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  • BassLowAndLoud Level 1 Level 1

    drewe2000 wrote:


    The problem is probably connected to this:


    Bluetooth 4.0 in iOS 6 uses AVRCP1.4. Before this, it was AVRCP1.3. And a few months ago, the Bluetooth SIG certified AVRCP1.5.


    So... somehow the backward compatibility broke between 1.4 and 1.3 devices...

    I wouldn't think it's the OS, since iOS6 works fine with iPhone 4s.  Unless the OS includes a driver for each phone's bluetooth hardware.

  • drewe2000 Level 1 Level 1

    Actually, I agree - it may be misplaced, but I have more faith in Apple regarding this than I do the variety of 3rd party stereo manufacturers out there. (I've been bitten by Apple bugs in the past with other things though.)


    However, there are plenty of people using iPhone 4's, 4S's, and 5's on iOS 6 which are no longer working with Bluetooth well (and plenty of others have no problems)...


    Just because an update from Apple uncovered a flaw/bug, doesn't mean it's Apple's fault. Usually Apple is strict about adhering to technical standards, and I would not be surprised if these problematic stereos do not do so. If it was truly just due to Apple's mistake, then I don't know why random stereos from a given manufacturer would work and others wouldn't.


    My gut tells me that (like has happened in the past, both regarding iPhones and Android phones), the 3rd party manufacturer didn't account for backward compatibility from a future version of Bluetooth. (the handshake has to work from each end if it'll work at all)


    It's clearly a widespread problem, but lots of people are having no trouble, and others only some trouble. And some solve their problems by restoring the phone fully from backup and deleting the phone from the stereo, then re-pairing. A mess.


    We'll see what happens. But with various car manufacturers and stereo manufacturers already offering or planning to offer firmware updates to fix the problem, I think that's where the heart of the problem has been, even if not one of them ever officially admits it. Notice the careful wording of the Parrot-related update mentioned before - it doesn't admit fault or blame Apple, but simply states there is an incompatibility, yet offers to fix their own equipment.

  • Eric from LA Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here.  Infinity G37 Convertible 2011.  Outgoing calls work great.  Incoming I can't hear them and they can't hear me.  I have to quickly push the speakerphone button which is not safe at all.

    Please post if you find any specific solution for Infinity Cars.



  • janfosse Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem with a Pioneer AVH 4400BT carplayer, and Pioneer support told me yesterday that they are working with the problem.

    They will provide a firmware fix soon.

  • adamfromsan jose Level 1 Level 1

    I have a 2010 Acura TSX with Nav. I can no longer send commands from the car stereo and the music doesnt automatically turn on when I switch to the BT input, super annoying.

  • joegerardi Level 1 Level 1

    My 2013 Infiniti M37 is having the same problem. MAX are you saying if you toggle to handset and back again you are able to talk through the car? There is also some BT streaming quirky behavior. sometimes it works fine and I am able ot change spotify songs from the steering wheel, sometimes not. Hope somebody fixes it. BTW about 20% of the time the car answers the IPHONE5 just fine, and outgoing calls always work.


  • Eric from LA Level 1 Level 1

    I spoke with my Infinity repair tech this morning.  They are aware of the problem.

    Iphone 5 is not officially compatabile.

    They have not come up with an update yet.

    He said in past it usually took Infinity about 3 months.

    Please post if you here of an update from Infinity.

    I asked him to call me when it comes out so I can bring my car in.

    I wil post if that happens.

    Good luck to all.


  • jgrahamiii Level 1 Level 1

    Joe and Max, on my 2013 G37x, on an incoming call, if I use the steering wheel toggle control to send the received call to the handset, and then press the "phone" button on the steering wheel to get it back to the BT system, everything is fine for that call.  I have not noticed the 20% success rate that you have, at least not so far. But at least you don't have to take your hands off the wheel to make the transfers (but you do have to do it before the caller decides there's a problem and hangs up).


    As to the BT Audio issue, I have it also.  Same problem with the iPod App and Pandora.  From what I've seen, if you are in the BT Audio screen when the phone connects for BT Audio purposes, all works fine.  If the phone connects while you are in another source, you loose all controls and have to use the phone to start the music and change it.


    I've seen no rhyme or reason for when it connects.  Clearly if you shut the car off while in BT Audio and don't switch immediately after you turn the car back on, it works fine.  Also, since there is some time between startup and connection, if you switch soon enough after startup to BT Audio it is fine.  You can't use the "Source" button on the steering wheel to select BT Audio in this event, since it skips that screen unless you are already connected.  You either have to use Voice (Play Blue Tooth Audio), or use the Disc/Aux button (assuming your buttons are labled the same) on the dash.


