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    Wow...sorry to hear that.  I've not heard of such intermittant issues recently. I wish I could help but I can't think of anything other there nother cellphone in your house (as in another member of your family or maybe a neighbor) that you could run a test with?


    Do you use Bluetooth for anything else?  Are those having similar issues?



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    pruth_we, I have a 2013 G37x with an iPhone 5, iOS 7, - 7.0.3 with no problem (except a small one with BT Audio not always transmitting info to screen and no up/down control if did not start car wih BT Audio selected). No problems at all with calls or with actual transmission of music through speakers. Even able to use Siri if reach and pocket and hold down button.  Comes right through BT.  Note, I play music uploaded to phone, as well as via the Pandora and Iphone Radio apps without problem (as long as I have a good signal for the latter two).  I do have a problem I have yet to figure out with iPhone radio where I turn the car off at night, and sometimes, no idea why, in morning, it starts to play uploaded music instead of the station I was last on (fortunately, Siri can switch back my station if I ask - could be an issue with an iffy phone signal in my driveway, not sure).


    Note, when 5 first came out did have BT issues. These were solved by a combination of an iOS update AND Infiniti software update.  Took 10 minutes at dealer. Not sure if update applies to 2010, but my recollection is that it does.  You may want to contact dealer see if this helps. Also, some people have solved BT problems by unparing phone, renaming it and pairing it again.  This never worked for my problem. Good luck with it.  I know these problems are a pain and both sides will point the finger at the other. -John

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    Did you try changing the name on your phone? 

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    Yea forgot to mention that part...doesn't always display song info to the car screen AND won't let me change songs through steering control but also won't lemme do it on lockscreen/control center and that has to be a iOS 7 problem not letting me change songs from control center. I will try to contact infiniti dealership and ask if they have any software updates on that. But yea it's very frustrating that it started doing it since I got iPhone 5s never had any kind of problem on iPhone 5

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    I will go ahead and try that hopefully that fixes it. Thanks

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    Unfortunately this is the only phone we got that I use to pair with car through BT. I'll continue looking for more fixes hopefully something fixes it.


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    Make sure the name is simple. Eg your initials then iphone (Xx iphone).


    I dont think it likes any: ",-' etc.

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    That's funny.  I had the problem with the song display and up/down as soon as I got the new Infiniti AND the iPhone 5 with iOS6.  I got them within days of each other, so it was hard to tell which was at fault.  People calling me could also not hear me.  The updates I mentioned fixed that, but not the BT Audio issue.  Works sometimes, not others.  Only guaranty it will work is if I have BT Audio on when I turn off  the car.  It will work when I start the car that way every time.


    Part of me wonders if this has something to do with the fact that I have a password on the phone. This is not a widespread problem far as I can tell and that may be why. Note, iOS7 did not fix this issue.

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    We have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra that was paired with two iPhone 5s running iOS 6 just fine until the release of iOS 7.x.x. Now we cannot pair the phones with the car or with the 2007 Bluetooth keyboard or the full sized Bluetooth keyboard.  After trying with the iPhones and failing I tried to pair the keyboard with Windows 8.1 with a message stating that the keyboard was not a compatible device. I had not tried to pair with Windows prior to this.

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    My wife has a Pioneer Bluettoh reciever that worked fine until ios 7  .We have reset the receiver,repaired and still a problem . I tried my iphone 5 and the same problem.


    She recently got a new iphone 5 and still the same problems.


    Thus she cannot make and receive phonecalls in her car  and its the law in most states.

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    I'm hearing this more and more...that IOS7 was the only thing that changed and a significant amount of Bluetooth functionality ceased after upgrading.




    Guys...I'm PO'd in a major way, even though my anger is tempered with so many great features, you screwed us!


    I have a 2013 Honda Accord and the most basic Bluetooth features remain working.


    I wish there was some middle ground and I could go back to IOS6!




    A Dissatisfied Apple Owner

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    I have a 2012 Hyundai i30 and had to delete all pairings from my cars bluetooth and re-pair to get it to work,apparrently Apple don't like trying to work with previous pairings.I hope this works..............Dave.

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    Try my delete pairings and re-pair solution that i have already posted and perhaps it may work,it did for me.

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    I just upgraded to 5s.  Drive a 2013 G37.  Had no issues with my iPhone 4 and old operating system.  Bluetooth connects just fine.  I make a call and when it is answered I hear the person on the other side.  They cannot hear me, it is if the phone is on mute.  I hang up and redial and they hear me perfectly.  First call to a # always does this.  Any help out there?

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    There is an updated (from several months ago) to the 2013 Infiniti BT software.  I think this only applies to the cars with Navigation, though.  Not certain.  It was designed to deal with issues with the iPhone 4 which were similar to your problem but happened on every call initiated from the steering wheel. Eventually Apple also released and update to iOS 6 that also dealt with the issue, but maybe getting the Infiniti update will help with the 5s issue since it tightened up some specs to meet the newer BT standards.


    Note, also, when I had the 4 issue, things would work fine if I initiated the call from the handset rather than the car. Definitely more dangerous, but since you can initiate the call by merely pushing and holding the home butten and talking to Siri though the car BT system, it's not as bad as it might be.  Good luck.