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  • Petehusky Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    as an add on - I think i've worked out my problem - there was no 3G with O2. I'm now with vodafone and there's occasionally a very weak signal - I think when a call was made while the phone was picking up the poor 3G signal the sound was terrible. I've turned off 3G and so far all perfect.....

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    My problem is that my calls have started dropping recently and frequently.  Most of my conversations that last any length are at home in my bedroom (Washington DC metro area).


    First I thought it was my case, so I took that off and the problem persists.  Then I noticed that while I'm not using my phone for talking, I'm on the LTE network always but then when I'm on phone call, I'm switched to the 4G network.  Just noticed this yesterday since I'm more super concientious about the dropped call issues.


    I was on the phone with AT&T support this morning and they had me toggle on/off some settings (data roaming on, imessage off, clear safari history & cookies, turn off wifi and bluetooth).  When we hung up, I called my iPhone 5 from my house phone and was able to have the call drop consistently especially if my fingers moved anywhere around the plug where you insert earphones.  I turned wifi, blue tooth and iMessages back on and found that neither of these settings seem to matter...the call tends to drop when there is any contact/movement in the area where the plug is at.  When I listen on my house phone while moving my fingers around the plug area, there is alot of static and crackling.  If there is no intereference in the plug area, my call continues without being dropped, even with my settings the way I prefer. 


    Now that I'm writing this, it may also explain the static I hear occassionally when I use my iPhone in my car with the cassette tape thing I have that lets me play my music through my car speakers.  I thought it was the accessory but then I've been using it with my iPhone 4 3g for years with no problems not to mention I do not have any of these other call dropped issues (with regular consistency) with my iPhone 4 in the same area of my house.


    I hate that they moved the earphone plug to the bottom of the phone.  I don't know if this area is super sensitive for all iPhone 5's or if it's just my phone.  I'm going to go to the AT&T store this afternoon and get my phone switched out.  I guess I will find out soon.


    I would be curious to kow if anyone can co-sign any of this that I'm saying

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    I have a 5 without case. Call quality is excellent, superior to 4 with case.

  • Charles Park Seward Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)

    If you want to contact Apple directly about your repair or your order, these forms of contact are available:

    And these phone numbers are available worldwide:

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    Quick update: After going to my carrier's store they decided to send the phone off to their repair center. Apparently, that's their policy with all Apple products. Of course, being without your newly bought phone for weeks isn't fun and they should have replaced it outright since they will probably just replace the phone anyway, just with a long delay. And if the replacement also has problems I guess I'm in for another wait.


    The store clerk "didn't think it sounded that bad", no wonder when you make the test calls in a busy store..


    In the meantime, I'm using my iPhone 4 which still sounds awesome. Actually, iOS 6 even made it sound better.

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    UPDATE:  Went to the AT&T store to get an exchange and they gave me the "you have to contact Apple" line.  I had the option of returning the phone all together, but decided - since I like the phone so much otherwise- to call AT&T customer service.  I should have my replacement phone in 14-21 days due to availability they say.  In the meantime, I'm going to try to hold my phone a different way to avoid my finger going anywhere near the area where the headphone and power jack exists.  I'm going to try to find my bluetooth as that may be another option.


    More will be revealed....stay tuned.

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    I had the same problem with bad call quality but I found out that I can solve the issue by removing the plastic film cover off the front of the iPhone as this blocks the speaker .

  • Pete boston Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Spoke to a nice representative at Apple Care (800-MY-APPLE) and we're going to try to swap the HW on one of my two iPhone 5s to see if there was a bad batch of HW for both my iPhone 5 VZW's which are experiencing unable LTE throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Fingers crossed that this fixes my problem. Interestingly enough, they had no other reports of this problem, so I suggest that you contact them as well to report your problem if you're having an issue.

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    Has anyone been able to debug this further.


    For those of us on Verizon wireless we received a carrier update this morning but that did not fix this.


    For me the call quality is not totally unacceptable but it is robotic and has some static in it. It is definately very clear if I take the call on the road where the interference from wifi is low.


