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  • racingsolution Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem with iPhone 5 ios6 and 2011 Infiniti Fx35.  Previously used iPhone 4S with same car and no problems

  • Randy Downes Level 1 Level 1

    Try this --


    On your phone delete your Car's hands free from the discoverable devices. Then from the set - up functions in your car, select setup then pairing. (You may need to refer to your Infiniti's manual), your car's hands free should reappear as discoverable, select it and let's see. It worked for me with my '08 Acura.


    Best -Randy

  • boombeli Level 1 Level 1

    I'm getting similar problems in my Toyota Avensis. Pairs fine, outgoing calls fine, but incoming calls are silent for me and the caller.


    I rang Apple support and they claimed not to be aware of the issue, which seems incredible considering all the discussions on these boards. Does no-one from Apple monitor these forums?


    Seems like this issue needs to get a higher profile, like the Maps problems. That way, maybe Apple will actually sit up and take notice.

  • Reign765 Level 1 Level 1

    Well now, look what Apple has on this issue, and looks like "as I said posts ago" you'll need to take the issue up with your MANUFACTOR/DEALERSHIP             ''IT IS NOT YOUR IOS DEVICE IF IT WERE THE RESOLUTION WOULD NOT HAVE WORKED FOR ME.''  ''STOP BLAMING APPLE AND JUMP IN YOUR DEALRSHIP'S A**."



    iOS: Troubleshooting stereo Bluetooth features


    • Author: Frank Sewald
    • Last Modified: 14 Oct 2011
    • Article: TS3018
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    When using a stereo Bluetooth headset or other stereo Bluetooth device with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch*, certain features may not work as expected. Examples include:

    • Pressing previous and next controls has no effect.
    • Pressing play/pause control only pauses or starts playback.
    • Pressing other headset controls has no effect.

    * Stereo Bluetooth is available only on iOS devices that support the A2DP Bluetooth profile. Refer to iOS: Supported Bluetooth Profiles.

    Products Affected

    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch



    If you are able to successfully play audio to your stereo Bluetooth device, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is working correctly. iOS supports these stereo Bluetooth headset controls:

    • Play
    • Pause
    • Stop
    • Volume
    • Call
    • Prev/Next (requires iOS 4.1 or later)

    Other controls are not supported. In addition, depending on how your device sends commands to the device, some supported controls may not function as expected.

    Additional Information

    After updating your device to the latest version of the iOS, you may notice that certain features on your stereo Bluetooth headset no longer function as expected. Certain Bluetooth headsets do not fully conform to industry-standard Bluetooth protocols, so changes in the iOS (made to ensure compatibility with industry standards) may affect these devices. This is expected behavior and does not indicate an issue with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    Contact the headset manufacturer for more information.


    Important: Information about products not manufactured by Apple is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute Apple’s recommendation or endorsement. Please contact the vendor for additional information.

  • BassLowAndLoud Level 1 Level 1



    I'm glad this worked for you, but it doesn't apply to my issue or to many others.  This is addressed to people who lost bluetooth functions "after updating your device to the latest version of the iOS..."  In my case, iOS6 worked fine on my iPhone 4s.  They also say that the issue affects "iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch."  There's something specific to the iPhone 5 that breaks bluetooth with my car.  My iPad & touch have no problems.


    I agree that we all need to bring this up with the auto dealer, the auto manufacturer as well as Apple.  I have done so.  I think that Apple has the best chance of fixing the problem.  Apple's the only one of the bunch that knows what they did differently in the iPhone 5 compared to the 4s and all previous models. 


    That's the crux of this.  This same car works with 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4s but not 5.  It works with iOS 6 and previous.  It does not work with an iPhone 5.  Hopefully, Apple can fix it soon. 

  • Eric from LA Level 1 Level 1

    Has anyone tried update that just came out?

    Fingers crossed.


  • Sandra Stark Level 1 Level 1

    There is no way this isn't an iPhone 5 issue. I'm furious.  My iPhone 4 when upgraded had no problem. Grrrrr

  • mateh Level 1 Level 1

    New update doesn't work. ffs.

  • hangingon Level 1 Level 1

    I originally posted about my 2011 Toyota Highlander and iPhone not pairing for the phone/hands free.  The audio paired.


    I have read all the suggestions, unfortunately, I had already tried all of them before I read them.


    Here is my list in the order that I did them:

    1. Read my vehicle manual on pairing.
    2. Paired (audio paired while the phone just kept searching to pair with hands free).  Tried three different times.
    3. Deleted all info from pairing from the vehicle.
    4. Paired again (audio paired while the phone just kept searching to pair with hands free).  Tried twice.
    5. Called Apple Support who informed me they had never heard of this problem, but to go to the Dealership and have them "Upgrade" my vehicle's system.  The rep said the problem had to be the vehicle, not the iPhone.
    6. Went to the Toyota dealership that I have been buying and servicing vehicles with for over 20 years.  I spoke to the service manager whom stated that the only update info they received from Apple was for Toyota models that are 2012's.  They have received absolutely no info from Apple about any updates for any model other than the 2012.  This update would be taking place in January.  BTW, this update was not for iPhones.
    7. Came home, found the Apple Feedback site and gave them feedback about my iPhone 5 and it's lack of pairing.
    8. Tonigh,t I have just updated the 5.  Tomorrow I will try pairing again.  If it fails, I will be so disappointed....again.

    I'm happy for those persons that got their 5's paired, but mine hasn't had the success.  I want to keep my 5 for the camera, Siri, and other features (I don't use hands free often but I enjoyed having it when I did need it).  For those of you who still have problems, I suggest that everyone go to the Apple Feedback site and send them info about iPhone 5 problems....then at least they can't say "We haven't heard of pairing issues with the iPhone 5".  Good luck everyone.

  • Njklutz Level 1 Level 1

    I would have hoped Apple would read our displeasure here.  What is the Apple feedback site link?



  • PhoenixSeven Level 1 Level 1

    Thank goodness I'm not the only one with the issue!  I hope that a fix comes out for it.  It's actually unsafe to answer a call then have to get your phone to switch out of the Car Audio and back into it.

  • hangingon Level 1 Level 1

    Njklutz: The Apple Feedback site location is


    On the page's lower right corner are several feedback listings such as; Product Feedback, Apple Support Feedback, Feedback, etc.  I suggest copying and pasting to several of the Feedback sites.

  • Ira A Level 1 Level 1

    <Edited By Host>

  • Njklutz Level 1 Level 1

    Good work Ira as this surely needs some PR.  Disapointed yesterdays update didn't address this or maps

  • IL_Dem87 Level 1 Level 1

    In light of yesterday's update not changing anything vis-a-vis the car bluetooth issue, I contacted GM about my 2012 Buick Verano (I had posted early on in the thread regarding the call answering issue).  I just received a call back from GM's Infotainment/Intellilink department and they informed me that they have been made aware of the issue, that it only seems to affect iPhone 5s (not previous devices upgraded to iOS 6), and GM is currently working with Apple to develop an update for the car's Intellilink system to correct the issue.  They likewise told me to expect the update to available through my dealership in December.

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