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Got the new iPhone 5 and have bad phone call quality. The recipient of the call seems to be able to hear me ok, but their voice either isn't there or drops out or sounds grainy like when you have bad cell reception. Many times, the calls have just not connected. I know that that my cell reception and the recipients cell reception were excellent. This has occured when calling other cell phones, land lines, and toll free numbers. Anyone else having this issue? Have an appointment at Apple tomorrow morning to see what they think.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • joos8123 Level 1 Level 1

    Went to Apple and they replaced my phone - used the same SIM card. It seems to be working well now, with some minor voice glitches here and there. I just chalk that up to the cellular network I guess

  • joos8123 Level 1 Level 1

    Update: appears the problem still persists. Think I will try to go to AT&T today to have them replace my SIM card.

  • sammyjg Level 1 Level 1

    I've had the same issues with IPhone 5 call quality.  I am with Verizon and it's very difficult to hear/understand people on the other end of the phone.  It sounds static and robotic, however they seem to be able to hear my voice very clearly.  I had the iphone 4S and had no such problems.  Yesterday I couldn't hear someone at all on my phone at work, I thought it was their phone connection, but I've had the same issues at other locations and with other phone lines.   

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    Update: Have not gone to the AT&T store yet, but was trying out some tests and think LTE is causing the problem. I am in an LTE capable area (Outside Washington DC). When I disabled LTE in the cellular settings, the phone calls sound clear. When I enabled the LTE in the settings, the majority of the time, I was having the bad voice call quality. Not sure if this would happen on Verizon network too, but could you try it out and see if you have the same results? If anyone else trys this test out, let me know your results.


    As an aside, My brother who lives in a non-LTE capable area has had no issues with call quality. Could be coincidence, but hope I have pinpointed the problem.

  • ratherlovely Level 1 Level 1

    This appears to work for me as we'll.  I have terrible static while talking on the handset or using speakerphone.  When I disable LTE the static seems to go away...

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    I just tried a land line and cell line and still had the same issue (static/robotic) after turning off LTE.  One note is they also swapped my phone out at Verizon and used same mini SIM card from original phone.  The first phone had scratches on the side.  I'm wondering if it has something to do with the SIM card? I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue.  Reviews for call quality have all been good (better than 4S).

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    Update: Got a new SIM card at AT&T and the problem still exists when LTE is enabled, but only at my house and even when I am on my balcony. When I am elsewhere, it seems to work fine with LTE enabled. Guess I will try to call AT&T and see if there is something wrong with my local cell tower. At least I have a workaround for now with disabling LTE.

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    I have a verizon iPhone 5 w poor voice call quality. It sounds digitized. ESP w another verizon call. Turning Lte off makes no difference. I am going back to my iPhone 4 tomorrow as that I cannot hear/understand most calls and back to AT&T. I just wish the us carriers would support the hd audio/ wide and audio feature. In the uk where they do support it people are raving about it. we need to lobby for it here.  The carriers here are more focused on other things than voice call quality but to me that's the most important aspect of a telephone. VoLte is supposedly not supported by the iPhone 5 which was a disappointment. Sprint supports hd audio but they announced the iPhone Is not supported so that's why I'm going back to what I had until it gets worked out.

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    Went to Verizon to get phone serviced.  Sales rep was not very helpful and asked me to call VZ customer service to have phone network checked. Did a network reset on their end, but no improvement in call quality.  Even when I place a call the ring sounds like it has a bad connection (static in ringtone).  Phone rep was very helpful at VZ and called 2 other Verizon stores and Apple to see if they had any replacement nano SIM cards, but all stores were out of stock.  Ended up returning Iphone 5 and going back to 4S.  Disappointed, but phone call quality is most important function of my cell "phone".  Possible just a bad device or SIM card.

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    Has any one noticed a difference with or without a case? After a day I stopped using my case and now that I think about it that's when I started to really notice the issues with call quality.  I'm wonder if it might have to do with antenna interference similar to the problem they first had with the iPhone 4.

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    I have also had the robotic digital call issue. I sound fine to the other person, but they sound like a computer / alien to me. I'm on uk Vodafone so 3G / GPRS. Happens regardless if I'm on wifi or not. Only noticed it on incoming calls. These have all been from my wife using an O2 uk iPhone 4S

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    Same problem. Let's all provide our info for troubleshooting.


    Phone: iPhone 5

    Carrier: Verizon (in an area with supposedly good LTE strength)

    Network: LTE, 3G... doesn't seem to matter, voices are often auto-tuned!


    Hopefully with enough data from those who have problems, Apple can figure out what to fix.

  • benfromholyhead Level 1 Level 1

    I'm guessing / hoping it's a software issue

  • spyd3rweb Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone 5 w/o case

    AT&T 4G (HSPA+)

    Extremely poor call quality (robotic, muffled, digitized) with both incoming and outgoing calls. The other end of line has no problem with call quality.

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