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    Just applied this fix in my ex35 and it works like a charm. Thanks to all who pointed this out!! 

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    Matt5525 wrote:


    I don't understand why but my issue appears to have gone away.  I have an iPhone 5 and a 2011 Infiniti G37x Coupe.  The issue I was having prior to the last few weeks was that whenever I received an incoming call and tried to answer with my car's blutooth it would immediately transfer the call to my handset and then no matter what I did I would not be able to transfer it back from the handset to the car. 


    I found a temporary fix that seemed to work for a while but not always was for me to disable my phone's blutooth after starting my car and then re enable it and then reconnect it to my car.


    Well, I noticed a few weeks ago, that I no longer have to do my temporary fix.  The last 5 or 10 calls I received seem to be coming through no problem and are answerable by simply pressing answer on my car's blutooth. 


    I am happy but puzzled as to why all of a sudden there is no issue.  I upgraded to the latest iOS 6.0.1 many weeks ago and I know that didn't solve my problem because I was still having the issue after the update.


    Is it possible there was some kind of OTA (Over the Air) update that fixed this?


    I guess I spoke too soon.  My issue still exists.  I guess I just got lucky a bunch of times in a row where the blutooth worked correctly without doing anything special.  But the issue is not resolved, it's definitely still there.  I just got a call the other day and when I went to answer it immediately bounced the call to the handset instead of the car's blutooth.  This is so annoying!

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    Aw925 wrote:


    Just applied this fix in my ex35 and it works like a charm. Thanks to all who pointed this out!!


    Let us know if it continues to work after several days have passed and you have received several calls over that time period.

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    jag.atx wrote:


    Go to "Settings" and then "General."

    Then choose "About" and "Name."

    Click on the current name and change it to something different.

    Then have your car search for a new Bluetooth device (had to look in my owner's manual to remember how to set up a new one - don't expect it just to "find" it on its own. Mine wouldn't.)


    Once I renamed it, and repaired it, it worked just like it used to except there's like a half-second delay when it picks up so I take a little longer to say hello. Never drops.


    Hope it works for the rest of you and thanks to the woman who originally posted this ages ago!
    --Jody in Austin, Texas


    jag.atx - Is this still working for you?  My guess is that it was only a temporary fix because you repaired the phone and the car and has nothing to do with the renaming of your phone.   Every time I unpair and repair my phone it works for me too but after a while goes right back to the same issues as before. 

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    Just tried this in 2011 Infiniti M37X and does not work. 


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    After reading 16 pages worth of complaints about the very same issue I don't understand why Apple hasn't stepped up to the plate to at least make a statement to let everyone know they're working on a fix to assist with the common issues we're all having with pairing the iP5 with Bluetooth in our vehicles.  At least after finding this thread tongiht I know it's not just me, not that it's any consolation.  My iP4 paired with Bluetooth and has worked beautifully in my 2012 BMW X5 for the past 9 months without a single problem.  But I've been struggling trying to pair the iP5 with the Bluetooth in the same car since Sunday - no luck. I love the new iP5..but after reading through the all the pages of frustrated iP5 users I've come to the conculsion that I'm going to return the new phone tomorrow and go back to using my iP4.  Life's too short to stress over a phone. I'm bummed but want thank you everyone for helping me make this decision. This is stupid.  I've wasted at least 3 hours of my time this week for nothing.  Steve Jobs, I really miss you!

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    I am having issues with the BT also.  ONLY after updating, it stopped displaying album art on my audio touch screen head unit.  It also has many other annoying things about it that used to function fine BEFORE the update.  Why do I always feel the need to update!  Next time I get to an iOS that functions well, I'll promise myself I will not update again!!  And then I see the tiny number one next to the word software update in settings...... It's like gravity, or a moth to a flame....... I.  Must.  Update.  Then the next thing I know, I'm looking for a way to downgrade to the old iOS.  Gosh dangit this really tee's me off!!!!!


    I know, I know, Apple, even though it is obvious to the brain dead that the iPhone is the common denominator in all of this, I'm sure we just aren't holding our phones right or maybe I'm not driving my car right.  BTW, Toyota Tacoma.  Add it to the list of "ain't like it used to be"!

