hope like I did

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    'The reliable source' was only mentioning that Apple switched from using 'Audience's' technology to their own technology after the first Iphone 5's were released and that the second bath was causing problems.  Now he cannot fix it because he is not a telephone software programmer or hardware expert and does not work for Apple, this is what he was told from a representative of Apple to explain why so many of his customers were having problems while others were not...

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    My 2nd iPhone 5 works fine with o2 Germany in Berlin. But i was in Bawaria for three weeks and there were old problems with my 1st iPhone 5 back again. Static and robotic voice and often call drops with Edge- and a terrible WLAN-connection in hotel.


    My iPhone:




    Model introduced: 2012

    Serial number: C38JKYE8DTWG

    Production year: 2012

    Production week: 42 (October)

    Name: iPhone 5

    ModelCode: iphone_5

    Model Number: MD299

    Group1: iPhone


    Generation: 7

    Machine Model: iPhone5,1

    CPU speed: 1.3GHz

    Family name: Become a pro user to see this information. (sorry)

    Screen size: 4 inch

    Screen resolution: 1136x640 pixels

    Colour: Black

    Capacity: 32GB

    Factory: C3 (China)

    External link: Technical specifications by

    External link: Repair guide by iFixit

    Uitbreidingen: Uitbreidingsmogelijkheden van dit apparaat


    But it works more better than my 1st!

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    I've recently begun using my phone for work and noticed this issue. I've been on conference calls where one person sounds fine and then others I cannot understand at all. Usually those that are speaking softer. I've tried with and without the earpods and both have the issue but with earpods it is considerably worse. Swapped earpods for other earbuds and headsets and they are equally as bad. When I called support I could not understand anything the rep said then I unplugged the earpods and explained my problem. Got the usual - reset, restore, blah blah blah. This is unacceptable! Apple should be addressing this problem. Next step is to the Genius Bar I guess and see what they say.

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