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    I didn't read the entire thread, so maybe this has been discussed.  I purchased my iPhone 5 about 3 months ago.  After about 1 week, I had a problem where I could not hear anything when making a call.  The speaker phone would work.  It went away after a day.  Today that problem came back.  I went to the Apple store at lunch.  When we tested it with an incoming call, the I could hear, but it was garbled, but I coul hear.  The symptoms seemed to change from not being able to hear to robotic/garbled sound.  The rep reset the network connection (Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings).  After that, everything seemed to work.  If the network is reset, the wireless passwords are lost.

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    I should have added that I was in a shopping mall with a weak signal.  It is possible the signal was garbled due to a weak signal and that the signal just happened to get slightly stronger in the time that it took to complete the reset.   Resetting the network settings is something to try.  Prior to that, I did to reset my iPhone by holding both buttons.  That did not work.

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    Same problem here, after several tests I was able to reproduce the problem, it only happens when 3G network is not available, with 3G available there is no problem, but fi the network is EDGE (or slower) it is impossible to hear to the voice in the other side.


    I tested calling to voicemail number to remove other caller problems from the equation, as soon as 3G is lost the problem appears, this can also happen in the middle of a call.


    A saturated 3G network can also make the problem appear, but it is more difficult to reproduce.

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    The bottom line is this the iphone 5 is a terrible terrible disaster iphone, its the phone part that does not work,

    i have now sent it back to the store 3 times each time i get a so called new iphone5 but with the same problem.

    Apple say its the stores problem and the store say its a Apple problem.


    So what to do throw it away or what?


    What i would like to do is ask Apple if they can solve this fault with the iphone5 but which number should i ring to?


    Apple get your act together.

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    Maybe it is enough to just wait. I had the same problem (robotic voice, dropping out) and I was close to hysteria because of it. T-Mobile in Prague, the Czech Republic (I was even complaining in this thread).

    In the meantime, the problem has gone away (not after an iOS update). I suspect that the operator has upgraded their towers. Everything is fine now and I tend to like my iPhone 5 very much.

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    When i called others from my iphone 5, Others can't hear me perfectly as like other brand phone. I have changed the settings in VoiceOver. Turned off pitch mode. Now my iPhone 5 is working perfectly. If you are hearing low voice in receiving calls, pls ensure your music volume level.

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    Well, I'm on my third Iphone 5 and upgraded to IOS7 yesterday.  I had hoped that this would solve to problem, but I still occasionally hear a robotic voice from my callers.  I'm not sure what is left to do.

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    I am on my 4th Iphone5 and upgraded to Ios7 the day before, and actually, I have not heard any robot voice yet. I really hope that it has been lost in the upgrade.

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    Im in the UK and this is a very common problem across all networks and all areas.


    The quality of the calls is poor - quite remarkable considering the stage of technology we're at.


    I speak to a lot of new people everyday and whenever I hear poor call quality - I always ask the same question:  Do you have an iPhone - So far, everyone I have spoken to has said yes - not one person has mentioned a different phone (out of about 20).  It might not seem like a big number - but 20 poor quality calls and each one has an iphone?


    I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 7 - and still the same rubbish.  I love everything else about the phone and like most of you am just hoping one day they put a bit more focus in resolving this quality of call problem, rather than concentrating on how to make improvements to the camera!

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    Robotic voice is the way a good phone can keep up with low bandwitdh. Old phones would just cut the voice way before modern ones do due to a better conversion of the voice to basic tones. (thanks to a fast processor)


    Use any audio processing tool (Audacity is free) and export/ convert the voice to a very low bitrate and you'll get robotic voice.


    It's not the phone's fault, but the ISP or wireless noise. My guess is the telecom company "punishes" high bandwidth users (iPhones) with worse data rates to keep their (secret) quota they decided you'll have (like money printing, it's decreased every time as they feel greedier, without you knowing it or being asked)


    Also, your friend circles being all having access to iPhones proves nothing. If you ask me, all my friends have MetroPCs (unlimited calls / bad reception)


    After the update to IOS7 my iPhone stopped ruining the call when my pillow or my executive high-back make my voice bounce back to the noise reduction mic.


    I can speak from the bed and chair now


    I haven't tried with the long hair, thoug. You should ask a woman. Tell her to hold the phone between her hair and have it stroking the rear camera while she speaks and let us know.

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    I have a similar problem.  New iPhone 5S. Verizon service. Poor call quality (robotic sounds), barely able to hear people, voices fading in and out, dropped calls, poor call coverage in areas that seemed reasonably well covered with my iPhone 4.  Upon reading a multitude of threads, articles, etc., I notice that folks with various other types of phones are having the same problems on Verizon.  I notice that people with iPhone 5S are NOT having problems with calls on other networks such as AT&T.  In my research, I learned that Verizon has a number of challenges with the 4G LTE network.  One of the issues is that they have added so many new customers, and now bandwidth and congestion is a problem. They have a solution in the pipeline for next year to resolve some of this pressure.  Other, more technical issues, are also implicated in the current issues with calls.


    Although reception/voice processing hardware designed by Apple to accomodate the Verizon network confusion may be potentially be flawed, I'm relatively convinced that this is a network issue. 


    I have done all the recommended backflips and do not use a cover on the phone.  (Turned off LTE, Bluetooth, reset the network settings, turned the phone off regularly, turned on data roaming, tried calls Verizon to Verizon, tried calls Verizon to other providers, talked to Verizon, talked to Apple, considered purchasing a flip phone....)

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    On my new 5s, I can hear people fine, but people I'm talking to frequently tell me my voice is muffled, I sound like I'm on a bad speaker phone, they can barely understand me.

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    I can not understand that owners of Iphone 5S do not render them in. I was critical to the point when Apple expelled me from this forum- it was uncomfortable for them!!! I was sen fore the door! I sneaked in again, as you can see. This is very much like Big Brother- NSA. Thankyou America!


    Anyway, there is a technical problem and there is still no proof who is failing. But, as you can see in the forum, the problems appear in many countries with several operators.

    Finally I returned mine and my wifes. We got Samsung 4 S Active and since then we have no problems with robotic voice. I will not put a burdon on anyone (as declared earlier) but the fact is- I am out of Iphone 5 S and have no more problems. Good luck to you all and Merry Christmas.


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    Carl, this is a forum to help solve user questions and concerns. Thank you for informing us you won't put a burdon on anyone. I hope this means you will quit attempting to tell us on an Apple forum how glorious you think Samsung products are. When Samsung and their sellers were so unhelpful to me I simply walked across the street, bought a superior product from Apple and abandoned the troublesome and unreliable Galaxy S4 that I had been given to use by my employer. End of story. My problem was solved.

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    If you are placing your phone between your ear and in holding it hands free, you will get a muffled result I have learned. Otherwise, take it to apple and see if they can replicate the problem.