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    Applelot: When you get in the car, disconnect your bluetooth streaming.  The hands free will work fine.  You can reconnect the audio streaming once you disconnect/reconnect.  You have to do this each time you get in the car.  I have a feeling it has to do w/ the intial synch and something is happening when it connects to both at the same time (or the audio first).  I reported it to Apple, not sure if that will do anything.  I confimred my bluetooth was working properly at the store.

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    Apparently this doesn't apply to all cases.  I don't have the phone paired for Bluetooth streaming but I still have the hands free issue.

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    SOOOOO, has anyone figured out that you'll need to go to your dealership for software updates for Bluetooth software in your car???? #duh  iPhone 5 & iOS 6 has 4.0 Bluetooth technology, so common sense says...."hmmmm, if I have New software and my car is older than 6 mos. I PROLLY SHOULD CHECK FOR SOFTWARE UPDATES with my dealership about updates for my car's CPU...O YEAH"

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    Thanks for your condescending and inaccurate reply.  Both the iPhone 4s and 5 have bluetooth 4.0, and since the 4s with iOS6 works fine, it can't be a bluetooth 4.0 issue.  Besides that little tidbit, Bluetooth 4.0 is backwards compatible with earlier devices, so it shouldn't matter.


    You were right about one ting.  If Apple can't/won't fix their own error, other folks may have to develop a workaround to compensate for Apple's mistakes.


    Personally, I'd avoid the using an insulting tone on message boards.  If you had worded things differently, you could have come off as a nice guy trying to be helpful.  Instead, you are now perceived as an idiot who's a jerk, too.  Too late now...

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    Sorry bud.  iPhone 4S also used Bluetooth 4.0, and this problem did not occur with the iPhone 4S.


    Nice try though!

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    Sure....I'm sorry forgive the attitude I just get frustrated with....nevermind that's my opinion, so I'm certain that I wouldn't have posted a resolution if I hadn't tried it! YEAH.....SOOO AGAIN...check with your dealership for software updates. I Mean AGAIN if we just use common sense it says "Hey, I bet he had atleast 1 if not 2 of the issues listed in this discussion...HEY I bet he even has 1 if not 2 of the vehicles listed as well, So he must have tried it....must have worked for him...what the hay let me just give my dealership a call and see if they can help... afterall...what could it hurt?" Sorry you had to get the answer from sucha jerk, but Hey if it doesn't work for you it certainally will for other' ME. Good Luck!

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    I also have this problem with my iPhone 5. My car's computer system was only upgraded two weeks ago.

    My iPhone 4 was running iOS 6 for six months and was functioning perfectly, so it is definitely isolated to the iPhone 5 unit itself, not iOS 6.


    It is extremely frustrating. Apple better fix this in their iOS update.

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    and ALSO guys, let's keep in mind we built the devices/technology... they didn't build us so let's try to be smarter than the technology we built. If you can't understand it....uhhh... than don't have it....simple ;-) Have a good one!


    your friendly jerk 2012:-)

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    Oh...ummm...iOS 6 has only been out for like month MAYBE, BUT....ohhhkay(?) & I'm sorry I certainally feel your frustration it took me like 2 days to figure out something so I feel ya. Sorry I couldn't help:-(

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    You really are ignorant aren't you?

    Developers have had access to iOS 6 since June, about four months now.


    Run along because you clearly have no idea about anything.

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    Although the 4S and the 5 both have Bluetooth 4.0, the 4S uses the Broadcom BCM4330 chip whereas the 5 uses the Broadcom BCM4334 chip to provide the functionality.  It is possible that the problem lies in the difference between these chips or in the software "stack" that forms part of iOS 6. 


    In any event, my Infiniti dealer is aware of the problem and I was told that Infiniti corporate has been informed.  My service technician told me that a similar problem was encountered with Android "Ice Cream Sandwhich" release phones and that an OS update ultimately solved the problem.  I can't confirm or deny this, just passing along what I was told.

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    LoL... the truth is...your a flat out liar and both my 4S & 5 work great in mine & my girlfriends vehicles. So sorry your's don't work. And like I said what didn't work for you will work for other's...*** 2 B U right now! Have Fun! P.S. Sorry :-)

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    The problem is probably connected to this:


    Bluetooth 4.0 in iOS 6 uses AVRCP1.4. Before this, it was AVRCP1.3. And a few months ago, the Bluetooth SIG certified AVRCP1.5.


    So... somehow the backward compatibility broke between 1.4 and 1.3 devices. There are several ways this could happen - it could be Apple's fault entirely, or it could be the stereo manufacturer's fault, or both. The bug showed up with the iOS 6 update, so it's clearly connected to that.


    Some stereos are working fine, others partly, others not at all. I suspect that the stereos (read: Pioneer, for example) are using firmware which fails to work with anything newer than 1.3.  Pioneer's response has literally been that "everyone uses 1.3, Apple just changed to 1.4, and we only just found out about it" - but iOS 6 betas have been out for months. And it ignores the fact that version 1.5 was ratified months ago too.


    Other manufacturers' stereos work fine (like a lot of Kenwoods or JVCs). Even a few Pioneers work fine. This is all listed on the manufacturer websites.


    Pioneer has already listed the stereos they plan to update, but they give no other details (like dates).


    Bottom line - it's not a simple issue from the user standpoint, and the fix may have to come from Apple, but I suspect it's more likely that the fix will come in form of stereo firmware updates. This has happened before, where an update from Apple, which used the standards correctly, uncovered a flaw in the 3rd party approach (which was subsequently fixed). Some people have speculated that the stereos relying on Parrot for bluetooth connectivity are the ones having problems (which is used by several brands).


    Frustrating, and none of it makes it any easier for anyone to deal with.

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    Here are the Kenwood and Pioneer sites listing compatibility, for example:





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    SAme problem with my Nissan murano. Incoming calls don't pick up. Outgoing no problem most of the time. Need a fix yesterday!

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