    Sometimes, the system never connects unless I am on the BT Audio screen. Othertimes, it connects after a while.  Not enough testing to know how long, and no idea why sometimes and not others.


    Frustrating to say the least.  You can get functionality back by turning off BT at the phone level and turning it back while on the BT Audio screen, but that's a pain.  Maybe a way to do with car also, not sure. 


  • jgrahamiii Level 1 Level 1

    I emailed Infiniti Customer service. They basically said that since the iPhone 5 is not listed as compatible, it's not their issue.  They did acknowledge that they were currently testing the 5.  Nothing about an update.  I replied to them that not being compatible with an iPhone, one of the most popular phones on the market, is likely to cost them sales, and was unacceptable to someone owning a luxury automobile.  It's not like we have some escoteric phone.


    In the end, though, I think this is Apple's problem to fix.  Even if their version of the software is 100% compliant, the issue goes accross brands of cars and systems, though my issues at least are iPhone 5 specific.  It will be much easier for everyone to get an OTA update to their phone than to have to bring the car to a dealer to update their auto software.  This is not about pointing fingers.  The cars, though some are new, were designed and developed before the iPhone 5.  Even accounting for the early release of the iPhone 5  to developers, the cars and systems were available to Apple as well, and this should have been caught on a sufficiently large Beta.  Similarly, the car or head unit companies should have caught this months ago and had an update ready. Unfortunately, early adopters of the cars and the phone are the beta testers in this case.  So before someone is in an accident, one or the other needs to address this.  And as it's easier for all if it's Apple, I'm hoping they do it first.

  • maxmaxie Level 1 Level 1

    "if I use the steering wheel toggle control to send the received call to the handset, and then press the "phone" button on the steering wheel to get it back to the BT system, everything is fine for that call"


    I don't even know what this is... how do you use the steering wheel to send the call back to the handset - then back to the car without touching the iPhone? - please do explain. That would be good info for sure.


    I was able to accept an incoming call yesterday - for no reason - it just worked. All the other times it sends it to the phone and disconnects the car bluetooth.


    I'm guessing that Apple will fix this in iOS 6.0.1 - probably next week or soon after when they release the updated iTunes and iPad Mini. I doubt that Infiniti will fix this or even know how?


    Please do let me know about the first part - toggling between the car/phone from the wheel!



  • Katchman Level 1 Level 1

    Part of the problem is getting someone to speak with who truly understands the issue (not just the symptoms).  I also have an Infiniti and the "electronics tech" who was queried about this recommended I take my iPhone 5 to the Apple Store for a replacement or a software update.


    An update pushed from Apple is all well and good, but if the iPhone 5 is 100% compliant with the specs (and Apple wants it to remain so) then it seems to me the fix needs to come from the other side.  It is interesting to me that some of the head unit manufacturers are talking about updates, suggesting to me that the problem indeed lies with their implementation of BlueTooth.

  • gregdurrans Level 1 Level 1

    I Am having exactly the same issue with a UK 2011 Infiniti FX 37S Premium, so this is clearly a Nissan / Infiniti media to apple interface issue in ios6. I am not sure who will solve it first, Apple or Infiniti, but would be grateful for a response from someone if a solution is found!



  • BassLowAndLoud Level 1 Level 1

    I spoke to my dealer and then to Nissan's bluetooth support dept.  Nissan confirmed that they knew about the problem and were investigating.  They were hopeful that Apple or Nissan would have a fix soon, but made no promises.

  • hayfeverhome Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, darn it, I have the same issue, but with both a 2011 Pioneer after market Nav system in my GMC and with my 2010 Infinity M37, I can make calls no problem through the cars, Siri works great as well, but anytime on either system, a call comes in it disconnects from the car and goes to my iPhone5 which kind of defeats the purpose, I was hoping for a 'settings' fix but clearly it's a larger issue and it seems as though the only help is from the Tech gurus at apple not anyone at the store, sprint or the car dealer...HELP, this is really frustrating

  • GBS303 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the exact same issue: 2013 Acura RDX. Makes outgoing calls okay, reads text-messages okay, streams music okay. However, when a call comes in and you use the sterring wheel to answer it, it answers on the iPhone itself, not on the bluetooth system, so you need to manually swith it over for it to work over the car speakers. This is a safety issue, Apple please release a fix soon (as Acura tells me this must be addressed by a software update on the iPhone, not by them).

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