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  • Zenair701 Level 1 Level 1

    After ”up”grading to iOS 6.1.2, my iPhone 4S behaves worse than a bad Chinese copycat (the only difference is that unfortunately the apple one costed a **** much more…).

    Ignoring the battery issues, let´s talk about the Bluetooth (dis)connection. The car radio (bluetooth) is a Pioneer DEH-X5500BT (developed in October´12, then not a Pioneer firmware problem). The iPhone connects and disconnects when it wants. If you are so lucky as to get paired and to make a call, the sound quality is only comparable to a 1940 wrecked juke box…They will hear you with a lot of background noise making the call totally annoying for the interlocutor…

    Today I tested a 2005 Nokia with this car kit and guess… perfect sound quality, connectivity and functionality. How can Apple stay without solving this one more single minute? I also tried with a Chinese android phone, and surprise surprise…It works perfectly!

    I think that the money that I paid for this “phone” allows me to demand Apple a solution NOW!

  • hellbells64 Level 1 Level 1

    We have 2 phones working through the car - the iphone5 - would be better using tin can and string and an android HTC (which of course works perfectly), the iphone 4 used to work no problems, the 5 you can make calls with but can't answer them, the bluetooth drops out but still leaves the phone connected - i've deleted the phone and re-paired it, many times now - still the same old problem, i've updated the software - no problems.  With the tightening up on the laws here with regards to mobiles, I'm ready to ditch the iphone, the ipad and get a galaxy note ii and never let apple darken my doorstep again - they really need to do something about this if they expect to stay in business in australia - if i ditch the iphone i'll ditch the rest of the products also because what's the point of having something that can't sync

  • the_lemminguk Level 1 Level 1

    I tried searching for firmware updates etc.. Guess for this I would contact Audi and see what they can offer.. Nice for Apple to update Bluetooth firmware without warning. I thought the recent updates were for other issues..or was it mentioned and I was too lazy to read the entire update release notes.

  • the_lemminguk Level 1 Level 1

    Ok I just updated my iPhone4 to 6.1.2 and it successfully pairs with my Audi with no trouble at all. So nothing to do with the 6.0.1/6.1.2 etc. It has to be something wrong with the iPhone5 Bluetooth firmware/hardware that is just not compatible with Audi MMI on my A3 :-(


    Time to call Apple support..

  • bulekoff Level 1 Level 1

    Apple, WHERE new firmware without bluetooth problem??

  • iphone32gb Level 1 Level 1

    Purchased a brand new Sony Sony MEX-BT4100P car stereo deck Just for the Hands Free.


    Guess what it doen't get Siri to work properly. Sony suggests Apple did something to their 6.1.2 firmware that broke the bluetooth.


    This is getting ridiculous.


    At least Apple should allow us to revert back to a firmware that works until they fix the problems.

  • Coachlos83 Level 1 Level 1

    Here is the issue I'm having. Thoughts?



    With the previous update of 6.1 and now with the newest update, the messaging access program (M.A.P.s) connecting my phone-to-car is no longer working. Before, with 6.0.1, my car (2013 Nissan Altima) would notify me when a text message was received. Now, nothing is notified. Is anyone experiencing these issues? Do anyone know of a fix? Apple, are you aware of this?

  • LizardBones Level 1 Level 1

    For all you Infinit owners. Finally have resolution with my 2012 G37X. Went to the dealership to have the nav system updated. They claimed it would fix both the bluetooth incoming call issue but were not aware of the streaming issue. Find that really hard to beleive with all the times I've called them about it. In any event, the nav system fixed the incoming call issue so I am thankful for that. The second issue with streaming it did not. I called them several times again to inquire and they kept saying it was the first they've heard of the issue. Realizing I would not get any resolution there I started to play with the settings in my car. What I discovered is that Infiniti added a 2nd step for all us iPhone 5 owners. You need to not only connect your phone as a bluetooth phone you then need to go into the audio settings and connect the same phone as an audio device. Never had to do this with the iPhone 4, 4S or even 3G, have no idea why this is needed for just the 5. Anyway the streaming now works as well as the phone so I thought I'd pass this along.

  • the_lemminguk Level 1 Level 1

    Yesterday I went and tried my iPhone5 in my Audi and it mysteriously worked...nothing has changed. Yet still my BB Torch refuses to discover.

  • sschwar2 Level 1 Level 1

    Sadly, I don't think it will last.  Mine feels like working when it wants to, which is not most days.  08 A6.

  • danncas Level 1 Level 1

    Try deleting the pairing I. Your Audi for the blackberry if it use to work and redo it over

    My iPhone 5 is locking up the last few days. 

    Staring to wish for my iPhone 4S with our 6. Anything on it.

  • pktunn Level 1 Level 1

    I just got a new Hyundai i20 and tried pairing it with my iPhone 5 (6.1) but it just won't!


    My older iPhone 4s and my wife's Galaxy S3 work flawlessly!


    Has anyone found a solution to this?

  • hellbells64 Level 1 Level 1

    This is a total crock - as the android phones work perfectly with pairing and syncing in the car - we have both - I really want to know when apple is going to start treating the consumer with respect and do something about this - for me they have until my contract is up for renewal which is in a couple of months (the iphone 5 was a seperate gift), if it's not fixed by then - i'll sell the iphone 4,5, ipad, ipod and get a galaxy note ii/iii - because at least i know that will work with it - will also get a galaxy pad - and that will end my consumerism of apple products - if i get any fines between now and then - i will talk to lawyers about legal action due to breach of contract, and false advertising from apple

  • danncas Level 1 Level 1

    We all fell  your pain. Apple still acts like there is nothing wrong

    Don't waste your  time going to the store they are clueless.  The only people who reads this support forum are those looking for support not Apple. I been dealing with this since Apple threw out Os6

    5 was perfect for BT. I had to take one of my cars to dealer and hope they had an update from factory.  They had an update the BT works but streaming music doesn't work the way it did before Apple screwed it all up

    The other car I had to delete the phone in the car and redo everything all over again and the handset part works but no streaming  music

  • bettinafromok Level 1 Level 1

    2012 Subaru after software update to Os6.1.2 blue tooth works fine. phone problems can't use hands free, can not answer calls or receive calls with hands free. our fix. MENU, phone tab, Bluetooth settings, on device list you need to trash all registered phones then reregister phone. this is not select portable player in settings be sure to start at menu. good luck 

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