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    This  problem appears both on telephone sound speaker and headphones. So it is not connected  with screen protection.

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    my problems wee definately related to my griffin survivor case as when i removed it the reception was good. Griffin suggested that it was the sound receiver near the camera but were basically in denial. I have pulled off the covers over the microphones and that has improved things quite a bit as per advice availble on these forums


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    So I have the Griffin case too on my iPhone 5.  I ripped off the protective cover near the camera and everyone can hear me better.  I think this may be a solution, Leon, for some or maybe a good number of iPhone 5 users.  You seem to have to have the camera uncovered since there is a mic there.  My son actually ripped off the camera cover, so I can thank a three year old for fixing my problem.  Smarter than a 5th grader?  Try smarter than an engineer...

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    Check this out:



    I'm on my 5th iPhone 5 and so far this one has been great (knock on wood). I have a feeling there was more of a problem than just cosmetics. Apple was great with me, as always, so I'm grateful for the working phone even if it was a pain. I suspect no one wants to talk about a major problem with the 5 and they've solved it by now with the latest phones.

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    REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE PLASTIC SHIPPING COVERS! These are not meant to be left on the phone. They cover the microphones. They are only to protect the surfact of the iphone during manufacturing and shipping.

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    I removed the plastic protective cover from my iphone. All 5 of them, and all the previous iPhones I've owned. So did most of the folks who've had problems. Anyone who is familiar with iphones knows to do this. This is not the problem for most people. Thanks for your great insight though, all caps and everything.

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    I REMOVED THE PROTECTIVE PLASTIC SHIPPING COVER!  Thanks for the genius insight brah!


    Anyways, back to topic at hand.  This happened to me twice.  First time, I let my phone drain its battery and eventually die - after turning it back on (while charging), the issue got resolved.  Second time, this happened while my phone was JBroken - I uninstalled the last tweak I installed (for me, it was Auxo) and issue was fixed.  It has not manifested since then.


    I guess this is more of a glitch that cannot be reproduced at will - and when a funky turn of events happen on the iPhone's system files, for some reason it funks up the system altogether.  And the only thing (in my case, that is) to resolve the issue is to drain the battery or uninstall the conflicting tweak.

  • Charles Park Seward Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)

    You parhaps haven't read all the posts from people leaving the covers on...


    "So I have the Griffin case too on my iPhone 5.  I ripped off the protective cover near the camera and everyone can hear me better.  I think this may be a solution, Leon, for some or maybe a good number of iPhone 5 users. "


    "I have pulled off the covers over the microphones and that has improved things quite a bit as per advice availble on these forums."

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    I am not here to be an inflammatory troll like you are obviously excelling at.  Thanks for your insight.  It may be served better on another board.


    Read my other posts buddy and have fun.

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    Hi i have an iphone 5 and live in Australia and am having the same problem with the poor voice calls like you guys the funny thing is if i call land lines it does not do it only with some mobiles i call that does it if i call my bro and he has a iphone 5 as well it does it but if i call my mum or my fiance its sounds really good and the strange thing is my friend had a samsung galaxy if i called her it was fine as well and she updated her phone to some sony thing and it sounds crap now so i dont know if its some sort of compatible problem

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    Same problem here (robot/synthesizer voice) and this is my story and also what resolved the problem for me:


    I'm from Belgium and I'm using Mobistar as provider.I previously owned Iphone 1,3 and 4 and never experienced the slightest problem.


    On the 10th of april (2 weeks ago) I went to the mobistar shop and bought myself a Iphone 5 (since Iphone 4 works with a "Micro" sim the guy of the shop gave me a new "Nano" sim also).

    After the 2nd call I made I had exactly same problem as most of you: robot/synthesizer voice, pieces of conversation missing making it impossible to understand my call partner (he on the other hand understood me).

    On rare occasions 2 out of 10 calls, the conversation was normal, but 8 calls out of 10  I had to hang up.


    No matter if LTE was on/off, if WIFI was on/OFF, if case was around phone or not, tried almost everything possible.

    Some people said it mostly happened for incomming calls and not for outgoing calls --> for me it happended for incoming AND outgoing calls.


    Anyway, 2 days later I was back in the store explaining my problem. The guy didn't have a clue about what was going on and decided to send the phone back to Apple, he said I would have to wait 1 weeks before getting some news.


    Meanwhile, I used the NANO sim card with a sim card adaptor in one of my old Nokia phones and everything worked fine --> SO FOR ME IT WASN'T A PROBLEM RELATED TO THE SIM CARD OR PROVIDER --> IMPORTANT FOR THE REST OF MY STORY.


    After 1 weeks I received a call from the shop telling me I can pick-up a NEW Iphone 5.

    Once home, I switch the Nano sim back from my old Nokia to my new Iphone 5 and after 1st call --> same problem (impossible to understand 1 word of what my calling partner said).


    Very annoyed, I went back to the store and asked to see the manager and explained my problem to him and told him I want my money back.

    He agreed, but only after he tested the device one afternoon WITH HIS SIM CARD.

    Few hours later he called me and told me he made and received around 7 calls that afternoon and that he had absolutely no problem whatsoever.


    So I went back to the store and tought by myself: 'LAST THING I WILL TRY IS A NEW NANO SIM CARD'.


    I retrieved the Iphone 5 and asked the manager to give me a new Nano sim, hoping this would do the trick.


    It has been 2 days now, made and received around 30 calls and I didn't had the slightest problem.






    Regards to all

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    Hi CriCri007,


    thanks for your elaborate story.

    I must say I recognize every part of it.

    I experienced exactly the same thing with my iphone 5.


    Funny thing is that when I first went back to the store to complain about the call quality, the guy in the store said: yes it is probably a bad sim card, you should try to get a new one.

    So 10min. later I had bought a new sim card, tried it, but I had exactly the same problem as before.

    So for me it didn't work to change sim cards, but maybe I should buy another one, you never know.


    Really hope this works because I already received a new Iphone 5, which was a bit better, but now, after 6 weeks I start to experience the same problems again.

    Really annoying if you have to make a lot of phone calls at your work..

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    Of course it had only been 2 days that it's working fine .

    So I keep my finger crossed it stays this way.


    If a friend of yours has a good working IPhone 5, I suggest you try also with his sim card.


    In Belgium we also receive new Sim cards in creditcards format and then you have to pop out the Nano ...

    So be careful to pop it out very gently --> so you don't damage it.


    Or is it something with the programming of the sim card ?? Could be?


    If for some reasons the problem should re appear I will certainly come back to discuss it!



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    Hi. I have bought iPhone 5 just last sunday.(21st of April, 2013) in India. But as soon as I started using it, I started experiencing problem of voice unclearity. The major problem is that when I call someone, my voice is not reaching there, or reaching very low that the opposite person can hardly hear me and even this side sometimes I hear the opposite person with cut voice. I had a desire to have an iPhone. After so much of hard work I have saved money n bought this phone. Kindly help me in this. I am experiencing that much of problem that I cant even receive a single call.

    My Network is Vodafone which is one of the best network in India. Kindly help. Please help.

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    I got 2 new iPhone 5 with Bell in Canada about 1 month ago and both are experiencing issues where the other parties report that the voice is cutting out when we speak on calls... Anybody else is having this issue?  Or anybody with info?

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