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    Did you have swap the phone in the telenet store?

    I contacted apple and today i'll recieve a new one.  Hope that helps.

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    I just had this issue a few minutes ago and google let me here.  First solution I saw (turn off LTE) worked.  But I will have to get back and update if issue is permanently fixed.  I will try to turn on LTE later in the day and give my feedback as well.

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    Ok some weeks ago a posted a message in which I complained about the bad voice quality and poor phoning characteristics of the Iphone 5 (call gets disconnected in the middle of a conversation, unable to reach people by phone), while I didn't have these issues at all with my previous phone (a Blackberry) and I use the same telephone operator and the same subscription (I live in Belgium and use Base).


    I went to the store to get a new Iphone 5.

    After 2 weeks (during which I moved back to my old blackberry and did not experience ANY problem at all) I received a new Iphone 5.


    I must say that the bad voice quality has been gone almost completely gone.

    I almost never experience it again.

    But what I do experience now more is that I cannot reach people by phone.

    It occurs very often that I try to reach people by phone, but I don't get any connection.

    It just tries to connect during 20s more or less, and then I hear a 'beep beep beep', meaning the connection failed.


    I did not experience this problem with my Blackberry.


    It's a real pitty because I love the Iphone because of all the things you can do with it.

    It appears that the only thing you cannot use it for, is making phone calls...

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    Hi all


    I am a Swedish fan of Apple and I am havin the same problem with my iPhone 5. I can bearly hear what my customer are saying to me and I have to ask for their number and call them back on a normal phone. This is totaly unaccepable for a mobile phone and aspecially a expensive one like the iP5. I am dissaponted and I will talk to the company who I got the phone from. We are living in Sweden where we have very high quality on the networks so if they start pushing me around I will shout about the products poor quality.


    I love Apple, use their products in my work and expect Apple to deliver good phones. If nothing changes I will have to turn my self to reliable Ericsson or Nokia, this is atleast Scandinavian quality.


    Rolf Guldstrom.

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    did you solve the problem with the iphone and the survivor case, i seem to have the same problem!



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    After reading through these posts there is only one question to ask now; What is apple going to do about this problem??!?

    Considering that this is a very expensive phone I expect it to be flawless! Apps not working is a problem I can live with but the software being worse than that of an iP3g that is just not acceptable.

    Fix it Apple or give me my money back

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    Wife and I got new iPhone 5's 2 days ago. Hers works fine, I have the infamous muffled call syndrome!   I'm not sure if its worth all the aggravation.  

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    On my 5th iPhone 5. Seriously. Genius Bar people are true professionals, as always. This phone, finally, seems to be perfect in call quality. I'll give it a few days, but so far it's what it should have been all along. I'll keep my fingers, and toes well-crossed.

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    Well, I do have a promising update on my part.  It seems I may have spoke too soon.  My call quality problem seems to be from the Lifeproof case I had on it.  I have since removed the case, and have not had a complaint in a couple of days. However, my wife is still using her lifeproof case on her iPhone 5, and she has no issues. The strange part is, if we switch cases my phone still has call quality issues and hers doesn't. So it is something different about the phone.  However, I'd rather not use that case than take the chance of switching phones and getting something worse.

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    I've had 3 iPhone 5's and all have the problem ... Honestly to the nay Sayers on here you wouldn't know if you have the problem unless someone tells you because you can't tell it's happening when it is ... Also the case can affect it ... Covering the noise cancel mic on the back near the camera in general affects it so depending how you hold your phone you could have the problem it is very frustrating.  I've so far tried case, no case. Reinstalling iOS fresh using no apps. Exchanging twice, updating iOS (tho no updates reflect a fix in their version notes).  Frankly this reminds me of the antenna bug where Steve jobs said you just need to hold your phone a certain way haha. So ridiculous.  Get rid of this stupid feature or have the user be able to turn off noise cancellation and fixed.

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    It works for me to shut off 3G when i want to talk. A tip i got in this thread. It's also the official answer you get from my telecom company if you complain to them. 


    It's **** of annoying of course. It's interesting though. My dealer have sold approx 1000 units of Iphone 5 so far and they haven't heard about this problem. So i guess it must be a batch of bad phones.

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    Or you could hold your phone differently than other people?  Or have a different case.

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    Has anyone heard about apple actually fixing this problem? ive tried turning off the 3G as suggested in this thread but i still have the problem. What a complete waste of an iphone. Nothing left to do but send it back i guess.

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    The same problem in Poland. There is only one solution: switch off 3G. I've sent my phone to service. They haven't found any problem. In my opinion problem is connected with automatic switching between 3G / 2G. I'm waiting for official answer from service iSource in Poland.

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    Sounds silly but have you taken the screen protected off???


    The ones that are on the phone when you buy it don't have a cut out for the sound speaker.

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