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    Could you please read my post?


    You linked an article about Austria. So, Connect (a german magazine for mobile communication) stated that any carrier in Austria has a far better network than any carrier in Germany.


    Next thing, i talk about T-Mobile in Austria and  so does your cited article (from So please don't talk about T-Mobile or Vodafone or whatever network in Germany will be the best. Networks in Austria are better by coverage. In a year we'll have quite anywhere LTE coverage. Germany not and no other country. That's because Austria was and is a test market for mobile communication. At the moment there are issues about the frequencies and a merger between Orange and 3 Hutchsion who delayed the auction for using existing frequencies with LTE technology but every carrier is ready for full LTE coverage.

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    What surprises me with the iPhone5 is just how many people have had problems with it, yet there's been virtually no publicity for this fundamental problem.

    If all else fails, we expect to be able to do the basics on our phones - making calls & sending texts. I don't care how good the other features on a phone are if they can't perform the 2 basic functions.


    I am going for my Apple Genius appointment first thing tomorrow morning but I don't hold out much hope as the muffled mic problem sounds like it's a design fault and not something those in store can help with.

  • Morten Bibow Hansen Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Here in Denmark, switching 3G off (Settings – General – Cellular) solve the problem with dropped connections and "tinny sound quality".


    I am not sure what this means, relating to a hardward/software problem in the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s work fine with 3G enabled, in this same location.


    I have tested three iPhone 5 in this exact location. All three units had the same sound quality problem. All three units responded favorably to switching 3G off.




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    Turning 3G off means that you use another Voice-Codec and your iPhone doesn't try to establish AMR-WB (HD-Voice) connection. This issue has nothing to do with the original issue discuss here (bumping volume because of noise gate threshold). But this is also an issue and i have it on 3 Hutchsion (just "Three" in UK) here in Austria.

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    Xpla calm down I never said that any german network coverage is better than austrian. You certainly know the saying "Wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil." As I said before, the link was only an example. Don't get me wrong, but I don't care about austria's network coverage.


    I will use my iPhone for approx. 99% in germany.




  • heskethbang Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Interesting Morten.


    I too have found switching 3G off helpful - not with the muffled sound problem, but with call quality - I'm in a strong 3G area but I just cannot use 3G where I live - the signal breaks up and calls are constantly dropped. I switch to EDGE and the calls are more stable. (Vodafone UK)


    It's pretty outrageous really isn't it - that the phone Apple have sold me for £700 can't actually do the basics!

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    Klar verstehe ich das Sprichwort. The issue is you cited an article from an austrian website where an austrian carrier document was leaked stating that the iPhone 5 has more dropped calls than other phones.


    So we need to talk about networks in Austria and in detail about T-Mobile network. Someone questioned the reported stastic because far more iPhone5 where in the report than S3 so normalisation had to bee done to make percentages comparable. Higher drop rate by twice as much S3 doesn't mean less quality




    That's an issue with AMR-WB and Apple not giving test samples to carrier. So they can't tweek settings like the do on Android with the CSC file.

  • Lulukasimir Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So you're telling me that higher drop-rates mean better quality? Maybe this was not the best example for the problems I have, but you get what I tried to say, do you?

  • xpla Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I highly doubt you are able to read.


    If you have a statistic for example and test 1 million iPhone5 but only 500.000 Galaxy S3 your data will be distorted. A higher failure rate on the iPhone5 must not be an overall higher failure rate because the sample is 1 million to 500.000. I hope i made this clear to you.

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    I highly doubt you understood the article. The DCR is the average value. This means, that the dropped calls from 100 iPhones is doubled in comparison to 100 Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • Morten Bibow Hansen Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    "I highly doubt you understand basic politeness......"

    Why don´t you drop the condescending tone, and stick to the topic.

    I you feel entitled to chew people out, the internet provide plenty of opportunity!



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    Hello all European friends, it's not your network providers that are causing this voice call problem, it's the iPhone 5 noise cancelling system (with the extra micro phone) that causes this.


    If you can, please test your iPhone 5 against iPhone 4S side by side and you would see it for yourself.

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    Oh please, please stay away from posting.


    ssspluto go read the full thread or just please stay away. You didn't even care reading what i wrote above. But let me outline that for you:


    Two major problems:


    a) Noise cancellation with wrong thresholds for low-noise clipping

    b) AMR-WB issues because of wrong carrier settings


    ad a) Demonstrated by Johannes

    ad b) Phone calls sounds much better when not on 3G? This refers to the AMR-WB issue and has something to do with the fact able doesn't give test samples out to the carriers. But on some carriers they work just fine so it's more screwed up by the carrier. This has nothing and i repeat NOTHING to do with the noise concellation.


    Once again:

    Voice sounds grainy, muffled -> AMR-WB issue, provider settings must be fixed

    Bumping, clipped voice -> Noise cancellation issue

    Dropped Calls -> go to an other thread! Dropped calls aren't related to noise cancellation and AMR-WB


    So please only post if you have a clue about it and have been able to test it. I did! I tried 4 iPhone5 + iPhone5 from friends and family. I tried every single carrier in Austria. And you can count on that what i've written above.

  • unpunishable Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear xpla, I have no idea why you're bullying people here and messing up the thread, but I will still reply. The thing is that people all over the world are experiencing the same problem - I'm in Russia now, and I've followed this thread from the start - there are people from everywhere! And, moreover, I'm experiencing all the three problems you've mentioned! Is it worth posting about or shall I shut up, dude?

  • xpla Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Deactivate 3G (and if there's no option i can't help you) and your calls should sound much better. Dropped Calls - use a better carrier. Noise cancellation - wait for Apple to fix it.

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