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i got apple care + a few days ago with a iphone 5 at sprint. are they suppost to ship at the same time? i got my iphone first and i havnt gotten mt applecare+ yet. is it a package or just a email? i called people at sprint and some of them said it was just an email.

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    My wife and I purchased our iPhone 5s (with Sprint) this weekend @ the Apple Store in Albany, NY @ Crossgates Mall. We did not purchase the AppleCare + for our iPhones during the sale because the Apple sales rep never offered it. I called Apple Support the next day, told him that Apple Care + was never offered during the sale, and he went ahead and set-up Apple Care + for both phones immediately over the phone. This afternoon I received email confirmation with all the documentation that AppleCare + was set-up for both phones. So to make a long story short, yes, it's just an email from Apple. I hope that helps.


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    but at apple .com they said it  was a package that contains all the phone numbers of the award winning service teams

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    I purchased my Apple Care + over the phone with Apple. You purchased yours over the phone with Sprint.


    If Apple is going to send me Apple Care + via email, then Sprint is certainly going do to the same thing with you - via email (and they already told you that was the way Apple Care was going to be delivered).


    I was told by Apple that it is taking up to 7-10 days to process Apple Care + for the iPhone 5, so be patient, yours is coming. I was fortunate that the turnaround for my email was 24 hours.

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    UPDATE: I did receive the following 2 items in the mail today regarding my Apple Care +:


    1.) Two (2) purchase invoices for Apple Care + on our new iPhone 5s. One for my iPhone 5 and one for my wife's iPhone 5.


    2.) Two (2) certificates (e.g. a contract) detailing the terms & conditions of the Apple Care + coverage on our iPhone 5s including all the phone numbers for each individual state in the USA that has exemptions/exceptions.


    The only phone number provided for the award winning teams is the only they always provide:


    1-800-APL-CARE (800-275-2273)