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  • cristianro Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    i came from a GS3 and now i regret getting the iphone 5 . I think Apple its ignorant when lots of people have problems with their phone. I replaced my iphone 5  three time within 1 week because defective out of the box. Now at my 3rd device i still have problems but i want to wait for a newer batch of iphones before i go swap it. i got freezing,poor quality voice calls,green tint when  unlocked , unresponsive screen after making a phone call ... Apple the big company they are dont care about sending updates to fix the flaws . Of course they wait 5 months for a update because they are Apple and can !!!  I am dissapointed as many other people here and i will go back to a different brand.

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    Surprise, surprise! My replacement Apple iphone 5 arrived today. (It cost me 29EUR to have it expressed delivered to me from Apple) and I had to pay for a new iphone until they get my old one back!  Guess what? It's just the same as my old one. Second call in - exactly the same robotic voice with dropouts and impossible to understand. It was an important client call! This phone is simply not fit for purpose and I will be seeking redress from Apple.

    If my company delivered products of this poor quality, we would not be in business. It's amazing that no one in Apple support has even heard of the problem I describe to them. Aparently I am the only one!


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    I completely know how you feel and have already been through that cycle as well. Email me because I'm about to take that avenue as well. I simply cannot use this phone with these issues and all I get is replacements that seem to do the same thing. My email address is public so you can obtain it there since I'm not sure what the rules are for posting it :-(.

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    Ok so I've had my phone a month, it's an I phone 5 on uk vodaphone, my calls are static and robotic, had a brand new phone from apple after travelling miles to nearest apple shop!!! New phone has same problem!! I've tried everything and I'm slowly loosing patience with it! I feel like smashing it up with a hammer, if this is not sorted within a month then buy buy apple, hello galaxy s3 :-(

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    I've hated the overally aggressive noise gating on the iphone5 from the beginning.  Is there any word on a software fix for this?  This will be my last iphone if not addressed...

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    Try plugging up the rear mic (right next to camera) with small pieces of tape. That has helped with the ridiculous noise gating...


    Apple, this is getting really old....probably my first and last iPhone...

  • Declan MacLeod Level 4 Level 4 (1,655 points)

    dysphonix wrote:


    Try plugging up the rear mic (right next to camera) with small pieces of tape. That has helped with the ridiculous noise gating...


    I tried covering the mic with my finger whilst talking -- it did not noticeably help.

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    I'm still having the problem where people are saying I sound muffled when I call them. I've had 3G problems anyway so bad that I've had to switch 3G and use EDGE (I'm on Vodafone UK) in order to get a decent call. Although there's less breakup on EDGE, I'm still sounding muffled. Oddly though, when I make calls via the MobileVOIP app I sound much clearer to people, leading me to wonder if the muffled sound is in fact a network issue.

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    Update from my post a couple of days ago:  I went to the Apple store as recommeded by the online support and they replaced my phone.  The phone quality is much better now, athough not as good as my old LG Versa, but probably will keep me from returning this phone and getting a DROID.


    Also, when I restored my settings I did not upgrade to iOS 6.0.2.  Not sure if that is a contributor, but I will upgrade in a few days and see if there is any adverse affect.  If there is I will post my result.

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    I hope Apple is listening to this post... I see a lot of complaints.

    @dysphonix no root cause or solutions that I can find! I have tested against my bank and insurance company (both long hold times ). Both have "Phone Automated Assitance"... you know the typical "..hit one (1) for English or two (2) for Espanol ... etc,..." Typically, when I get to the second question the sound has cut out and I have to wait to use a LAN line or something other than an iPhone! I have used other iPhones on Verizon and AT&T both carriers(phones) will do the same.

    This is very frustrating and I hope a solution is found... If anyone has heard of one for this topic I hope they chime in soon!!!

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    I have had the same problem which I have just solved.

    As strange as this sounds the remedy I found was to place my mouth over the ear speaker and suck inward a few times, now my speaker is back to full volume. Hope this helps.....

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    I did the same as well.  I went to the Genius Bar and they swapped out the phone.  I will keep it at 6.0 until there is communication that the update will fix the voice.  Let us know if the 6.02 brings back the problem.

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    I have the iPhone 5 since several months and the same problems with bad voice quality (robotic voice) and dropped phonecalls. There is a statistic from an austrian provider, that the amount of dropped phonecalls of the iPhone 5 is twice as big as for the Samsuns S3 for instance.


    Link: es.php


    Why the **** is Apple acting so ignorant? The iPhone 4 was such a good smartphone, the iPhone 5 is definitely the last Apple Smartphone!


    Greetings from Germany


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    As you're from Germany you're able to read the whole text and understand what's written their. The identified two major problems:


    a) iPhone is not optimized to the network of the provider

    b) Design of the the iPhone ist not the best for perfect reception of mobile signal


    ad a) T-Mobile is the worst carrier in Austria. Some say Orange but Orange has not the best coverage but a stable network. T-Mobile offers in wide areas of Austria only mobile speeds up to 1MB Down und if you're lucky 1MB Up. On the same place with Hutchsion 3 or A1 you'll get most likely 20MB Down and 4-5MB Up. T-Mobile invested in upgrading their network to SingleRAN and this project finished in Oct/Nov 2012 to be able to offer LTE if new frequencies are available after an auction. Befor the whole network was not updated since years! There have been a few LTE field tests but limited to small areas (Vienna/Graz ... and don't know from more ...).


    Also 3 has issues with the iPhone as therei AMR-WB implementation is screwed up and does not work with the iPhone5. I told this multiple times in this thread.


    To be fair, this test says that T-Mobile has the best voice quality (in terms of MOS-LQO/MOS-LQO) and success connections. BUT the test was critized because only main spot areas were tested. So let's make a reality check. Austria is a land rich of mountains and valleys. So primary the test is just for marketing as it HUGELY depends on where you are in Austria. The best carrier sometimes doesn't have coverage or only GSM where 3 Hutchison has HDSPA+ Coverage. Overall the test states that every single carrier in Austria is still better in terms of quality than any other carrier in Germany.


    ad b) iPhone5 had one of the best receptions i've ever sawn. The made great improvements and learned from Antenna-Gate. Personally i had EDGE coverage in elevators with my iPhone5 ...


    There's one thing the article didn't mentioned. Did the measured just iPhone 5 from their own network? T-Mobile is a fallback network for 3 Hutchison. Where no 3G coverage is available you automatically roam (not multiple operator, single network technology) into the network of T-Mobile. So maybe the whole article is distorted because of issues while roaming back to the 3G network OR not roaming back as it never was possible for me during a call ...). But this is one major source of issues!


    And as an additional information -> there's an ongoing discussion on a quite huge website in Austria about this article and most people aren't able to comprehend this article because personal experience states the oponnent.

  • Lulukasimir Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear xpla,


    the link I posted was only an example. The problem with the bad antenna was a reference to the iPhone 4 (1st generation). I also mentioned the problems in the Deutsche Telekom Service-Forum:



    There are hundreds (probably thousands) of people with the same problems. The network of the Deutsche Telekom is by far the best network with highly down- and uprates in mobile connections. I never had any problems with my iPhone 4, even at places with bad connection-quality. I also changed the hardware and the SIM-Card several times! Nothing changed... so you want to tell me its not a fault of Apple?


    Since September 2012 the iPhone 5 is released and people around the world have problems with the iPhone 5.


    I don't really get what you're trying to say with your response.




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