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  • R_odec Level 1 Level 1

    Hi guys,


    I had the problem in October 2012 an changing to provider helped for me, posted this already on this forum.




    This morning I was with a friend that also have an Iphone5 with robotic voice calls and he can realy not understand what people are saying to him.

    He moved his phone a bit away from his head while calling and suddenly the robotic voice was gone, he moved the phone again closer to his head and the robotic voice was there again, he did this several times and everytime the phone was to close to his head, he had robotic voice, if he moved it away from his had and only had contact with the top of his phone on his ear, everyhting is fine.

    He tested with differten callers and everytime he moved the phone away from his head, the phone was working, every time he cam to close by his head (and mouth) problem again.

    Very strange but he is now a happy Iphone 5 user only if he calls with only the top speaker of his Iphone against his ear but for the rest no contact with the Iphone.


    Worth to try for everyone who has stil this problem.......

  • aalter123 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple store in Amsterdam swapped iphone yesterday, haven't tested it yet if this helped.

  • aalter123 Level 1 Level 1


    problem is still there..

    Found out that the new iphone is made in may 2013 so the newest phones have the same problems?

    Help, what should I do next?

    Ask for another swap, and another, ... ?

  • vgster Level 1 Level 1

    Don't you get it ?- Apple will not admit the problem! Its related to HD technology used in the design of the iphone5, but carriers are not going to replace in near future outdated cellular technology to new standards! Not until 2014-15.


    I just  got 3rd(!) iphone 5. Apple store manager try to tell me that nothing wrong with my phone! I show him this discussion forum, but they all denied any knowledge of problem we all know and have to deal with!


    Apple will produce iphone6 and thats it - nobody will fix our units.

  • Carl Ring Level 1 Level 1

    I have beeen trying to gather a large number of your (community) postings and still I am not 100% sure the problem is just Apple. I was expelled from participating by Apple and was blocked.  Apple claimed after someones notification that I was making a poll (which is forbidden according to the rules). It was not a poll, but an effort to resolve the problem for all- inclusive Apple. Now, I am in again and want to try further to resolve the problem. There are many people in different countries who have the robotic voice on the incoming. I have poor reception where I am and have the problem. But it is slightly less now since my operator has tuned their equipment on the other side of the hill ( I happen to have very good contacts high up in their organization). New is though that a friend in Switzerland called today and he got the robotic and I could hear it, too. I heard him, but not well. He wouldn't hear me and called again and I noticed a louder and clearer connection. When people call me, I have to ask them to call again and then it mostly works fine.

    Conclusion is that the operators CAN trim their gear a bit- (read previous from the german operator who claims they have resolved the problem!!) With continued work and cooperatrion with Apple and operators, it should be possible to reduce the damage. We all have to participate in the ambitions, since we are the ones sitting at the front line, no matter we are consumers. Beeing Apple, I could not admit it was my problem only, since measures CAN be taken by operators. I hope this will call for any respect, although my english may not be as good as anyone elses swedish. Have nice day, Carl.

  • Mr. Brownn Level 1 Level 1

    The new iPhone I received is indeed a May 2013 production model. I've made a lot of calls since 11 June and they have been perfect. No dropped calls and no robot voices.


    For me, swapping the phone fixed it.

  • gmund993 Level 1 Level 1

    My mother called my yesterday from her ATT cell to the iphone5 and I could not make out a thing.  This morning same thing.  I called her from a landline, it was perfect.


    Turned off LTE after reading here.  Called her and it was fine.  Will see how it goes.

  • applxperience Level 1 Level 1

    Part of the problem can be fixed: if the phone is against your ear


    Updated tests here:

  • stoutie Level 1 Level 1

    So many people trying to get help, and then a child who has nothing better to do comes in and tries to be funny. Get a life. Then get lost.

  • applxperience Level 1 Level 1

    It is a serious answer.


    My article is deleted every time automatically once I link other unanswered articles to it. No matter how much "bad publicity" I remove, I always get it removed by "rants or non-constructive comments".


    When you take the phone away from the ear, as little as 2 inches, the noise canceling system catches your voice through the mics at the top of the phone as much as the lower mic, considering your own voice a "background noise".

    There's no solution for that. An Apple Engineer told me by phone "Apple designed it so" (you having to chose "speaker" even for a still-close quick look to the screen)


    If you keep the phone against your ear, your voice (sent to the listener at the other end of the call) won't be muted.


    I answered that because the OTHER cause you CAN fix it: avoid ANY slight stroke or rubbing to the camera mic (little hole). If you test it with another phone and BARELY stroke the camera with your fingerprint, or hair, your voice will be muted for a long second. Keep a pieace of clothing or bijouterie or hair rubbing against that little hole and you'll get your voice permanently muted.


    Stoutie: Your idea of a joke would work if the issue was "i can't hear others" or "i can't hear myself", but the OP clearly stated his voice sounded like that with different callers, so its obvious we are not talking about hearing his own voice in his own phone but other people listening to his voice.

  • mgdheggholmen Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem. I use Netcom in Norway and the receiver has no issue with the call, only me. It sounds like the decepticons in transformers. Anyone else have this sound?

  • Scorpy75 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm back after a while. I receivded in the mean time a swapped iphone. At the beginning problem was solved. Now it's there again. Before I had rebotic calls, now just calls where the other party is suffering from my voice that's dropping. On the other hand I'm suffering now also earache as I read also some where.

    Hope all this will be solved by the ios7 and hope it will be soon released, because garanty is ending in November.

    Such a expensive phone and so much troubles

  • paulfrommckinney Level 1 Level 1

    Add another one to the mix:  wife and I upgraded from iPhone 4 (was on AT&T) to iPhone 5 (now on Verizon); we have had them less than 24 hours and both have noticed the robotic / tinny sounding voices, clipping, intermittent garbled speech, etc.  She uses her phone mainly for personal use, so it's barely tolerable but I use mine for work which makes it completely unreliable as a phone.


    I was hoping this was a simple explanation / fix but it seems our only options are switching back to our iPhone 4's, or moving to a completely different phone.  Very disappointed.

  • finnoy Level 1 Level 1

    I bought my wife few months ago an iphone 5, and she has had the same robotic / tinny sounding voices, clipping, intermittent garbled speech, etc..This so annoying!!! The recent update offered a bit of help, but the problem still exists. When will be this problem be totally fixed???

  • Boon@ Level 1 Level 1

    Hi guys,

    exactly same problem for me, ...

    already 3 iphone changes, all with the same issue...

    Thanks Apple for such a good after sales service anyway!


    But I have a fix !!!!


    Installed iOS 7 beta 3 on my iPhone 5,

    and since .....




    So either you wait the official update in september, or you get the beta testing....



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