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    I am having the same problem with my iPhone 5 in my Buick Lacrosse. My work cell phone is an iPhone 4 and that works fine, so the problem is just with the iPhone 5. Have you heard anything on how to fix this?

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    I have a possible new problem with iPhone 5 BT on my 2013 heavy Equinox. I was on the phone talking outside the car, got in, started the car, and the phone call was disconnected. His this happened to anyone?

    I also have not noticed any responses from Apple on this thread. Are you alive, Apple?

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    Looks like this is going to be a while.....response I got from Infiniti. I have a 2012 G37X that works great with the iPhone 4 but not the 5. Ugh!


    Thank you for contacting Infiniti and allowing us the opportunity to be of assistance.


    You may experience the following:

    1)      Answer incoming call.  Call connects.  Caller can hear me but you cannot hear the caller.

    2)      Answer incoming call.  Call connects.  You cannot hear the caller and the caller cannot hear you.


    If you switch the call back to the handset and then back to Bluetooth Hands Free, the issue goes away. (really? that's a solution?)


    However, please be advised that the i-Phone 5 is currently in testing. Full compatibility will not be known until testing is completed. Not all Bluetooth phones will pass Infiniti testing standards. Phones that pass our rigorous requirements will be added to the recommended list periodically.


    If you are wondering why your phone is not compatible right now, existing Bluetooth phones that are not listed as compatible have not passed Infiniti testing. Major calling functions like making, accepting and ending phone calls did not function properly and/or the Bluetooth connection was not stable.

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    Just installed the iOS 6.1 Beta 3 and it has NOT solved my Bluetooth issues, so I do not expect the final release of iOS 6.1 to fix my Bluetooth car problems.


    Might be forced to look for another phone

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    I tried everything on these 16 pages other than the 6.1 update as it is not available to me.  I wrote to Tim Cook and provided feedback on this page.  I commented to Apple Insider, Gizmodo, Engadget, and MacRumors.  Result was a big fat zero.  Finally I decided to go to the Genius Bar and ask to try another phone.  They replaced my phone and it worked the only time I received a call in my vehicle.  Perhaps Apple covertly has made an update to their most recent iPhone production, perhaps just luck.  I hope it stays working, I am on the road a lot and rely on it. 

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    Just got my iP5 yesterday. I have the latest JVC nav/video system in my truck. iP3, iP4 and all others with bluetooth that have paired in my truck work flawlessy. My iP5 worked for 1 call and now is doing very similar things to everyone else. It got to the point where it was just dialing itself over and over. I turned the system, off, deleted the iP5 from the device list and still the same result. Turned the truck off and same result. Then the phone itself locked up and I had to reset it. Then paired it again, still same issues.


    I reported in another discussion problems with it not connecting to home network as others with iP5 were experiencing the same problem.


    I'm still in the return I said in the other discussion, I love all my Apple products, but I'm not married to them...Galaxy may be in my future very soon...

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    I too am having issues but with a 2012 Toyota Sequoia.  My IP4 callls and streaming worked beautifully.  With the 5 the phone connects and all functions work well however the phone will not stream music.  Toyota says its a bluetooth streaming setting.  There are no streaming settings when I go into the device in the bluetooth area for streaming, only phone settings for syncing address book.  Any ideas?

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    I have been doing some investigation on this issue with Toyota.  Obviously, there is a compatibility issue between the Bluetooth software apple has and the software various car manufacturers use.  I experienced perfect performance with my IP4 prior to iOS 6 update.  Since the update, functionality is limited/different/unreliable.  Since the variable which has changed is the software  with Apple, you would think Apple would address this issue.  I have a strange feeling we will be left in the dark on this one.  It would be nice for somebody to acknowledge the issue and tell us if/when/ who is freaking responsible.  I expect periodic glitches.  I do not expect to be ignored or denied answers.  If they think its not their responsibility, step up and SAY it APPLE!!  If its your issue, own it and fix it.  If you are trying..... then freaking tell us!  I cannot respect this kind of behavior.  Unbelievable!

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