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    The Apple support engineer I talked to said that Apple never recommends or proposes downgrading. That makes pips1971's experience all the more suspicious.

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    hope Apple update soon

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    My fix came from using my desktop.


    Uninstalled the existing occurence of the iCloud control panel.


    Downloaded iCloud control panel 2.0 from Apple.


    After installing and running it for the first time, the terms of service popped up.


    I accepted it and all was well again.


    Hope that helps.

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    [Sigh]  No, that does not help.


    There are two problems discussed in this thread (if you'd read it) which stop Photostream from working:

    • One is the new Terms of Service problem, which you describe.
    • The other is that Photostream does not work when using an Ethernet connection, although it's fine over Wi-Fi.
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    Well there are at least three different problems.


    • The first one is the new Terms of Service problem.
    • The other is that Photostream does not work when using an Ethernet connection, although it's fine over Wi-Fi.
    • The third is that Photostream does not work over wired or wireless connection. This error may occur even though you accepted the updated Terms & conditions. There is a fix/workaround to this specific error which consists of logging into another Apple TV device and then performing a restore via micro-USB cable to your device.
      Read detailed instructions here:

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    Yap, this work or me... Thank you

    Went to an apple store,  login to iCloud in a MacBook pro,  new term of serice pop out,   Then agree with it

    Back to home,   My apple TV3 now could login photostream successfully with WIFI

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    I've been frustrated with photostream and radio stations not being able to sign in.


    Changing to wifi from ethernet fixed both of these problems for me.


    Annoying, but a relatively easy fix. C'mon apple sort us out with an update.

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    Was having all kinds of problems with my apple TV 3G since iOS6 was released.

    It was connected via CAT6 Ethernet to a Netgear Wireless AC gigabit router, have NO MODEM, Verizon Fios with CAT6 from router to ONT.

    My Problems Consisted of:

         =Not being able to connect with the Apple Remote App

         =Not being able to sign into photostream

         =Not being able to download my music from iTunes Match

         =Not being able to use the YouTube App

         =Not being able to use the NHL App

    After Troubleshooting every aspect of my home network, I unplugged the CAT6 and switched to 5Ghz Wi-Fi and everything seems to be working correctly now, but I'll have to wait and see when I have a lot of Wi-Fi traffic, which tends to Happen when I have guests over. But the Wi-Fi switch is a band-aid to this very annoying problem, Apple needs to stop rushing new products to the market and make sure that what they have in circulation is compatible with the updates and new products they intend to release. Very disappointed I spent the money running CAT6 in the house and can't take advantage of it

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    If you want to downgrade to software version 5.0.2 the user "w_c" gave these downgrade instructions in the thread "Apple TV Death after update" and the workaround has gotten rid of my wifi problems:


    Apple TV 2:,1_5.0.2_9B830 _Restore.ipsw


    Apple TV 3:,1_5.0.2_9B830 _Restore.ipsw


    Step 1. I downloaded the correct restore file to my macbook pro.

    Step 2. I then unplugged all cables to the AppleTV.

    Step 3. I logged into iTunes on my macbook pro.

    Sept 4. I then used a micro USB cable that came with my WD external hard drive plugged it into my macbook pro then AppleTV.  The restore screen came up automatically.  I pressed option and store at the same time.  I was taken to the screen to find/use the restore file that I had downloaded in step 1.  I'm happen to say everything went smoothly.  iTunes confirmed that the restore was completed.

    Step 5. I then connected the HDMI cable and power cord to the AppleTV and went through the AppleTV set up. I'm back in business!  I hope this helps.



    ... also if you want to accept the new iCloud terms of service for Photo Stream I have posted workaround solution here:

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    Has there been a response from Apple on the inability to use Photostream via ethernet since the IOS upgrade?

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    I solved my problem by upgrading wifi-router. my original set up was using the router as a access point. With the new router, I set it as rouer (not access point).


    I am not sure which one made it work, the new router or the new router setup.

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    Looks like there is no reply from Apple yet. Surprise surprise

    All we can do is just wait for the next update

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    I left that ef'ing 6.0 update notification sitting in my general settings for weeks, and I put up with that annoying prompt to update (I will decide when, f u you very much, Apple) for just as long.  Then, just when I'm really enjoying all those random shots, taken on my crappy iphone camera, streaming across my brain sucking display, I decide to update for some stupid reason, against better judgement, as I knew it was just going to ef something up, and sure as shiz... ef'd.  Now streaming is hosed.  This locked down piece of crap, square block of bs of a product only had three features I gave a crap about; Netflix, Youtube, and... make that two.  Now I'm about ready to skip this thing out the window and across the water; back up the stream of lies from whence it came.  The first one to come up with an open device, with an open OS that lets me stream whatever the ef I want, from any device, without trying to dry hump me in the wallet, will win back my business.  Apple is over.

    **** you!

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    I have been dealing with this issue for a couple weeks, after I updated to 5.1.


    At last today I got on the phone with apple tech support. First guy couldn't help so he put me through to his supervisor. After 2 hours, the resolution was to downgrade the version to 5.0.2. he admitted the 5.1 had that problem and hopefully it will be fixed for the next version.


    To downgrade, go to:

 ,1_5.0.2_9B830_Restor e.ipsw


    and then connect your apple tv to your computer via micro USB, and update your apple TV through iTunes.


    Good luck!