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My iPhone 5 is having issues with Bluetooth and my car.  It pairs with no problem and I can make calls with no problem.  If my phone rings and I try to answer it with the car Bluetooth controls the call picks up then immediately goes back to listening to the radio... But the call is still connected and the phone thinks its still connected to "my car".  So I need to quickly pick up the handset and switch the source to phone or the other person will hang up.  If it helps the car is a 2010 Infiniti.   Any ideas?  I already tried re-pairing it.  I also tried resetting the network settings.


Thanks in advance

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • hightechera Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue and contacted Apple support. Was told to try to reboot the phone which temporarily fixed the problem but it is back again. The car is 2010 Infiniti G37 with the Nav and the latest version of the software installed. Didn't have this problem using iPhone 3GS with iOS 6.0.

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    I am also having issues with my iPhone 5 Bluetooth controls and display. While using the Bluetooth in my car stereo (pioneer) calls come in f9 and music plays f9 too but the stereo will not allow me to manage the call controls I can only pick up the call, it will not show up any album track information and it will not allow to change tracks. I use pandora and the iPod app but none of them allow me control using the Bluetooth I tried hard reset pair an unpaired the phone but nothing seems to work. I have an iPhone 4S and all the functions work perfectly  f9. I think that more than just an issue is more like a safety issue as I rely on my Bluetooth while I'm driving and I'm sure many people too. Thanks for any help.

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    My experience is that the ip5 Bluetooth successfully connects with Holden (Australia) vehicles (I use numerous of the same type of vehicle at work).  Audio streaming and Siri commands all ok.  When you make a phone call, however, the call rings and connects ... But then silence.  I can't hear the caller and they can't hear me.  If I swap to phone speaker I can hear the call and then, strangely, if I swap back to vehicle bt, all is fine.  This only occurs for outgoing calls.  Occurs in multiple vehicles and vehicles work fine with other phones.

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    I am having the same problem, I have a maxima 2011 and when a call comes in, it goes straight to my IPhone5. Its very frustrating. I tried pairing it a couple of time but does not help.

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    I have the same issue.  I have a 2012 Toyota Corolla.  I did not have this problem with the 4S with iOS 6. 


    Incoming calls:  I hit the radio button to answer the incoming call.  The radio defaults back to the current station or device playback (cd/ipod) briefly, for a period of anywhere from 5-20 seconds.  It then returns to the call automatically after that time.  This is fine if I don't mind lost calls while incoming calls wonder whether or not I've actually answered.


    What is perhaps more frustrating, however, if that If I ask Siri to dial a number, after the interminably long wait for Siri to do so, the phone will dial, while Bluetooth is active, but the phone will not default to the car as the attached bluetooth device, requiring changing the phone from iphone to car audio as the voice input source.  It sort of defeats the purpose of having the phone connect to the car via bluetooth.


    Restarts of the phone do not correct this issue.  It has been consistent since first connecting my iphone 5.

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    I have a 2008 Infiniti G35X and an iPhone 5. Pairing worked with iPhone 4. Now the pairing work but when making outbound call as soon as the party I called answers, the phone switches from Bluetooth to iPhone.


    I was told today by a genius that iphone 5 uses Bluetooth 3.0 and my iphone 4 used Bluetooth 2.0 and that my car may need a firmware upgrade.   Course called the dealer and nothing tested by the manufacturer so nothing known.


    I would be interested in any iPhone 4 users having issue since upgrading to ios6. Would love to know if it is hardware or software issue. Basically makes the iPhone 5 a paperweight while driving.


    So much for Apple's favorable record with me.

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    I have a 2012 Buick Verano and am having the exact same problems (in addition to the loss of track data while BT audio streaming music).  I had no problems with my iPhone 4S, although I never had it in the car after I upgraded to iOS 6 (for all of a day), so I can't help anyone determine whether it's a iOS issue or an iPhone 5 issue more specifically.


    Has anyone heard anything new from Apple regarding the issue?

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    I'm having same problem with iPhone 5 and my Infiniti g37.  It temporarily worked after i deleted the bluetooth device from my cars paired device list and paired it from scratch, but now it dumps incoming calls when i answer them, whether music is on or not, whether phone is connected via USB or not.  My wife's iPhone 5 seems to be working fine in her Acura mdx.  No such problems ever occurred with 4S/ios5. Quite frustrating.  Someone please post whatever solution they find.

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    Temporary albeit annoying solution:  with my infiniti, I had no problems with music track data streaming.  My problem was with receiving calls via bluetooth:  when I answered the call, the nav display would revert to whatever it was showing, rather than the active phone call screen which usually comes up, and the car was clearly not receiving the phone call, though on my phone the call was active.  So I tried manually transferring the call to the car from my iphone (audio sources button, select "my-car" (infiniti's name for car bluetooth).  The call transferred to the car, and everything worked fine.  I then hung up, called the iphone 5 again, tried answering the call from the car, and it worked fine (ie, didn't have to go through the same manual transfer procedure from the phone).  I turned the car off, on again, tried the same procedure, and it worked.  So, even though, at least on your first call of the day the whole point of handsfree talking is lost, it does work on subsequent calls--At least you dont have to hold your phone to your ear for every call.  Still need to try this a few times to see if it's consistent, and test both of our new iPhone 5s with my wifes MDX (nothing like the scientific method!).  Will report back.  At this point, based on so many other comments and threads, it seems like an iOS 6 issue, because others are reporting similar difficulties with older iPhones after updating iOS.  Unfortunately, its much harder to get answers/solution points from infiniti than Apple.  Apple will say any new iOS bluetooth problem is incompatible with the car's profile, and you'll never get any reliable answer at all from a car company.

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    looks like everyone has the same problem, Just got the iphone 5 last week and it worked perfectly with my 2011 g37, but now it only connects to voice. When i try to play something as an audio itunes/pandora/youtube... all says no bluetooth audio device found. ( *** ) any one had the same problem and got it fixed?

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    I have an Acura RL 2006 and am having exactly the same problem. When the phone rings I press the car button to pickup the call and the call is picked up by the phone and not on the Bluetooth. I then have to fiddle around, while I am driving, take out my phone, move the switch over, press the phone button to get to the call, then try and switch it over to the blue tooth, which does not always work, so I then switch it to the speaker and hold the phone. Calling out using bluetooth is no problem.


    I suggest Apple look into resolving this issue before someone gets into an accident while fiddling with their phone. It would have been better if the call hung completely.

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    I am having the same issue with my `11 Subaru Forester Eclipse II TomTom Navigation.  I called Apple Tech support and i was walked through what i had already tried multiple times (Forget Bluetooth Device and repair etc).  Obviously none of that worked so he talked with his tier 2 guys who said they have done all they can and suggest i call TomTom about the issue.  I mentioned this thread and that i seen alot of differing manufacturers having the EXACT same issue and that i wasn't going to waste my time talking to TomTom about it.  I understood that they weren't going to be able to fix it when i called.  I just wanted them to note it so maybe it can get fixed in a later iOS update.

  • livenwell Level 1 (0 points)

    Anyone contributing to this thread who finds a solution or any relevant info at all please keep us updated.  Anyone with the same problem, please call apple to raise the profile of the problem on their radar screen.

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    iPhone 5 works on 2008 G37s Bluetooth for calls etc.  don't think the older ones have streaming via Bluetooth.  I will say that Siri has a **** of a time understanding me over Bluetooth.  She is ok if I shut it off.  Overall she is less cooperative than voice control on my old iPhone 4.  Hopefully knowing it works on the older G will help someone track down the problem with the later systems.

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