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  • LeninNew Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    In my case it is very easy to replicate, voice quality is OK when the phone gets 3G or + coverage. with EDGE or no data the problems starts, sometimes 3G connection is lost in the middle of a call..... will try to post a video

  • Gunnar Arne Konijn Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Got a lot of comments on the bad quality of people who were not able to hear me. Also I had a lot of bad quality receptions.

    Then I heard that there were a lot of people with the same problem.

    Read all the suggested solutions. But none solved my problem. Switch carrier (currently Vodafone NL) with my new iPhone 5S. At first also thought it was a bad reception of my carrier, but indeed it did not matter how my reception was. Alway the quality is not what expected.


    Since it involves so many people with different carriers and areas, it will difficult to pinpoint the real problem. But that is, what I guess, why these fora are here. Still need to try to reset my network settings (as some here suggested), but I doubt that it will solve my problem of bad sound quality in both reception and transmission!


  • applxperience Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    As I said: Close objects behind the phone, or your hair, even your shoulder, triggers the noise canceling on your own voice.

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    My phone has this problem as well, it is very irritating. I tried a lot but still speaking on the phone is the problem. Now if I buy a phone I think it should work as a phone so I hope they will soon do something about it !! They missed the point. It works for a lot of other things but not for phoning.


    A disappointed client

  • Gunnar Arne Konijn Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Complete backup and restore did not solve the problem.


    Though what I noticed is that if I put the phone on (its own) speaker than suddenly everything is fine. Thus the hardware functions!! It is also not a problem with the signal of the carrier.



    I guess it is a huge bug in the software of Apple. So please Apple get working on this!


    Maybe more people can check if this helps. It would make a stronger point

  • GretchenRiddle Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have no idea what the call quality is like on the iPhone 5S becuase I'm lucky to have an HTC One. But my daughter and my fiancee have the 5S and I hate talking to them on the phone because the call quality is so bad! I'm constantly having to ask them to repeat what they said. Sad - iPhones are so expensive and made so poorly - now their call quality ***** too.

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    Perhaps you could assist them by suggesting some of the solutions that are in this forum.

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    Same here, just got an iPhone 5s after using 4s for last two years and the first thing I noticed was the poor audio quality on phonecalls. Voices sound more compressed and fuzzy. Not sure if it's the device or the network, though never had this problem with the 4s (I'm in the UK on EE).

  • ram kamal Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi just  go to setting>accessibility > hearing aids

    Enable hearing aid mode. Just try it and Check it out. I have done it. Now something better

  • ram kamal Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi GretchenRiddle,


    After backup just update iOS and make it as new iphone device instead of restore. Just try. If is not help just enable hearing aid mode.

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    Ram is right - hearing aid mode seems to help.  The problem on iPhone 5 and 5s is particularly bad on the left side.  It is improved by 1) turning noise cancellation off, 2) turning hearing aid mode on.  It is also better on the right ear or in speakerphone or bluetooth mode.


    4s voice quality was fine.  Hopefully it will be fixed by iphone 6. 

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    Same problem here calls are horrible, very quiet I can hardly hear it. Tried every thing from restarting to restore nothing works!

  • nelcurt Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for posting this.  I have been having problems with quality of calls also.  And I disabled the LTE and just called my daughter and she could hear me fine and we talked for 30 minutes.  First time we have been able to do that in a long time.  By the way I am with Verizon!   Thanks again!

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    Might as well get my name on the list.. Yet again, after upgrading from my Iphone 5 1st edition which had a power button issue that plagued it forever, right about the time it came off that first year of warranty, now I'm having this issue with call quality with the 5s.


    The only reason I upgraded to the 5s was to get a 32GB version, since the forced IOS software pushes were causing me to have nothing more then a phone with maybe 50 songs and 50 pictures due to them taking up immense amounts of memory.  Now I have the storage to actually use the phone for more than just a phone, and can't even do that.


    I really don't understand why I am even having this issue, the phone has been out for a year, and Apple hasn't figured this out?  That worries me a little.  I guess we are just going to be stuck in 3G land until we upgrade again.  Thanks Apple, another quality product.

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    I'm not sure if your problem has been fixed yet, but I had the same problem until today. 


    I turned on Hearing Aid Mode in Settings / General / Accessibility / Hearing Aids.


    Seemed to fix the problem for me.   Hope it helps you.