    At home or in the office where there are wifi routers it is mufflled but only slightly.

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    I can confirm that this problem also occurs in Norway. I have exactly the same symptoms as many other users in this thread. I started a thread in a Norwegian Apple-forum:, and replies from other frustrated users are ticking in.



    I really hope that Apple can fix this as soon as possible, and that this problem is software related, NOT hardware related.

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    Same issue here in Germany... many iPhone 5 user are reporting this problem in different Bords... seems to be a global phone related bug!

  • troy_iphone Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    I opened a bug on the developer portal for this bud id is 12421948


    I would encourage all of you to do the same. More the number of people report the bug the more probablity we have of getting attention from Apple.


    I am surprised that the thread is still 7 pages long. I hope thi sis software related and we are not a batch of unlucky guys with bad hardware.


    Here is the text of the bug I reported


    Summary: Most of the voice calls from iPhone 5 experience a robotic voice from the remote party.



    The voice fells like as if the remote person on the pone is in a low sign while he is not.



    If called from an iPhone 4s this does not happen.



    It happens mostly where there is a possible interference from WiFi networks. Calls on the road where there is no WiFi or network interference seem clear.



    May be something related to the antenna software of noise filtering software



    Steps to Reproduce:



    Place a voice call or receive an incoming call on iPhone 5 while at home or office.More than 50% of the calls have this problem



    Expected Results:



    Clear voice



    Actual Results:



    Muffled , Robotic voice







  • Rabino Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same exact problem, actually before I upgraded to the Verizon fix for the usage issue that has come out I did not have this problem, now within the last 2-3 days approximately 70% of my calls I cant hear a thing the other person is saying, while they can hear me clearly. And it seems to be more prevelant when I call another Iphone, like my girlfriend on her Iphone 4s last night I could not get through to her at all, but when I dialed my work line it went through without any problems, and if she called me the same problem happened, I had to switch to a landline to make calls? Apple can you please address this problem as it seems to be getting worse and worse, I made an appointment at the Apple store but judging by the responses even a new Iphone 5 wont help. The worst part is I switched from a 4s on Sprint which had great call quality to an Iphone 5 on Verizon that has the worst call quality, but certainly can get a faster internet connection with LTE.


    Edit: After looking around this is probably caused by the carriers not supporting LTE and voice calls at the same time? The phone does switch from 4g as soon as you make a call and goes back to LTE, maybe it is not switching over quickly enough, although this problem is persistent even after making multiple calls or switching off LTE? I mean I know the Iphone lacks the ability to have an LTE and a non-LTE signal at the same time, but then AT&T phones should not be having this problem? I really hope it is a software issue and not a hardware issue..

  • BGist Level 2 Level 2 (265 points)

    Same problem.  here's a bit more research though.


    Verizon iPhone 5 - Carrier Update Installed.

    I have the problem whether on LTE or 3G. 

    Handset, headphones, or bluetooth.

    Problem experienced in Chicago, Detroit, and Washington DC.


    Here's the interesting thing.


    When I call anyone who uses VoIP, its worse.  One of the buildings at my work migrated to VoIP this year, and another site did not.  The VoIP site is FAR worse.  Similar with calling into a conference line or any other place which uses digitally compressed calls.  This stands out to me - the compression used in the iPhone 5 might be causing the issue. 


    I did not have this problem on my iPhone 4 with AT&T and IOS6.


    In the meantime, Verizon is sending me a new phone. 

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    Same problems.  In Seattle.  Switched from iPhone 4 AT&T to Verizon iPhone 5.  Sound is particularly bad on BMW bluetooth.  This was NOT a problem at all on old phone.  Sounds robotic, like it's going through VOIP.  As if it doesn't start transmitting until it senses sound, so you lose the beginnnings and ends of the sentences.  We moved 4 phones from AT&T to Verizon.  Wife moving back to AT&T and 4S.  Hope this is software!!  Surprising this thread is 7 pages and no comments from Apple anywhere. 

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