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    I think we can all agree that the inability of iPhone 5 to properly receive and play an incoming call has been going on since the introduction of iPhone 5 more than 4 months ago and Apple has done absolutely nothing to address the issue and fix it. NOW THE QUESTION IS, AS AN IPHONE 5 USER, WHAT SHOULD YOU DO ABOUT IT. I FOR ONE WILL NOT BE PUTTING ANY MORE OF MY MONEY IN APPLE'S POCKET.

  • nochance1 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a infiniti 2010 to and i have the same problem with my phone its just the car

  • Robymar Level 1 Level 1

    From Canada, told by Nissan that Apple is coming up with a fix.

  • PNutts Level 1 Level 1

    I'm going to continue to believe that Apple implemented a new-ish standard and the cars' firmware needs to be updated because the cars aren't compliant with the standards. I'm not aware of an easy way to tell how old the firmware is in a car's audio system and what features they implemented at what version. This doesn't affect all makes of cars so I'm not sure how Apple would tweak it for only some and still adhear to the standards. Or maybe I'm wrong and Apple could increase a time-out or something for slow handshake responses from the car. Neither the car manufacturers or Apple will let this stay broken forever.

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    My Nissan dealer did not yet receive the disc.  The service director took my vehicle to an Infiniti dealer that had the disc and updated my phone on Monday.  So far (only a few calls) it has worked flawlessly.  As a result of my writing the Apple CEO I know for a fact via speaking with someone at the executive office at Apple that they are aware of the problem and are working on it.  It's very frustrating when you don't know where to point the finger but you can't go wrong pointing one finger at the vehicle mfgr and one at Apple.   At least for the Nissan/Infiniti owners which were a large of this discussion there is now a solution.


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    FYI: It's circulating around the various discussions on this topic that Pioneer has released a firmware update for the AVH-4400BT that resolves many Bluetooth issues. I'm not a Pioneer owner and the threads are specific and all over the place so I'll simply post the link. If you need it you'll know.

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    Nissan/Infinity owners:  Has anyone experienced problems using Bluetooth Audio?  If I start my car with the radio on Bluetooth Audio, it works fine.  If I start it on any other setting (like SAT or FM), my phone connects fine to the Phone feature (making and receiving calls), but when I switch to Bluetooth Audio I get a message saying "[My Phone Name] is not possible with this device" (substitute My Phone Name for your phone name).  If I toggle Bluetooth on my phone on/off and reconnect to my car, Bluetooth Audio works fine.


    Anyone else experience this?

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    I am here at Empire Nissan in Southern California for a service and they do not know about the problem with the iPhone 5... They are going to look in to it but who knows... 

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    Tell them it's Nissan Service Bulltin NTB12070:


    Subject: SB Nissan - 2010-2013; NAVI Software Update

    Summary of NTB12070:

    IF YOU CONFIRM One or more of the following is occurring on an Applied Vehicle: * Specific addresses cannot be entered * System reboots when: >On long trips with a destination set >Within a few minutes of starting the vehicle >A destination set or during the process of setting >The logo appears after the system shuts off * System locks up with many functions occurring at one time (USB, Bluetooth, MP3, vehicle in reverse/camera operating, etc.). * POIs are missing becauseApplication disc of new map update was not installed. * Popping noise while entering the vehicle if the customer was on a Bluetooth Handsfree call that connected to the vehicle mid call. * Incoming call cannot be heard or received when using iPhone 5. ACTION * Follow the Service Procedure to load the Re-programming Software DVD referenced in the Parts Information section. See this bulletin for further details.



    You can find it on

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    Thanks gobidz27 that was a big help!!! just recieved a call from the service advisor who told me that they will have it inthe next couple of days and will give me a call when it come in... Thanks again!

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    A workaround for the inability to answer incoming calls was posted in another thread and it works for me: Honda 2013 CR-V no NAVI. Many thanks to Bruce2125!


    From the link:


    I found that by going to Preferences/General/Accessibility/Physical and Motor/Incoming Calls and changing it from Default to Headset forces the iPhone to use the 'Headset' if one is available for incoming calls. As the bluetooth speaker on the handsfree is effectively a 'Headset' incoming calls are directed to the bluetooth speaker. When the phone is out of the car and the handsfree disconnects itself the phone behaves normally.

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    Got the bluetooth update from Infiniti yesterday. All is well with my 2013 M37 and the Iphone5.

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    I don't have have Iphone 5  not even sure I want it. My 4s before  IOS6 worked perfect. Streaming everything over BT and playlist artist slacker and more. Now nothing buy akk my music and no control. I cant evem auto download my contacts in the car  Infiniti EX2011. 

    I called Apple and this 1st guy siad he never heard of any probem, the 2nd said the same for the most part. the 3rd was a woman a supervisor with Apple and she said it was all the car manufacturer doing. I didn't get a new car not even update. It all happened after I let my Iphone update. All she wanted to do was blame everyone else but Apple.

    I know lots of people love there Iphone , My question to them have they ever had any other smartphone.??

    Why get a 5 if it has more problem then a 4. NOT UPGRADE ITS A DOWNGRADE.  and Apple could careless

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    Today I discovered a way to make my wife's 2011 Nissan Cross Cabriolet answer her i5 phone:  Press the Phone button on the console. Select Ringtones/Volume. Select "Automatic Hold". The car automatically answers the i5 when called.  Now how you decline a call, I don't know. But since our problem has been her being able to answer when she is receiving an incoming call, this appears to solve it, as illogical as it sounds.  Someone at Apple obviously created a hardware or software setting that isn't Nissan friendly.  Her previous i3 and my i4 worked great on the car, so it is something to do with the i5.  In Tennessee we call it "Bassackwards", Spock would say "illogical".


    With regards,


    Chris L


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    I am one of the early participants in this discussion and posted several message since then about issues with my 2011 Infiniti M37X.  I am please to report I got the Nissan/Infiniti fix yesterday and as expected, it works great.  That does nothing for the rest of you, and that fact is still a big problem I realize.  I also talked with a rep from Tim Cook's office (his watch must run slow as after listening to my description of the problem he said he would call back the next day, but that call came about 10 days later) and he told me they are aware of the problem and they are working on a fix to be released with the next IOS update.


    Although not particularly fast, but still appreciated, I applaud Infiniti.

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