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I have no GSM coverage in my office.


I leave my phone near a window and use blue tooth via PBX to receive calls.


My old Windows phone supported Exchange 2011 SMS sync.  So I can read SMS recieved on phone on my email client remotely.  It also ment if I left my mobile at home I could read my SMS at work.


The exchange Mail Client on IOS6 does not support SMS Sync  (Please add to wish list #1)


I was hoping to acheive the same functionallity by IMESSAGE which does work OK but ONLY from people with IOS devices.  SMS messages from NON IOS devices do not sync with IMESSAGE so they can be read from another device (Please add to wish list#2).


Wish list item #3 would be to add feature for forward SMS messages to Email.  Was going to write an APP to do this forwarding but there is NO api that I can see to read the SMS messages ?? (Wist List item #4)  Is there one ??

Any ideas how to solve my problem. dont want to go have to go back to my windows phone


Is there Imessage application for PC ??

iPhone 5, iOS 6, Exchange 2011 SMS Forwarding