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    I tested again and here is the exact procedure:  Select "Phone" on the console (by the dial). Select "Volume and Ringtone". Select "Automatic Hold".  When the phone rings for an incoming call you will be given the choices to "Answer", "Hang Up" or "Hold". Select "Answer"---you can use the phone picture button on the steering wheel.  I imagine you can use the dial to select and press to "Answer" or one of the other choices.


    Chris L.


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    I had the upgrade the day before and it did nothing for my Infiniti  2011 still cant se atrist and playlist or sync phonebook over bluetooth. Apple want to blame eveone else. The did not make it backward complient. Just think if your routers in your home was the same way. We would all have to get new pc,tablets,dvd and more. So Apple thinks we should just get a new car.

    I told the 3rd tier rep that i would call everyday. She said go ahead yu will get the same answer.

    They act like they dont even know what we are talking about but its all over the fourm and even the net. FACT  Apple  doesnt care.

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    danncas, I have a 2012 G37x with NAV.  I got the update and agree, does not solve the BT Audio problem.  No reason to believe 6.1 will fix either.  I've been testing.  It always works fine if I put the car on BT Audio before I turn it off.  If the car starts up in BT Audio mode, works every time.  I've also found you can, as long as the Audio system is on the BT Audio screen,  turn off and turn back on BT on the iPhone and it works.  Not fun doing that while driving, but quick enough to do at a light. 


    I'm now finding, though not sure yet, that the problem may be with phones that use a numeric code to lock the screen after 5 minutes (or whatever).  From what I've seen, if I unlock the phone before getting in the car, two things happen -- (1) the phone will not engage autolock so long as I'm in the car (test this for at least 10 minutes), (2) if while the phone is unlocked I then go to BT Audio mode, it seems to work fine.  I've only tested this about 3 teims so far, so not sure if this is the key, but the fact that the phone never locks implies to me it is.  Not sure what happens yet if I get in the car with the phone locked, start it up, and then unlock the phone before going to the BT Audio screen, but I'm not hopeful.


    Curious, is your phone normally locked?  Could this be why not that many people are complaining about this issue?  I'd unlock mine, but the lock code is enforced by ActiveSync on my Exchange account.  I'd be really curious if anyone whose phone is never locked has the BT Audio issue.


    Note, I have had no issues with the phonebook.  Note, however, I didn't exactly downloan it in any sense into the car.  The phone book is not there if the car is linked to another phone, for example, but when I push the voice button, I can say Dial "Last Name, First Name" for anyone in my phone based address book and it works.  Wish there was a way to change it to dial First Name, Last Name, but can't find that.  Dialing single name entries was so hit or miss for names where there was someone with a similar name that I had to give them last names in some cases. But it works better than Siri where the internet is iffy. 


    I'm just sorry that Infiniti did not find a way to give us a Siri activation button with this update.  Something like pushing the talk button twice since obviously, they can't add a real button.  I don't like having to reach into my pocket to hold down the home key on the phone, but at least that works.



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    Yes after I accidentally updated my phone it is now locked and un jailbroke. I'm checking into android phones now. But I will have to test them before I commit to one. Dam, I wish I never updated the phone work perfectly.

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    I have a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder and have the exact same issue as you with Bluetooth Audio.  It was driving me crazy because it was seemingly random when I would have the issue.  As you describe, if you start the car with BT Audio as the audio source you never have the problem.


    I had Nissan install the firmware update last week which fixed my incoming phone call issue and this morning I updated to iOS 6.1 b5 (which from what we can tell will be the GM release this week).  Same behavior for bluetooth audio exists on iOS 6.1b5 as 6.0.2.


    I think you nailed the root cause.  I'm going to disable passcode lock on my iPhone and see if the problem goes away.  If that is in fact the root cause it's unclear if it's an Apple or Nissan issue.  Either way, I guess the best way to escalate this to Nissan/Infinity is via the bluetooth help desk (Nissan Customer Affairs).

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    iOS 6.1 is out - does anyone have initial reports?

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    I justed loaded 6.1 to my iPhone 5, and it resolved my issue with the Chevy Equinoox.  Inbound calls to the car via bluetooth now answer and remain connected.

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    6.1 seems to have fixed the incomming call issue with Acura HandsFreeLink. I have recieved several calls this evening without issue. Hopefully this issue is finally put to bed. It took a while but Apple came through.

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    So far so good with the Audi hands free.

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    Updated during lunch and while driving back to work I got a call in my 2013 Altima, picked up call just fine via in-car bluetooth system. I did not take my car in to get the dealership update though. Would be interesting to hear those who had updated their Infiniti/Nissan are still able to get calls via 6.1

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    My Honda cr-v 2012 works fine with iPhone 5 upgraded to IOS 6.1

    There is no need to go to Honda dealership.

    Apple, was it hard to keep your costomers informed about the issue?

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    I also updated last night to 6.1 and my 2012 Regal with GM My link is working great. So much for the car manufactures having it wrong...Apple needs to communicate to its customers a little bit better. That would make us the customers feel better about the product.

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    Thanks for posting, I also have a CRV and will now do the same!!

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    Well my Nissan Pathfinder (UK) 2011 is now worse with 6.1, it used to pair when it felt like it before and the only way was to pair it again, however with the 6.1 update it still pairs when it feels like it but also drops out when driving which it did not do before, it's hopeless.

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    I installed the new iOS 6.1 update on my iPhone 5 and it has fixed the issue with my CRV 2012 handsfree system. Finally !!!

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